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In my opinion, this is the better version of turkey run. If you want all the cool stuff without the people-this is your trail. You’re going to want to walk in the river around late summer in the shallow part. The rock is crazy smooth and feels amazing on your bare feet.

Awesome! Beautiful trails

We completed the trail in 7 or so inches of snow. The snow on the trees made the trail gorgeous, and the snow on the ground made it more challenging. Overall, it's a pretty basic trail that would make a nice forest walk in any other season. It follows a meandering creek in several places. The bison enclosure is an added bonus!

A good challenge but the views are worth it! bring trekking poles or a walking stick!

Short hike but worth the trip!

Secluded spot with a couple shelters and benches downstream on the Salamonie River.

great hike nice waterfall

Beautiful park. I would recommend going during the “off” season. It is very heavily trafficked when the spring and summer hits.

2 months ago

Fascinating geological site. You can get up close to observe parallel rock layers that break and fold and are quite colorful. The trail is quite steep in a couple places and though safe if you are cautious, I would not bring a young child here unless well disciplined. The arch itself is small and can be muddy.
Well worth driving a distance...an unusual site, which I found by accident, spotting on a map.

Great moderate trail took the Cub Scout troop and they loved it.

I love this trail and so do my dogs. It is my go to Subday walk.

Very cool trail! Not a very big area, but full of features. Definitely will revisit again.

nice trail. Would rate it as moderate myself. I'm overweight and not in the best of shape and had very little difficulty. There were some sections that offer a little bit of a challenge though. Overall I really enjoyed my time on the trail.

super pretty in the fall. saw alot of pretty rock walls and water falls. trails are well kept.

I hiked this on my 61st birthday. I have to say I'm not a real hiker; I'm more of a person who strolls through the woods. I also have to say that I am obese and clumsy. Once, I tripped over a pine cone and broke my wrist in 4 places. Therefore, I found going down to the water pretty scary stuff. It was well worth it; truly beautiful, and my dog and I had it to ourselves. Going up wasn't scary, but my heart was sure pounding!

3 months ago

I hiked this trail on a Saturday and it may have been better on a weekday. The trail was pleasant but it crossed roads several times, and only briefly did we ever get away from the sound of traffic. We did not get a peaceful, quiet trail experience in nature today. It's rated "rugged" but it was easy hiking. I would've rated the trail higher if it didn't have the traffic noise.

Nice hike, not too crowded... good waterfall, and easy enough for kids. Will be back. Go when water is high.

Did the outer loop and mixed variations, about 3 hours of hiking. Family of 5 with a 6, 12, and 14 year old and were able to navigate with little difficulty. Trails are not marked very well, but if you have a decent sense of direction you will be fine. the Falls are filled from the South not north. So after a good southern rain (Indy) the falls will be pretty.

There are full elevation changes with improvised steps to assist. all-in-all it was a very fun afternoon with really great in woods views of tall mature trees with Good quality ID markers to teach the different types of trees in the woods. I suggest the CR 50 s parking lot. Its small but forces you to get out and hike.

Short, but nice trail (approx 3 miles total). I think it is more of a moderate than hard trail. Path follows a scenic river with some great rock wall formations. Some elevation and climbing, but manageable. A couple narrow spots that would prohibit small kids. Highlights are honeycomb rock and devils backbone.

Great hike; well groomed trail & bonus buffalo area!
Worth a trip...... FYI: $7.00 park entrance fee!

We set out to do the perimeter 5 mile challenge hike but we ended up doing trails 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 and lots of back tracking due to trails being poorly marked This really needs to be addressed. Trail 3 was the most enjoyable and fun with the rock climbing, ravines, etc. I also really enjoyed Gypsy Gulch, suspension bridge and covered bridge. Everything was was just ok. We covered almost 7 miles and it was all pretty easy with only a couple strenuous areas. I’m glad we did it and checked it off the list, it’s worth seeing once but wouldn’t go back and do it again.

Took my dog out there this summer. He's a small dog and he did just fine - he really enjoyed playing in the river when we got down around Devil's Backbone. It's beautiful and quiet. Moderately trafficked.

trail running
4 months ago

Almost a perfect trail running trail for beginners, trail is mostly gravel with a few not so bad up and downs. Park is really clean, and at-least the day I was around I had the place to myself.

Close parking to refuel between laps, bathroom at the entrance, only real downside is I had 0 cell phone reception the whole Time I was in the park.

These are mostly easy with 2 moderate hikes, very enjoyable. Creek is nearby so definitely will need bug spray to fend off the bugs.

Nice place to spend the day for a forest stroll. This park not only holds well maintained nature trails, but also has their own great American bison enclosure, an animal that used to call Indiana home. Gorgeous summer wildflowers, creeks, and wildlife.

I grew up about 10 miles away and I have never been until today! It was awesome! Signs are a little confusing and almost nonexistent in some areas. At one point, we were going to turn around when we came to a dam thinking that were weren’t going to be able to make it over, but once you climb over there is even terrain!! Just keep going!☺️ There are some trails that are closed due to damage (Trail 7 and Cascade Falls) but we were able to go around the broken stairs and reach Sugar Creek. Trail 7 and 8 are very rugged but I would rather climb rocks than stairs! I can’t wait to go back when it’s not so muggy!!!!

Some forks in the trail are not marked at all, so this turned a bit into a guessing game. When you get to the parking lot, go on the unmarked wider trail and just a bit farther down will be a sign. We went with young children and took the wrong one from the start, which added a lot of time. It was pretty, but our kids were over it by the time we actually found the waterfall.

Also, the day we went there were a LOT of active spiderwebs that we had to gently push through. (ALL had spiders in them.) Just be prepared for that.

But this was very beautiful and only about 40 mins from SW Fort Wayne.

beautiful scenery and a lot to explore and see. I'd rate this as more moderate but there a quite a few stairs and inclines. Paths are marked and clear.

This trail is a true hidden gem. one of the prettiest in Indiana.

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