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12 hours ago

Just yesterday I did this trail solo. It was more than I had ever imagined it could be. The views are so amazing! It’s absolutely worth the pain in the legs. I want to go back! Also the road is not closed, it’s about 17 miles of gravel bumpy dust road. Get there early cause it’s a popular place to be.

Plenty of wild flowers in Summerland basin this weekend

Arrived 9:30 today. There were a few slots open in the secondary lot. Clouds rolled in and out 4x thru the day. There’s a lot less snow compared to last year 7/23. The portion where glisaded last year is bare of snow. It got really cold at the high skyline portion. We had light jackets. We went clockwise, then took the golden gate trail since we were running out of time. Lots of people. Those who wore only tank tops, shorts, sneakers seem to have managed well. The alltrails recording crapped out again.

4 days ago

Awesome hike!! Beautiful day!! Clouds rolled in and socked top in after we crossed the ridge. Beautiful scenery throughout!! Don’t miss this one!! Highly recommend good hiking boots and poles for snow fields and creek crossing!! Don’t worry about the crowds. They peel off after you hit the high skyline trail. Took about 4 hours 15 minutes the complete. Now stop reading and go do it already!!

Beautiful trail with gorgeous views of Rainier, Adams and St. Helens on a clear day. The trail still has a significant amount of snow on it so I recommend bringing a plastic garbage bag if you want to sled a bit and maybe some spikes. The trail also goes over a creek that can be a bit difficult to cross due to a high water level but overall one of my favorite hikes for sure!

Great hike and only a fraction of the people who go on the tollmie peak trail. We were at the trailhead at 10 o’clock Which required a .75 mile hike to the trail head.

Avalanche release the peak now

great hike last week carrying our kids in the Kelty kids carriers.

5 days ago

Great little backpacking trip. The route is varied and fun. The first half of the hike is pretty standard uphill slog, broken up by some very neat views, including a long wooden bridge and multiple water falls. There are some technical elements to the 2nd half of the hike, as you descend into the basin, which makes it more fun and challenging. Overall the hike was pretty easy when broken up into a 2 day backpacking trip.

There's no evidence of snow anywhere on the trail and it is nice and warm as of this writing. Take a swim in the lake, it is well worth it.

6 days ago

Hiked this yesterday. Lots of stuff blooming now. Switchbacks are hard work if you're not regularly hiking.

Amazing views!!! Marmots and chipmunks everywhere! Remember your sunscreen cuz we forgot and 7 miles in the sun with the reflection of the snow left a nice burn....no tree canopy to shield ya. Totally totally unbelievably beautiful!!!

We had an amazing time! When you get to the top of Summerland you can hike up a bit further to the Panhandle Gap for some further spectacular views. Absolutely beautiful. Will definitely be back.

TRAIL IS CURRENTLY CLOSED! There are rangers who hang around the trailhead and up at the lake who will write you a ticket.

Took my mom here.

wildflower still not blooming, trail great shape, snow in the upper meadows should be perfect in a month or so

10 days ago

Spectacular one of the most beautiful trails I have ever done. There was still huge snow drifts so we could have used poles and better footwear for sure but we made it through. Given the snow covering lots of parts of the trail we ended up going closer to 7 miles to finish the loop. There are lots of offshoots so we probably took some false turns as well. The views are incredible the whole time. Lots of marmots and chipmunks on the trail as well. Beautiful waterfalls and glaciers as well.

We did Spray Park Trail for the first time this season today. This is the trail that hooked my family and I on hiking. Beautiful hike. Didn’t see any bear this time but we did see a mountain lion on the gravel road about a mile prior to Mowick Lake and the Spray Park trailhead. We let the ranger up at the campsites know.

This is a must do trail. A lot of switchbacks but the climb is relatively easy and the view is amazing. A yearly must do...

13 days ago

Breathtaking! Still snow on parts of the trails, but walkable. Look for the marmots; cute and social.

This hike was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever done. First 2.5 miles weren’t bad at all but the last mile and half was pretty tiring. I had to stop a couple times to catch my breath. Still a little snow at the top but you won’t need spikes or anything like that.

Great hike, the lake is beautiful and worth it. The hike from the Granite Mountain trailhead to the lake is about 7 miles one way, so about 14 miles round trip

14 days ago

Did Spray Falls/Spray Park yesterday on the clearest day of the year. it was AMAZING! Mowich Lake road is in great shape to get out to the trail head. We didn't see snow until Spray Park and it is sparse until you get deeper into the Park. We stopped to have lunch with the view and it was incredible. Some flowers are starting to bloom. All in all - the trail is ready for anyone to enjoy. I'd recommend getting an early start to beat the heat and the busy-ness. We started at 10am and got done with everything around 1:45pm (with stopping for about 30 minutes at the falls and 45 minutes at Spray Park).

14 days ago

Good hike. Trail is clear but I'd recommend long sleeves and pants for the last stretch. Definitely not as crowded as some of the other surrounding trails.

Does anybody know when the trail is open again?

15 days ago

Very disappointed, only one single point close to the lake for camping, the only reason I give 3 starts is because it has nice mini waterfalls during the trail and good views to the lake, but once you get to it there is not much to do, not spaces to sit, or admire the lake. Not much to do there, the kind of hike you only do once

15 days ago

As of July 1, 2018: started in the morning from Mowich Lake campground. Flowers still haven’t bloomed as there is much snow still left on the fields. Definitely stop to check out Spray Waterfall. We went on a somewhat cloudy day and got a bit lost in the clouds heading to observation point but on the way back views were spectacular.

There's so much to see on this trail- waterfall after waterfall, bridges, views, and the lake. I recommend taking the Woody trail, that follows the river and waterfalls up, looping around to the lake on the upper grade, and back down on the Greg Ball or DNR. It'll take 4 or 5 hours, but you'll see all the area has to offer.

17 days ago

My family went up on July 2nd. We’ve completed this hike several times before but never in the snow. We were lucky enough to see a couple marmots. It was a lot of fun but would’ve been better with microspikes .

17 days ago

Love this trail. Seems more on the moderate side. The only challenge is the last .7 of the trail, but it is fun. Also, there is a lot of uphill on the way back...way more than you realize. Good idea to take pics of the trail crossings...could get lost w/o them.

Really enjoyed this trail! The trail was well kept, and the views at Granite lake were amazing.
Started at 8:30 AM and ran into very few people both out and back. .

19 days ago

did this hike today and the last ~1 mile is still snow covered with lots of fog. we turned around at 3.6 miles because the fog was thick and it was hard to find the trail in the snow. i would recommend a stick or poles for balance on the snow. we saw a bear on the way back about .3 miles from the start of the trailhead in mowich

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