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It is a steeper trail, easy to get off trail (do follow the map!), in full sun. Nice views, some fun rock formations and boulders.

The eye is a little less than halfway if following the loop counterclockwise. You are looking for a very large Boulder area that has an eye painted on the side of it.

I made a recording to show Eye location. Look for the RED dot where there's a break in my recording (southern portion of loop). Zoom in, it's a pic of the area. NOTE: The Eye is itty bitty in the pic! Enlarge the pic, you'll see the eye under the large Boulder with green moss toward the center. Enjoy the hike!

Easy trail to follow, good burn, and spectacular views. Definitely will do again!

I've been wanting to do this trail for some time. Finally, today we got out. It's a hard trail. We climbed all the way up and unfortunately did not find the eye or the blue feet. If anyone could help us out with tips where the eye actually is so we can find it next time, I would really appreciate it!

Love this trail!

Closed starting March 2, indefinitely. See BernCo website for information.

I.was very excited to go to this trail but there's no markings and I got lost dozen of times. Some trails are not trails but it looks like it and some are trails but there's no way to figure out. I ended up going to way off trail and phone was going to die so I ran as quick as I could to find the way back. I didn't get to see the "eye", so disappointed.

27 days ago

It was a great hike!! But I would also rate it hard. I’m an active 22 year old female, but there is a lot of up hill terrain which really worked by legs. Awesome views, eye was not at what I was expecting, quite disappointed Lol. Also definitely longer then 4 miles!

LOVE!!! We went with the kids and had a wonderful time.

very nice trail for kids and whole family..
really enjoyed it.

Enjoyed the trail, great views. Didn’t find the springs...

Nice easy hike. If you want to avoid the bikers I recommend taking the side trails. Very pleasant overall.

Great hike. First time our in ABQ and my wife and I had a great time on this trail. Good views and friendly people. Took the recommendation of many others and went counter clockwise, great tip and highly recommend. We also got off the main trail once when I wasn’t hawking the map so make sure you do a good job verifying you’re land navigation.

I loved this trail! The view from the top and the eye made it completely worth it. However, this app has it listed as moderate, when I would rate it hard. I've done trails rated as hard and this is very similar.

Very nice hike. Easy and relaxing.

Great hike. Saw 5 deer on the trail.

This should be designated as a bicycle trail as the number of cyclists greatly outnumber hikers, at least midday on a Sunday. It's hard to hike when you have to get off the trail every minute or two to let bikers (who ignore the signs that say bikers yield to hikers) pass. This was our first time on the trail and had a difficult time following the map because the trails are not well-marked. There are a few places where two or three trails branch off and there are no signs telling which is the one you want. The map and signs are great if you know where you're going already, but not helpful for a first timer. The scenery is nice but it's not an enjoyable hiking experience.

Fun, short easy hike with my son and nieces. They enjoyed the spring at the top and we stopped and had a snack at the picnic table next to the spring. If you only want to go to the springs take a left at the fork and it is only about half a mile to get there.

Very cool and easy hike for the family. We took our twin 8 year olds. They loved the "hike" up and the abandoned mining town at the top. we jogged the last mile back to the car. great fun.

2 months ago

Great views

It’s a really fun trail with the kids. We made it all the way without having any piggy back rides. They loved the water and the ivy. Family fun win!

trail running
2 months ago

This is an amazing trail! I do this (or some close variation) twice a week. I'll usually hike/job up at a brisk pace ad then run down! The trail is not always clearly marked, and there are a lot of small offshoots, but it's not hard to know where you are as you basically can see the road and the parking area throughout the hike/run.

trail running
2 months ago

Quick fun trail run/hike in the Sandias. I did the trail counter clockwise as suggested. Trail well defined but not well marked, many off shoots that can get you off trail. I did this for the first time on a night run and lost the trail twice, so I recommend downloading the map. Steep sections with loose rocks and a few large boulders to traverse, but nothing crazy. The eye and view at the top are worth the hike!!

Beautiful fun hike!

It’s not so nice during the winter when everything around is brown.

Easy but pretty

Terrain was a little rough.. very dusty and lots of sliding. Also pretty intense incline and got lost quite a few times at the beginning. Eye is very pretty though and great views of the other side of the mountain.

More like a walk than a hike but very enjoyable

2 months ago

Great short hike for an afternoon in Albuquerque! Our 2 month old corgi puppy loved this hike! Very fun and has a climb at the end for spectacular views!

Easy trail- really pretty.

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