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I went on 9/19/18 from 1:20pm-5:30pm. Gnats started to annoy the hell out of me around 1/5 of the trailer and they literally made it horrible for me and I really just wanted to get the hell out of there. Other than the gnats and the cobwebs and spiders I ate and displaced which was about 100 of them it was pretty cool. Saw some chipmunks and some squirrels, and also some frogs. Oh and I saw one guy with a HUGE German Shepherd. Lol thank god he was friendly

This is my favorite trail in this state park. You go thru a variety of terrain, including meadows, along creeks, and through winding hills.

I don’t love that bikes are allowed on this trail but it’s best to go the opposite direction of them so you can see them coming head on, rather than being surprised from behind.

As with many trails in this park, you can hear traffic and see the roads. This one isn’t horrible as you’re mostly hearing traffic inside the park, but it’s not the best sound to hear when you’re in nature.

Other than that, it’s my new favorite trail that’s close to downtown Indy.

A nice, 4.5 mile hike to get out of the city and get back into nature.

Reasons I don’t love this trail:
- it’s windy and very back-and-forth so during much of the trail, you see where you’re going and that just isn’t a fun feature for me;
- during some of the hike you can hear the car traffic on 465 and surrounding streets and it takes away from the experience of being in nature.

very peaceful trail with lots of trees and nature surrounding. trails were easily marked. Nice lake.

17 days ago

Enjoyed the trail as this was my first time backpacking.

18 days ago

Very nice trail to hike. Well maintained. Would be slick with moisture due to packed dirt by the bikes.
Was passed by some bikers and runners but the trail is a mostly open with good visibility.

Less technical than the Town Run Trail Park but also more open and the trail a little wider. On the Town Run, you really have to watch for bikes.

My husband and I hiked Camp Creek Trail yesterday with our two dogs. We had a great time! we dont care for asphalt trails but aren't quiet ready for a "difficult" trail yet. This trail had some steeper inclines and spots that were pretty narrow with drop offs right on the other side. It deffinitly was great for giving that backcountry feel but still on a dirt path. We only past one other couple and 3 deer.

19 days ago

I have to go with some other hikers on this one. I gave it only 2 starts for hiking but it would be a great trail for biking.

Well maintained trails that are only wide enough for one person/bike. I was lucky in that every time a bike came on us (all the riders were extremely nice), we had a place to jump off the path. There are many places and blind corners that getting off would have been a issue. The bikes these days are so quiet that they are on you in a blink. We spent the hike listening for bikes which was very difficult the closer you get to 465's noise.

The trail has one direction, so make sure to enter to the Northeast.

Great for a run! Brush can get a little grown-in.

very nice and quiet place for peaceful hiking and photography

good conditioning from lake to bench.

24 days ago

mountain biking
26 days ago

Luv it here. My bike luvs it here. Good equipment is needed. Real singletrack. I recommend GU :)

Yesterday was brutal as I 2asnt mentally prepared for a 4 mile hike. We did it though in under 3.5 hours.

Love walking here with the kids and dog! They have treehouses for them to explore, well maintained dirt trails, a paved sidewalk path, and a hill the kids love climbing. I have recommended o many friends. One of the best places to go for a flat land hike.

1 month ago

Backpacked the full route this past weekend with friends. Loved the trail and terrain. Hats off to the volunteers who've created, maintained, blazed, etc. these trails. Fantastic job. Couple of quick tidbits to pass along, buy the official trail map - I can't imagine how much more difficult it would have been without it. Download the HHC trail guide and take it with you. It has key info regarding places where it would be easy to get lost, and upcoming water. Note that the Pine Rd. exit off 37 no longer exists so you'll have to access the SF HQ from the south (Bloomington) or the north (Martinsville). Stop for a cold drink at the Hickory Shades motel in Belmont, the only vending machine we found on the route.
90 degree days with no breeze to speak of...quite a challenge. I'd like to do it again in the full color of fall.

This trail was not at all as I expected, but so worth it. Hiked/Ran the full loop with all 6 expert routes, and I can see why this trail is graded hard. It was a true workout with several hill climbs. Passed only one other hiker and no bikers, but the parking lot was full of cars by the time we finished the hike. Took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Well-marked and shaded the majority of the time. As others have indicated, bring bug spray.

1 month ago

This is a beautifully maintained bike trail. It says hikers are welcome on the sign, but the trails are too narrow to allow bicyclists and hikers through at the same time. Bikers had to stop for us to get out of their way. All were extremely nice about it (thanks!) but we felt like we were imposing more than sharing just by being there on foot.

1 month ago

We were the only hikers out amongst the mountain bikers. It was a great hike, long but peaceful. We had our dog with us and he did great! We will be back.

Didn’t see a soul on this well maintained trial which is clearly maintained for bikers but I ran the trail. Not a lot of areas to step aside should the need arise. Well cleared generally but be aware can be very slick in the morning if dew is heavy or within hours of a rain. First third of seven miles in heavily shaded, middle third is meadows ad final third is wooded. I will visit overtime I am back in Indy as time allows. Beats the treadmill at the hotel any day.

beautiful park, but the trails are not marked very well

This was a great walk for my crew today. They really enjoyed it and pleasantly surprised

trail running
1 month ago

Nice hike, has a little bit of everything. Little creek sidewalk, some vertical accent and decent, had a little walk on a gravel road. Would recommend you bring a stick for cobwebs, and possibly long pants. Some areas were a little overgrown. A good break away from typical Brown county hikes, probably will end up doing it again down the road.

very nice scenery, clean trails as well!

Awesome trail with a cool reward! Maybe 2-3 miles of gravel. Up, down, repeat!

This is a very nice neighborhood park. A great addition to the area. There is a sledding hill and a couple miles tops of walking trails. Maybe less.

This is really a mountain biker’s trail. Not a hiking trail. There is a turn every 10 yards or less. Not ideal hiking.
If you go, take your bug spray. It is pretty dense woods.

1 month ago

This was a great trail despite some areas in need of maintenance. We completed the full 10 miles in approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. Like many others have said, the trail is well marked, provides great views, and is in the shade the majority of the time. Exposed roots and fallen branches are concerning if trail running. The point of the trail for us was to get some mileage and climbs in before a trip to Arizona, and this trail provided that for us. Will definitely come back.

Nice little hike that is used enough to be easily followed. Recommend pants as both sides of the path have a significant amount of poison ivy. The hike took about an hour with a short stop at the rock shelter.

trail running
1 month ago

This loop is long enough (10+miles) to count as a serious training ground for the mountaineering expedition for which I am in training- a weeklong attempt of Mexico’s Pico de Orizaba. The Low Gap Loop features glorious single track, horse trail, scenic forest canopy, and a stretch of wide gravel service road. There are ponds, stream crossings, interesting rock overhangs and good vertical rise and gain. I do this trail several times per year, and have completed it in pouring rain, intense heat and bitter cold. There’s perhaps no place equal to Low Gap’s combination of challenge and length nearby. Definitely recommended.

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