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1 hour ago

Tons of snow, avalanches risk only for advanced hikers.

awesome trail need micro spikes and poles

on Granite Mountain Trail

1 day ago

Great workout. Hiking through the forest was steep but do-able (be advised if bringing children). My dog had no problems with the varied terrain. At roughly the 2 mile mark, until the top, there is icy snow. Poles and snowshoes recommended, however, hiking boots are sufficient. Had to turn around near the 3 mile mark due to too deep of snow and the trail was unclear. Views were great even with clouds and had some snowfall. Minimal foot traffic on this trail which was nice. Will definitely be going back in a month or two in hopes of making it to the top!

4 days ago

Trail is well maintained at this time. Some trees have fallen over the trail and will need to be removed, but isn’t impeding movement along the trail or hazardous. Trail is steep going up and of course, going down. Bring walking polls. Weather today was raining with evidence of snow below the tree line on the west side of the mountain face 3 miles up. Traction devices are recommended. Once you clear the tree line and cross the Talus field, you will need traction devices due to the exposure on the north face and due to the icy conditions. Expect windy and icy conditions over the next few days as the low pressure system passes through. The mailbox is full at this time. Be sure to drop something off into the mailbox prior to your departure. Sunset during month of January is around 5 pm. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

on Snow Lake Trail

8 days ago

I hiked on Friday. This was my first time doing a snow hiking so it’s little bit difficult for me. Just made 2/3 of the trail because the snow was deeper in the last 1/3 and the trail was so narrow. I def. hike again with a better preparation to complete the trail. The scenery was very beautiful tho.

8 days ago

Hiked as far as we could today- a recent avvy slide completely demolished the rest of the trail right before reaching the lake. Multiple hikers that got there before us said they tried going around it right, then left, and ultimately couldn’t make it to the lake. Some of them had GPS and still didn’t make it to the lake.
Otherwise a beautiful hike! There was a decent amount of snow, although we didn’t need snowshoes. We just had microspikes and we were absolutely fine. The snow on the trail was decently padded down when we went and it was warm enough that there was no ice- the microspikes just gave us good grip on compact snow.
Didn’t see any extreme signs of imminent avvy danger, besides the recent slide that ended up stopping our hike early. There is water running through the trail area and one stream was noticeably running underneath a small snowfield, but it wasn’t too steep of a grade and didn’t concern me.

Beautiful hike! Hiked 1/12. There was a “road closed ahead” and then barriers that have been moved out of the way just before the 3 mile gravel road. We park at the bottom at first, the. A mile up after seeing several cars go by we decided-to go back and drive up. Road was okay and several cars at the parking lot not sure why it was closed.. anywho about 2 miles in you’ll need spikes. A few open steep valleys to cross, had a few scary moments sinking in the snow. All in all a great hike, never stops going up, so be prepared to get your sweat on ☺️. Many beautiful lookouts along the way!

Hey friends over there, if you are about to hike this beautiful place I highly recommend SPIKES, hiked today and was very glad the weather was so warm and kind. Somewhere around the last 1,5-2miles it’s manageable to go up without spikes but the way down is uggghh epic. There is ice and snow, you should definitely have spikes and poles on the way down especially. Other than that great views, oh and trail is not maintained so extra help will be a gps, I used the all trails map or just have a buddy who hiked there before. Have fun

Got to 5134’ up Red Mountain on snow shoes. Need ice axe and crampons to to continue to summit. Very steep grade. Was tricky getting down. Will try again when the snow conditions and weather is good with my partner and the right equipment and probably ropes.

It looks like 1-2 people summited early in the day with crampons and skied down.

9 days ago

Went up today! Beautiful hike. With snow plows, needed to jump up to trail head. Hiked with spikes for 1.75 miles then lost trail. You could see the divots but didn’t bring snowshoes so decided to turn back. Saw a few hikers, snowshoers & cross country skiers. Maybe they good blaze the trail. A few slides in open fields. Fun streams to cross

Great views, interesting varied terrain and marmots. Usually a bit of snow even in summer. As others have written, don’t short yourself on water.

great snow and a beautiful area. keep in mind, they do not plow the road into the parking lot, or the lot. You'll have to walk in from the road, parking for maybe 15-20 cars. trails are not groomed, we had snowshoes and managed easily. Finding where this trail branches off was difficult, there may be a sign, but we didn't see it (might have been under the 3 feet of snow!!). great place to spend the day, fantastic views.

14 days ago

Took us 2 hours up, 1.5hr down. The whole trail has snow on it, but the first half of the trail was packed down snow. We had spikes on the whole time, but snow shoes would be good for the last half of the trail since we started blazing the trail. There was only one area that was a difficult to get up. Definitely need poles! There was one other group in front of us making a trail since you can't see it eventually. Once we started hiking down we saw a lot more groups hiking up.

Very steep and challenging hike. The first three quarters of the hike is a fairly steady incline and a number of switchbacks. The last quarter of the trail is incredibly steep and covered with snow and ice. Definitely make sure to bring micro spikes and poles. It’s demanding but the view at the summit is well worth the effort.

Love hiking in the winter as a rainy day or break alt from skiing. Multiple stream crossings are my son’s (5) favorite. Watch out for streams filling up. Need grippy shoes (we turned the hike back into a slip and slide due to my son’s Bogs). We only have done the first mile. Definitely coming back in the summer for some backpacking.

Ameizing view!

Started around 8am with a group of hikers. We summited after about 2 hours and 40 minutes. We were back to trailhead at exactly 1pm (5 hours total time including the stop at the summit). Trail condition is good. Only needed microspikes and poles (some among us did not even use microspikes at all). No need for snowshoes. Make sure to check the signs to the correct trail as there are few “social trails” that can divert you from the actual trial. Views are amazing at summit.

19 days ago

It is beautiful for sure for a bit too crowded for my liking.

Hiked with a group on 1/1/19. Microspikes needed after about 1 mile. We were fine without snowshoes.

Perfect day, awesome view of Ranier, Olympics, Cascades. Fresh snow, ok without spikes to the talus field. Possible to do the talus field to the Mailbox without spikes or poles on the ascent, coming down you will struggle without at least spikes and spend most of the time on your backside. This is a longer hike than as listed, I’ve done the new trail as an out & back twice now and it clicks at ~12 miles/19.5 km. With snack breaks, pictures, spikes on/off this is a 6 to 6.5 hour hike in winter unless you are really humping it.

21 days ago

Snow lake did not disappoint. I made it to the top of the lake and didn’t press my luck traversing down to the actual lake. Gorgeous scenery. Tons of snow. A bit wet. But nothing too bad!

22 days ago

Did the hike today but only made it about one third or half way due to rain and the trail being washed out a bit. With the rain we thought it was better to be safe so we turned back about halfway. We didn't use snow shoes but we used crampons. Snow shoes are not necessary due to compact snow but if you don't have crampons I would suggest snowshoes. We actually saw a group of 3 guys not dressed for the trail and one of them had on cowboy boots!! The views were beautiful. Next time we plan to get to Snow Lake!

22 days ago

Went up this morning with high hopes. Trailhead was a little hidden (it’s between the 2 upper parking lots at Alpental and requires a little climb up a snow bank from the snow plows). Brought spikes and snow shoes and used both. Some sections were a bit narrow for shoes though. Spikes would have sufficed for most of the way up. The trail was easy to follow and walk on with packed snow though some sections were soft and did some postholing in spikes.
Unfortunately, once the trail spilts and the switch backs starts, most of the trail was washed out but small slides and avalanches. Going the other direction towards the rim had the same result. I wasn’t comfortable blazing a new route on my own given the rainy weather and the threat of more slides. Disappointed I got as close as 3/4 mi from the lake but it was still a fun hike. Still clocked in 5 1/2 miles RT.
*I used GAIA to make sure I stayed on the trail in the washes out areas but it got a bit too deep for me and my dog.

23 days ago

Only went about one-third of the way because the family pooped out, but still beautiful and not too much traffic. We brought snowshoes but didn't need them because the snow was already hard-packed from other hikers.

24 days ago

Lots of snow, trail gets a little harder near the switch backs. Bring gloves and a beanie, and poles would help. waterproof gear. Trail is narrow, I wouldn’t wear snow shoes

24 days ago

I completed this hike in late October and it was beautiful! We started a little too late in the day and ended up being still on the trail at nightfall. It was a little chilly after dark but overall the temperatures were comfortable. It was a little too foggy to see the lake completely but the views were definitely still worth it. The trail gets narrow and rocky (and wet!) in several spots so I wouldn't recommend this hike for young children. The full loop is actually 7.2 miles. Great hike!

we did this overnight 12/19/18. we got up about a mile before we had to put on snowshoes as it was clear no one has use the trail in a while. the trail is only fairly marked but even with the snow it was fairly easy to follow. hopefully we made it easier for people to follow after we trailblazed it lol. other than that beautiful hike!

Did this on 12/21/18. Moderate usage on this day. Didn’t start until 11:45ish a.m. I had on regular trail shoes, sweat bottoms, a couple thin base layers and a thick hoodie, light gloves/beanie, and a daypack with some snacks and about 2L of water. Temperature was high 30s/low 40s for the first couple of hours and I got really warm and was drinking more water than I expected. Once we hit the snow it got considerably colder. My hiking partner had on Nike trainers. People coming down the trail had poles and chains and kept telling us we couldn’t make it to the top without them. We went all the up anyway, just took longer and had to be more careful of our footing. Coming down took a bit longer again due to not having the poles and chains but it was definitely possible, just be extra careful on your footing and take it slow. If I did this hike again during this time of year I would definitely get some chains, but the poles probably not necessary if you’re in good hiking shape. Last couple hundred feet were pretty tough. I drank more water than expected, so not a bad idea to take a little more than you think you’ll need. Oh yeah- the gate at the parking area closes at 4pm. We didn’t make it all the way back to the car until roughly 5pm. They actually waited for us before locking up, but they were not happy about it. I didn’t even notice the 4pm closure sign, so that was my bad.

Awesome trail to do on Christmas , was not easy with 30 pounds of gear. Merry Christmas to all

29 days ago

trail is quite narrow for snowshoes ended up taking them off and just wearing yaktrax. beautiful views but definitly pay attention. we totally missed the fork for snow lake.

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