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I rated a 2 to for hiking. If I was mountain biking it would be a 4 And without mountain bikes coming up behind me it would be a four for hiking as well. From my experience even on a weekday the mountain bikers have no respect for people hiking and come up right behind you and then announce , behind you, heads up, to the left. Watch out. Not fun

Love this place, was here at 5am yesterday before the ice melted and it was perfect!

Great trail for the whole family and dog friendly. Some moderate terrain to keep it interesting. Great scenery!

Slightly confusing as you get deeper into the trail toward the towers because of the lack of clear markers. Easy hike for beginners, though! Slightly steep on the Jackson Hill to Ledger Trail (orange) and a short loop that brings you back to the white trail. Saw two huge bucks by the water!

Absolutely beautiful views. I took my Great Dane with me and we both had a blast. Mild traffic everyone was very pleasant. Alittle slippery and muddy at some points but duhhh it's a swamp lol. I really liked the fitness part of the trail it gave you a few things to do while you are walking. and doggie bags and trash cans all throughout the trail. very dog and people friendly recommended for anyone at any level.

Very nice trails, views & fellow hikers.

Great for a nice short hike. Nothing special to see, but there are a few overlooks and its a lot of fun on the rocky parts. Make sure to keep an eye on the trail markers.

Only did a small section to start. Beautiful, relatively quiet. looking forward to going back. Will bring my walking poles next time.

15 days ago

As friendly and courteous as all the mountain bikers are, these paths are not. Narrow paths are not made to be shared and you constantly will step to the side and wait for bikers to pass. The lack of proper blazes is also pretty maddening. I would happily get lost in the woods if there was anything really awesome to see, but alas, it's just your average forest.

great hike during the fall during the leave change, second time I did this trail. first time was in the snow just as pretty but a bit more challenging

I really liked this trail. Going up and down the hills was a workout, but the the landscape was beautiful. There were many good view points, some castle ruins, and a far away view of the NYC skyline that kept this trail interesting.

Nice park close to the city

great trail for casual walks with dog

Simply beautiful. We hiked in from a parking lot north of the railroad tracks. The underpass regularly floods and today it was impassable for short vehicles but the sidewalk was above water.

NOTE!!! The waterfront trail floods severely at high tide cutting you off. The water depth at peak high tide is deep enough to go over boots. Some people in warm weather take their shoes off - but in the cold you have to take the long way around or double back.

The trails are very nicely kept. We hiked into the area and took the left trail split. This trail has some significant elevation changes we decided to tackle it while fresh. We also confirmed that high tide was at our starting point and with the flooding we took the high trail hoping for the water level to drop as we hiked the wooded trails.

The view at the end is worth the walk. We were correct in our planning that hiking the woods took long enough for the high tide to recede. We still walked through flooding but it was barely over our toes on our hiking boots - sneakers would not stay dry even 2.5 hours past high tide.

24 days ago

Awesome views. Lots of history took place along these paths. Great hike!

27 days ago

The route outlined here is kind of a weird route, having you walk on the side of the road for a spell, on the beach, on the bike path, and on the dune hiking trail. Bike path, dune, and beach are good.

best trails in the area. we did an 8 mile hike today. nothing to changing but good exercise

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery, tons of history, love it.

1 month ago

We hiked this trail on Sat October 20th and it was a nice leisurely hike that started at the police station and we did the 6.2 mile loop. This trail starts out in the woods near the highway but after a mile or so your deep enough where you do see or hear an traffic. There are some amazing views/lookout points on the top side with the first one having a small waterfall. We happen to see a hawk and also a deer this day which is always an added bonus. There was a little castle you run into (women’s heritage trial) that was super cool. You then make your way down and walk along the shoreline for several miles and it was a nice day so we decided to relax and bring our lunch. Anyway this trail was super easy and not difficult at any point.

You could hear the highway pretty much the whole time and the views were ok but kind of blocked by the trees. The beginning/end part by the river was really nice though, and it’s good for seeing animals. I saw a hawk catch a squirrel, which was both terrifying and super cool! I might do it again but it wasn’t my favorite hike in the area.

I cannot stress enough how much I loved this hike, it was spectacular! I would recommend going around the map counter clockwise, climbing to the Women’s Federation Monument on top of the cliffs, and then going back down the way you came along the Shore Trail (white). The Long Path trail is right next to the parkway and you can’t really see the river through the trees anyway. But the Shore Trail was amazing, and the view at the top of the cliffs was incredible. I will definitely be coming back, and recommending this hike to everyone I know!

This was my first hike since moving to Connecticut and it didn’t disappoint! Beautiful views, easy hike but long enough to feel like a good work out, and very dog friendly! Bathrooms halfway through the trail were a nice surprise. Also, the GPS directions to the trail head from this app were right on and it was easy to find!

1 month ago

Beautiful park, great place to walk your dogs.

Nice brisk walk on the path. Not overly crowded and the people I encountered were all very nice. Great for all hiking ability levels

I will be back on my bike next.

Great for strollers. Beautiful and easy.

Nice leisurely bike ride. Easy to follow and wide trail. Don't expect any mind-blowing views. Would be a great trail for trail running.

If your looking for a very easy, peaceful walk in the woods with minimal elevation gain then this is the trail for you. This section of the Norwalk River Valley Trail is now part of the mostly completed Wilton Loop. It's either gravel or wooden boardwalks the entire way and is ADA compliant.

You can hear the nearby roads so you never feel like you've really gotten out of town, but the trail is quiet enough. Although I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, there is also an abundance of small wildlife on my visit if birding is your thing.

Nice, if wet in spots

Hiked in September 2018. The description of the hike doesn’t match the mapped area and trail markers. So we followed the map downloaded from AllTrails and it worked great. I’d say it’s more easy than moderate. There are some nice viewpoints - Castle ruins, a water tower, nice lake, few streams with some waterfalls.
There are 2 parking areas, the one with directions from AllTrails has 2 portapotties. No ranger station, only trailhead with a map posted. Trails are clearly marked. We didn’t get lost as were following the app’s map.
A lot of people with dogs at the beginning of the hike. You can combine trails for various difficulties. Parking is tight but people come in and out all the time, as there are a lot of locals who just come to walk with dogs around the lake.

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