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18 hours ago

It’s really nice hike overall. I took my 7 year old and she got through all the creek crossings just fine and we hiked all the way to the cliff. Just wear shoes made for hiking and getting wet and you’re good. The only bad part is the hike back to the parking lot because it is steep!

This is a wonderful trail. The falls are great and the water is super cold… perfect after sweating your a$$ off hiking back to the car. The overlook at Eagle Bluff is awesome as well. At only 1.1 miles each way, I just wish it was longer.

3 days ago

Nice hike!! Pretty waterfalls!

4 days ago

Beautiful hike. But please be cautious, especially with children. The cliffs have no railing and four of the nine river crossings lack guide wire as they have flooded. Otherwise a wonderful experience

5 days ago

what an awesome hike. very hot and the water crossings were great. hardest part for me was the incline coming back out, had to just take my time. and yes the wild blackberry's were a very nice treat. most likely will be our annual 4th of July hike.

We found this trail slightly challenging, But beautiful and well worth the hike.

Not a great trail. It is overgrown with no real views. Also, not a lot of people hike this trail, so prepare to battle some spider webs. We did see some deer though

A true hidden beauty! Absolutely beautiful!

Great hike! Only thing I would change if I could do it over is wear pants... lots of poison ivy this time of year! I covered myself in bug spray but my boyfriend had a few ticks on him

I hiked the Rocky Flats Trail. today. from double camp road. I hiked 3 miles before I had to turn back, because the trail was overgrown at that point. I saw a very large black Bear. the trail is a little hard to follow past, the 2nd Creek crossing. someone has flagged the hard to follow parts, with red tape. I made a small path as far I went. it will be easier for the next guy. overall a beautiful place, secluded, I didn't see any other hikers. I had the trail to my self.

on Window Cliffs

10 days ago

Went today and loved it. The hike was great and the creek crossings were a welcome sight. 97 degree temps made the creek that much better. Oh , and the wild blackberries were awesome.

13 days ago

Great hike!! You will definitely get wet, great on a hot day. I would rate moderate, but the hike from the last creek crossing to the parking lot is steep. Poles or walking stick are a must. Will definitely be back.

19 days ago

Did the hike in about 1 hour 30 min. The water level was low when I went so no need to remove my steel toe boots. The hardest part of the hike was at the front of the trail after that it's smooth hiking. Looked around the cliffs a little and the signage is there for a reason, the limestone is extremely fragile and no good footing around it. Explore at your own risk

20 days ago

This is a short trail, that gets steep, near the top. trekking poles, helped a lot. there are lots of small waterfalls. overall a nice hike. it would have been nice if it was longer.

22 days ago

Nice wooded trail with lots of deer. Not strenuous for hikers. Fair amount of bikers on the trail.

27 days ago

Great trail, did it in a little over 2 hours. Bring extra socks, you cross creeks 9 times each direction so your feet will get wet. Not necessarily worth going all the way to the top, but there’s a nice lookout of the formation and then a little further is a waterfall, I’d stop there if I were to go again. But definitely recommend!

Wow! What a trail. Made it up to the overlooks of the Hiawassee River. Strenuous, but doable. Beautiful views worth the effort. However, following the actual trail as shown on AllTrails was impossible. We found ourselves in thick brushes and vines with plenty of thorns going up trying to meet the trail as shown. Found us wandering around in the woods, crossing the imaginary trail 4 times, never able to identify it! Noticed later that all the recordings of this trail by hikers seems to be different every time. Loved what we saw on the bluff, but ended up looking like we lost a fight with barb wire 藍 Needs a sign or two to help a hiker keep out of trouble.

28 days ago

A friend and I did the trail in 4 hours from 11 AM to 3 PM. We are middle-aged women in decent shape. We took our time and were in no hurry. We ate lunch at the second creek crossing and took time to sit in the creeks when we got hot. This was the hottest day of the year this summer. There are some portions that required us to walk in the full sun, so sunscreen, hats, bandanna, and sunglasses are a good idea.

There is one trail and it is well-blazed and marked with signage that tells you how far to the actual cliffs and how far back to the parking lot. The trail is well-maintained although it narrows in parts. It wasn't too overgrown and the proof was that I had no ticks at the end of it. I have had ticks on other trails this summer (Bearwaller Gap in Carthage , TN).

There are only 2 strenupus parts. One is the ascent up to the cliffs, which is 0.75 miles. The other tough part is the climb out at the end of the hike. Even with the switchbacks, the last mile is steep and I had to stop and catch my breath several times. I am not that out of shape, but it was HOT!

There are 9 creek crossings - marked as "CC" on the trail. Only crossings 3 and 4 were dry. The rest had water. It was so nice to walk through the cool water. You get to go through these same 9 creek crossings on the way back. My friend and I wore water shoes. I wore Chacos and she wore Keens. I checked out other hikers on the trail and the majority wore some kind of water shoe. Most also wore clothes that would allow them to get wet.

There are no bathrooms at the trailhead other than port-a-potties. No vending machines, so take a lot of water, at least a liter. I take two just to be on the safe side. Pets are not allowed on the trails. This is a kid-friendly trail until you get to the actual cliffs, which are very narrow. I would not want to take young kids up on the cliffs.

We had a good time and will definitely go back!

Great hike. Water was low so I was able to cross creeks without removing waterproof boots. The Cliffs views were cool.

Fun hike full of challenges

Was a a tough climb and a lot steeper than I expected but it was a fun challenge and the view was more than worth it!

1 month ago

Great all around hike. Somewhat challenging but well worth it once you reach the cliffs. The really only difficult part of the trail is a good deal of switchbacks near the beginning of the trail, it’s comparable to the fall creek falls staircase but shorter. You do have to cross about 9 streams so be wary of high water. I did this hike entirely in my chacos in case you were wondering about footwear. This hike is also in a great location!About 15 minutes from burgess falls and also very close to Cummins falls! Overall it is a great hike and I would certainly recommend it!

Beautiful man made falls near the base of the hike. Then you ascend steeply for the remainder to reach a great lookout/picnic spot!

A great hike near Nashville, lots of elevation and scenery. Trail was well marked and maintained, but I did find a number of ticks after the hike.

1 month ago

Great trail but not for everyone.

1 month ago

I am 46 years old and I try to hike once a week. I would rate this a easy/moderate hike, not hard. I did the entire hike in my chacos. There are 9 cable creek crossings so you have to have water shoes. The deepest creek was knee high in certain spots. Great hike with a beautiful waterfall and insane view. Would love to do it again!

Worth a 2.5 hour drive, and we didn't even finish it. Water was high and there's no bridge. Talked to a guy in the TTA today and he said they aren't replacing the bridge because of safety concerns. We both thought it funny since it's even more sketchy to cross the creek on rocks.

Either way, I'll be returning for a solo run soon so I can complete the trail without leaving anyone behind.

1 month ago

Horribly marked. You’ll need to follow map. Markers are either attached to fallen trees or non existent.
Hard for mountain biking.
Moderate for trail running
Easy for hiking.
Saw lots of deer 6am-7am
Saw a turtle on the path
Would revisit again.

On my opinion, the Big Creek Rim trail hiked in conjunction with the Stone Door trail is the best hike in the South Cumberland Park. The views are the best, it’s a great mix of challenging and easy, there are descents and climbs, great overlooks a a outcroppings for lunch or rest. In rainy conditions, you might have to Ford a few creeks.

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