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The Valley of Five Lakes is a 4.5 km moderately challenging circuit loop hike just 9 km south of the town of Jasper. I hiked here in August 2017.

The trail started off by passing through the forest and then crossing a wooden footbridge over a tall grassy and marshy area before gently climbing back into the forest. At the junction, you can either start the loop around the lakes clockwise or counter clockwise. I took the path to the right and went counter clockwise, starting at the fifth lake and going around the first.

The trail consisted of some steeper uphill and downhill sections along with some flatter areas in between but it wasn't too difficult although it was more strenuous that I was expecting it to be.

Upon reaching the fifth lake, the trail followed a narrow ridge along the side of a hill which provided amazing views of the lakes and gorgeous mountain landscape.

All five lakes were absolutely beautiful and awe-inspiring and I was amazed at the vibrant colour of the water in unique shades of blue and green and how crystal clear it was. There were beautiful reflections of the surrounding mountains and pine trees on the calm water's surface which made for some lovely photos. These lakes are among some of the most breathtaking ones that I have seen in the Rockies.

When you get to the first lake, continue along Trail 9B to loop back around to the trailhead unless you are looking for a longer hike around the first lake, then take Trail 9A.

It took me around 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the hike including the many stops that I made to take photos and admire the natural beauty around me.

These stunning lakes are definitely a must-see and well worth a visit in Jasper.

It’s almost like you’re outside of Edmonton on this trail.

I’ve hiked this in summer and spring.. Most recently being May long weekend of 2017. Did not bring snowshoes and it was a horrid mistake. Took 7 hours to summit after clambering and falling through hip deep snow. Otherwise, in summer conditions it’s approximately 2 hours to the top.

Hard in winter season but worth for it

2 months ago

we did this hike October 23, the trail was 90 percent covered with snow, but it was great otherwise. the hike felt short and the view was extremely well worth it. You really should beware of the drive through Cadomin from Hinton however.... it was mostly rough gravel roads. no service really. make sure you have a reliable vehicle and stay out of the way of all the miner vehicles. but still worth it.

Easy access and fantastic views .. each lake offers something different and had a very pleasant experience .. recommended

Easy walk, all 5 lakes are beautiful. It was moderately busy- we saw many people along the way and some mountain bikers. The water is so cold but so refreshing feeling- would love to visit again in the summer and go for a swim!

Very easy, cute and scenic loop. Family friendly. If you ever want to do an hour or less beautiful trail, this is it!

paddle sports
2 months ago

You can never loose with the Athabasca by your side!

I love the 5 Lakes so much, I never do the loop. I do it as an out and back to see the lakes twice!! This is a prefect time to go to beat all the high season crowds!!

The trail head is off Hwy 93A not 93., as per directions in the App.
We would definitely hike it again! Some snow but no mosquitos!
Beautiful views, variety of terrain and the trail was pretty well marked.

Sherri & Ted

A superb hike up to the gondola, latter half in partial snow end sep, but reasonably easy to follow. From the gondola an additional 3.5km up an easy winding snow path, passed the false summit to the real summit, well traversed by gondola visitors, with a superb 360 deg view.

The 5 lakes are each unique and beautiful. This was a pretty long hike but worth doing. Since it’s a loop, you can go whichever way you prefer, but I think going from the 1st to 5th is best since I think the 1st lake is the less awe-inspiring one. That may be just because you don’t get as good a viewpoint of the 1st as you do the others though. From the parking lot, you will go through some trees, onto a small wooden bridge, and then through a forested area where you will have to do some downhill and uphill hiking. If you go left, you will be going to the 1st lake, the trail that goes along the back edge of the lake (if you continue left) connects to another trail so you probably don’t want to go too far down that path since you will have to back track to continue on to the other lakes. As you continue along the path this time to the right, you will find yourself on the back edge of the 2nd lake, then the 3rd and 4th. Between the 3rd and 4th lakes, you will find a set of the iconic red chairs you can find in various locations in the national parks. It’s a great spot for enjoying the view. The 5th and final lake has a small floating dock that you can walk into and take pictures from.

Very nice after work walk to wind down!

Nice moderate hike. My mom who does not hike regularly at all managed it just fine. It does get muddy in spots and had a couple steep hills. we did 5th lake to first lake it seemed like the less popular way to go as we were against the flow more than we were with the flow. Some narrow spots so remember to share the trail. I saw two groups heading in with strollers..... that I would not recommend unless carrying a child in one arm and a stroller in another is something you want to do

Good fun. Hard 3hours but great views of maligne lake.

Attmepted this yesterday. No snow at the trailhead but progressively more as you ascend (up to waist deep at some points!). Very cloudy so limited views, got to within 800m (300 vertical m) of the summit before turning around. Will try this again in the summer.

Gorgeous hike with lots of picture perfect views. Was not too busy around 11am for us. Some steep hills but manageable. Would definitely recommend this one!

Very scenic hike!

A nice and pleasant easy hike (with some small hills) with some pretty lakes. However, it’s a very crowded trail with big groups of tourists because of its location, etc. We were almost knocked off the trail by a tour group at one point, and we ran into two different people smoking cigarettes on the hike.

Thus, while the views are good and it’s short & sweet, just understand what you’re getting into if you visit during peak hours.

This hike was better than expected! We started at the fifth lake and did the short loop. The lakes were gorgeous! It took us almost two hours with lots of stops. There were ups and downs, but just the right amount of both. We went about lunchtime and the hike wasn’t that crowded which was nice. I think it helps to go after Labor Day. I highly recommend.

Good little day hike if you don’t mind the steep uphill. We completed it about five hours with a break at the top.
Heavy cloud and snow at the summit.

Great views of the alpine. We did this hike in just over three hours at a pretty steady pace. Most of the hike is in the trees but the section in the alpine makes the trek up worth it. A good afternoon hike.

Excellent hike. Stay left at the junction. Peak the hill to the right (clockwise loop) for panoramic view.

Great hike. Took 3 hrs to get to the restaurant. The trip to the summit is worth the effort. Great views.

Nice hike, did it with three youths. Muddy in some spots and very busy. Nice views. Be prepared for a couple steep hills.

Steady climb up. Beautiful meadow at the top. Saw my first ever Caribou! Great hike!

4 months ago

Beautiful hike! Took me and my dog 3hours to get from the base of the trail to the trams and then another bit to get to the tippy top! First hour is a good hike and then turns into a pretty flat hike for the next hour and the last hour was pretty hard! Overall really enjoyed it and would definitely do it again

One of my favorite hikes we did in Banff. The continuous changes in terrain make it constantly exciting. Nice break from all the touristy hikes nearby.

absolutely stunning waterfall on the far side of first lake. this was a very enjoyable hike despite clouds and smoke. will be returning soon. hubby and I were astounded to find hardly any mosquitoes.

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