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hiked this on 11/4 with a friend. loved it. many people on the trail and lots of dogs. made it fun. had lunch and hot coffee from my thermos at the Pinnacle rock. views beautiful. saw a bald Eagle!!!

Went up the Red Dot trail and down the Blue. I have asthma and a chronic cough and am definitely out of shape and haven't hiked in years so the ascent was extremely challenging for me. There are a couple of very difficult spots that are all rock and steep. I almost gave up but I knew the payoff would be so sweet if I made it to the top. I had to stop many times. My poor partner who is very much more fit than I was patient, however, and we made it. I am so glad I stuck with it. The top was amazing and thrilling and beautiful. You can do this! If I can do this, anyone can. Coming down was much much much easier except my toes were jamming into the front of my boots. Beautiful waterfall and stream at the bottom. I felt so accomplished and alive and the end. You must do this!

kayaking I love it for walking in the trail is ok.

it was a nice Sunday in Nov, not too cold. We visit MT. Gretna for the 1st time and so glad we did. We will be back and more prepared for a hike! I didn't realize how much this area had to offer; hiking, mountain biking and Rock Climbing just to name a few.

Like most people, went up Red Dot, down Blue Dot which was perfect. Both are rocky trails and Red was a bit of a challenge for fairly casual hikers like us, but we loved the view at the top. It had rained a lot the day before so much of the trail was muddy and leaf-covered which made some spots slippery, so be sure to wear proper shoes.

Also this was probably the most clearly marked trail I’ve ever been on - red dots everywhere!

Just did this with my daughter today. Had a ton of fun on this course! Very rocky between Pulpit and Pinnacle so a little slow going at times, but the views are worth it. Definitely need waterproof hiking boots too, as the return leg was quite muddy in spots. The spring on the last leg was flowing really well, so we stopped there to fill up.

Took red dot up which is strenuous. I got there at 0800 and it was quiet. Trail is rocky and mostly up hill. Blue dot coming down is still rocky and that leads to a short part of Dunn field Creek trail which had a water fall and stream. Nice views all along. Had my dog also.

A great little day hike. Take a lunch and sit at the pinnacle to enjoy views of hawks hunting over the valley

We went up the blue dot trail and down the red dot trail. Red dot is much harder, and it has the best views.

Going up 1200 ft in less than 2 miles was definitely challenging, but it does give you sense of accomplishment and very beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

I am pretty scared of heights and found this very doable. Going down the blue dot trail is much easier and not as steep.

8 days ago

Extremely heavily trafficked, but beautiful none the less.

Challenging hike with a steep start. Make sure to watch your step and wear appropriate hiking shoes. I'd suggest to start with the Red Dot Trail, since the view a the top awards you after the steep climb. After enjoying the stop at the top its a relaxing walk down along the Blue Dot Trail. Make sure to get there no later than 9 a.m. on the weekend since the parking lot will be very crowded. Enjoy!

8 days ago

Nice hike with variety of scenery (rocks, stream crossings, etc). Be warned, if has rained heavily in past few days, many of the springs flow right down most sections of the trails. Although hiked this on cool November day, have done this in the past during Spring/Summer and would agree with other reviewers that the gnats/bugs can be pretty bad on the eastern trails of French Creek.

Made this into a larger loop by taking the first unnamed trail off to the left which returns back to main trail a little before trail to Miller's Point. This 1.9 mile section of trail is not marked at all on the French Creek State Park map, but would be worthy addition...if it only had actual blazes on it. There are very faded maroon blazes with white in center down hill of 1st mile, but once you get to the power line clearing, the blazes stop and you have to locate the trail on your own the rest of the way back up. Do not recommend unless you have AllTrails/GPS app with signal. Without those issues, it would be a nice extension to the French Trail hike (about 8.7 miles) as the trail is much thinner and more remote feeling on it. The spider webs during warmer weather would probably be terrible given the minimal traffic.

Awesome day to hike!

Ascending up the hill on the blue trail was difficult we missed the red dot trail. We descended on the red dot trail. Easy to follow trail marks. Trail was wet hard very rocky. lookout was beautiful!!!

mountain biking
10 days ago

if you go on this trail it is the best bring you'd camel back also be experienced also if the owner of the park sees this thx for getting it. also were all the jumps are I did a six 6 foot gap a 6 foot gap it is fun.

great place

Took the Red to the Blue to the Green and then back the same route. Really beautiful scenery and great sounds of babbling brooks.

12 days ago

Excellent hike, amazing view from Pulpit Rock. Not too hard. Just right for a morning hike.

Something for everyone, except strenousness. Very pleasant trail. Only comment is black trail markings could have been a bit more pronounced.

It was a great hike. a couples icy spots but they were easy to get around. great viewpoints. I would recommend bringing trekking poles if you have them they help you keep you balance on some of the rocks. It would be even nicer if there was not a highway next to the mountain but it is still beautiful.

this is my go to park for a local hike. Plenty of trails, nothing terribly difficult, but there are some moderate hills. lately I've been parking at the boathouse and hiking to the covered bridge, definitely a nice cross section of the park

I gave this trail 4 stars though the one listed is kind of boring. We parked one car a the Lehigh Gap and hiked the 11 miles from Delps. Great views just past Little Gap Road and of course on the Lehigh Gap. Scenic views of the nirth for the last couple of miles


The hike was great exercise and worth the trip. The view at the top was lovely; however the road noise was distracting for me.

Great hike! Check out the map before you get started to see what color trail markers you should be looking for. Also, keep an eye out for snakes. We saw 5 over the 9-mile hike, including two rattlesnakes.
The views from the Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock are awesome and are more than worth the effort to get there. Hiking shoes (or shoes with hard soles) are helpful because there are many portions of the trail where you're walking on rocks.

I’ve been hiking this area for 20 years. It never gets old!

Red up, blue down.
Beautiful. Not for kids.
Strenuous red up with great views of river; moderate blue down with lovely waterfalls.

This was a great hike. Challenging at times but the views are worth the climb. Great views on the way down!

Terrific trail with 2 magnificent panoramic views. A bit crowded on a Saturday late morning but then it was a perfect fall day! I would definitely do it again!

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