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Good hike but of the 10 views I only really thought one was worth stopping for and the final loop around the lake is a little boring.

Went up today April 22 in crampons. Not busy at all, surprisingly for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We had the peaks all to ourselves, saw a dozen people earlier in the trail and a couple people during the later parts of the trail. Gorgeous views, good workout but not super challenging, and very fun and safe slideable parts where I used a durable jacket as a sled.

5 days ago

Good workout hiking. Very nice surroundings.
Dont go here cause I like it more quiet lol

Decent trail with good views but too crowded plus teens blasting music.. probably not going to go back.

Very good signage, easy to stay on the correct trail. Easy-moderate hike, good for dogs, did this hike in the rain due to tree coverage and less incline (less mud, less slipping) and was very enjoyable. Good rainy day hike!

23 days ago

Hiked from Sasimat lake as butzen didnt open that early. Hiked to second view and returned taking the buntzen side of the small loop. Trail is dry and still well marked. Five ish hours at a moderate pace. Nice morning hike alittle tough on the knees.

24 days ago

This trail is short (20mins) around the small lake. Very pretty and green. It should be rated easy on this app. Great for children and walking small dogs. If you are looking for something longer, try Four Lakes Trail off of Alice Lake.

I don't recommend. Views are not more than OK and the path is full of rocks and roots. You will see nothing except trees for 99% of your hike. You can find way better hikes in the area.

1 month ago

Beautiful but go early because it’s way to popular and gets real busy.

2 months ago

incredible views

3 months ago

Hiked trail today for the first time found it to be in good shape views were great.
The trail was well marked with steep vertical at the start,sure footing required
Note this route is harder than the lake trail,the post that sugested to do the lake trail a couple of times first is good advice

Did this trail 1/13. Going to write a brief description how to get there because I got lost my first attempt. Start at the west canyon trail parking lot. once you enter the start of the trail walk for about 5 minutes and you'll see the sign for viewpoint trail on the left, this is the trail you want to get on. you'll go up a series of switchbacks past a waterfall. the trail will get flat and you'll have to cross across the upper part of the waterfall. Warning this section can get hard to cross if its been raining. you'll then keep walking and see a sign for Evans peak on your right. This is the start of this trail and it is VERY difficult. it will be a straight up climb and you'll pass over a lot of loose rock and soil. make sure you have the next marker in sight before moving on as some of them were hard to spot (mainly Orange, pink and some yellow markers). You'll pass a second waterfall halfway up this point then reach a flat plateau with a beautiful view of a third waterfall. there is snow after this point as of right now. overall very rewarding hike but be prepared as the decent back down is very difficult because of the steep incline and your legs will feel like jello. good hiking!

I’ve done this a lot in the summer. Does anyone know the current conditions of this trail?

3 months ago

One of my favourite trails to hike, hate the drive up.

4 months ago

Great easy trail for anyone

4 months ago

December 3, snow after about half way up and in the clouds from about two thirds... Better left for the drier months

A bit of everything on this trail. No water sources at all other than two rancid swamp ponds. Pack water.

Did it in September. Very steep and hard with our big backpacks for camping under the top. There are good camping spots up there, but no source of water so do not fotget to carry enough. View breathtaking. Definitely worths our effort.

Great view!

A great hike but definitely challenging at the top. The climb to the peak is steep on loose material and once at the top be careful, its narrow with and you don't want to fall. The view is worth the trek

If you are going on a sunny day or on a weekend plan to get there early. The hike is a steady climb with some ups and downs. There are definitely some challenging spots but overall I think it’s doable by most people if they’re determined. Views from the top are worth every drop of sweat!

Great fall hike. Difficult sections and decent but well worth it. Very heavily marked.

6 months ago

Great hike, 360 views. I took around 5 hrs at a gentle pace with lots of photo stops and a break for lunch. Mt Seymour summit probably a bit far for beginners. Bring poles if you have them. Enjoy!

6 months ago

Really satisfying hike with a mix of challenging and easy sections. We found 3 viewpoints on the ridge the rest seemed to be overgrown.
Bring plenty of water and hiking polls if you have them.
I wouldn't recommend this walk if you are unfit or have small kids.

6 months ago

Did this in July, some great views, saw a black bear in the trail but he wasn’t interested in us.

Great hike but be aware there is a good amount of snow for the last 1km or so. October 24th.

Dont click directions on app as it led me to Mamquam Road (wrong road and is paved road) on google map. We had to turn around and go to Mamquam River Forest Service Road which is the right road and unpaved. It is just at bottom of the hill past the Chief but before the casino. We made wrong turn again on the Forest road left at 16 km as signage for 16 km was on the ground as we found out on way back. You need to keep right and go up hill to 16.3 km where you see the candy cane shaped vent at 16.3 km then turn left which leads to trail head, which is another 3.7 km away. I think 20 km total on forest road and it takes a while. Even if you make a left on 16 km we found out later it would of lead you to the trail head. We removed a fallen tree with the jeep. With time constraints we turned back maybe 45 mins away from the lake at the boulder fields. We went Oct 19 durning a very rainy day and many parts of the trail had water on it. It was fun crossing the creeks and streams. There is a log crossing we opted to go underneath and cross the stream instead. It started to snow slushy at the boulder fields making it very slippery we turned back as we did not want to be hiking back at dark as sunset was 6:15. Even though we didn't make it, it was a fun day outside. The trail is not that hard except the boulder fields a bit sketchy with slushy snow.

Amazing, super difficult and long but sooooo worth it.

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