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Great views along the river!

I thought this was an alright hike. I’ve been earlier in the summer (June) and it was a beautiful walk in though we didn’t make it to the lake due to snow. Beautiful snow capped mountains and roaring waterfalls. Went again mid August and wasn’t nearly as beautiful walk in and the lake was nice but I’ve seen much more beautiful ones in Colorado. Probably best times are June and July and then fall which I assume will start in September/October.

This is a beautiful hike for all ages. One of my favorites. We went during the week and got there early, so very low traffic. Just enough elevation towards the end to get good exercise.. However, as other reviewers commented on, the beauty was marred by the sight and smell of dog bags discarded along the trail. Dog owners, PLEASE dispose of your dog waste responsibly! It is so unfair to those of us that are there to enjoy the sights and scents of the forest, not smelly dog poop bags that have been sitting abandoned in the sun.

nice quick hike up to the lake, not too challenging. awesome views at the top with a second lake if you continue which we didn't have time to do. the road up to the trailhead is very rocky so be careful driving. highly recommend.

mountain biking
5 days ago


beautiful, moderate hike, very crowded on the weekends. recommend arriving at trailhead before 730am. diamond lake has plenty of space for the masses but is busy by 930am. recommended!

Well maintained trails that are surprisingly pretty busy. Definitely take some water with you and wear the right shoes, rocks can get a bit rough at some parts. Plenty of hills and the views are gorgeous but if you’re not used to the elevation, I’d recommend taking it slow at first. Only down side is it’s a state park so you have to pay to enter.

6 days ago

Great hike! Definitely not too difficult... fairly trafficked on the weekend as of you approach the Lake. Lots of fun waterfalls and little features along the way.... If you’re doing this on a weekend definitely make it to the trail head by 7-7:15AM or you’ll be in a jam to find parking! We made it at 8 and parked about a half mile down!

3.8 miles 1950 ft elevation. Awesome hike for how short it is and close to Denver, we did it in the evening for sunset and there was a show going on at Red Rocks below. Some sections are pretty steep and sandy, trekking poles recommended, definitely wear decent shoes. Final scramble to the top is lots of fun.

Watch for rattlesnakes. Not small dog friendly

I love this trail. beautiful views, not too far from golden.

11 days ago

Well maintained trail, nice views.

We hiked this trail on 8/7/18. We set off at 9am, no other cars in the parking lot. Beautiful trail through forest and some meadows. The trail is very well marked; however, don’t be fooled at the top. You aren’t at the end until you meet a spot where other trails tie in. Some road sound until you get a bit higher and deeper into the forest. We would stop occasionally just to listen to the quiet. The entire route took 1 hr 47 mins. We plan to return in the fall, as there are many large stands of aspen trees. The only other person we saw was a guy riding his mountain bike back downhill. You can buy the day pass at a self-service place alongside the small lake on Golden Gate Canyon Road as you approach from hwy 93, just before you drive into the park. There is also one of these at the north end of the park.

This was a nice, moderate hike. We had to park a ways up the road because there were so many cars.
We saw plenty of people on the trail, but many were backpacking, so the parking situation made it seem worse than it really was. The first mile or so is shared with the trail to Arapaho Glacier and shortly after the split is a lovely waterfall. We hiked up the waterfall area near the lake as well, and I'm bummed because we didn't realize there were more lakes! We didn't explore as much as we should have.

well maintained trail. not too hard but not too easy. I did the whole thing and was definitely tired by the time I got back to the trailhead. minor elevation changes.

Views are excellent. Don’t stop at the lower diamond lake. Keep hiking and you will find middle diamond lake and upper diamond lake. Beautiful!

It was an awesome hike along the river. Some awesome campsites off to the sides. It is a bit busy along those but once you are about half a mile in, it’s beautiful and pretty much empty. We would definitely hike here again.

Great hike! A bit strenuous at the beginning but well worth it. Make sure to take the Walker Ranch Loop down to the falls. Awesome views!

15 days ago

Hiked on a Saturday afternoon. It was very crowded with people and dogs. Beautiful wildflowers and a waterfall. We saw a moose. Narrow dirt road up to the trailhead with minimal parking.

16 days ago

Easy for kids and fun for the whole family!

17 days ago

Awesome trail with everything you could hope for in a hike. Waterfalls, mountain lakes and wildflowers were all stunning. Rough dirt road for about 5 miles to the trailhead. Good ground clearance in your vehicle recommended.

pleasant, not really challenging. was a rainy day when we did it so I think we missed out on some of the views, but I think on a clear day it must be gorgeous at the point.

18 days ago

Great hike! We camped at the base of the trail head by off Fourth Of July road right on the creek. We arrived at 5pm on a Saturday and had no trouble finding a spot right on the creek to set up camp- started early to beat the rain. Less than a mile in we’re absolutely beautiful wild flowers lining the trail and naturally occurring run off water falls from the mountain top. True to it’s word distance- uphill heading out but moderate and easy for any intermediate hiker. Passed multiple groups who had seen moose but we were alluded once again... Best part of the hike: running into a pair of Llamas!

19 days ago

My friend and I did this hike on Sunday (7/29) and stayed overnight about a mile east of Jasper Lake.

We left around 10 am and arrived back at our car around 1:30 pm on Monday (7/30). In total, we covered close to 14 miles round trip on our trek; traveling at roughly one mile per hour.

We tried to get a permit to camp at Diamond Lake, but were told that the Forest Service didn't provide the ranger station with any more passes for that camp zone. In any such case, we decided to get a permit to camp in the Devil's Thumb Zone of Roosevelt National Forest instead.

After completing the trek to Diamond Lake, we continued our journey up and over the pass that connects with the Jasper Lake/Devil's Thumb Lake trailheads. The incline to get up and over the pass from Diamond Lake is pretty strenuous, especially when carrying over 60 lbs. of camping equipment on your back.

The views from the ridgeline of the pass were spectacular, and after finding a spot to camp (about 200 yards down the hill from the where the Jasper Lake and Diamond Lake trailhead meet), we set up our tent and made the short jaunt (1 mile) over to Jasper Lake to watch the sunset.

It was an incredibly beautiful evening, and just as the sun disappeared beyond the mountains, the mist rolled in and it was as if we were trapped in the clouds.

This being our first backpacking trip, we did not prepare for the presence of wildlife near our campsite, and therefore had a late night visitor in the form of a small female black bear (125 - 150 lbs.). She came sniffing around our tent sometime around 3 am on Monday morning and then encountered her again around 8 am when we were packing up our stuff, surely looking for food. We will be sure to bring bear spray and keep our food in bear canisters on any future treks.

This was an absolutely majestic experience that I would surely recommend to anyone looking for a challenging backpacking adventure.

The three things I would say to anyone going on their first backpacking trip is make sure you pack as light as possible, have enough water for your time spent in the wild, and be prepared to encounter wildlife.

19 days ago

Beautiful hike. 3 hours exactly (not including our time spent at the lake) and that was with lots of photo/snack breaks. The wildflowers and waterfalls were so pretty, and the lake at the end was so serene. One of my favorites!

Get there early! We arrived at 7:30 and parking was fine, about 1/3 full. By the time we left at 11:30 there were no open spots.

Lunch and nitro ice cream in Nederland are great treats afterwards :-)

I look forward to continuing the hike up to Upper Diamond Lake next time.

19 days ago

Great hike. Lots has been written about the hike itself, so I'll add a few comments on the drive to the trailhead:

- Unless you are hiking in winter with heavy snow on the road, there is ZERO reason why you would need AWD to get to the trailhead. The unpaved road is extremely rocky, which makes it bumpy, but you shouldn't need to worry about getting stuck. There is very little pitch to it.

- On the flip side, while you can make the drive in a normal car (I saw plenty of Accords, Civics, Corollas, Prius, even a few BMW 3 series), I would want something with high ground clearance, or you'll have to just crawl along the road to avoid bottoming out your suspension or scraping your undercarriage. We were in an SUV, and could take the road at 25mph no problem with the exception of a few areas.

- Lastly, if you are either unfamiliar with driving on unpaved mountain roads, or are one of the afore-mentioned drivers trying to crawl up in a normal car without tearing off your oil pan, please, please, please, pull over for traffic behind you and let them pass. There is no way to pass without someone pulling off the road, and you will easily delay everyone behind you 40+ minutes if you're doing 5mph or less.

Great views, half shade and half open. Good hike close to Denver. Definitely a moderate difficulty. We hiked with 9, 12 and 15 year old and they did alright.

Awesome hike, great views!

23 days ago

If you’re looking to get it all this is the hike. Lake, waterfalls, wild flowers, meadows and views. Go early during the week.

It was a nice walk. My ten year old husky thought the trail down was fun and the walk back up a little bit tougher. We had a nice time and would do it again.

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