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Some awesome views of lake.

I did a 7-mile loop which included the Lookout Trail and a portion of Cannonball Run in a good amount of snow. The trails are well-marked and there were a lot of great views along Lookout.

I went a couple days after a significant rain event, and the trail wasn't that fun. it was basically walking uphill in a swampy stream. There are small rocks throughout the trail that make it very easy to twist an ankle. Definitely recommend proper foot wear.

The tower at the top is very nice, but I probably wouldn't do this particular hike again.

perfect walk for all seasons with paved even path. Great opportunity to see an eagle soar by.

Awesome trail see video below of our winter hike)


Hiked on 1/28.

The snow around the trail melted, but the trail itself was pure ice because of all the snow pack on the heavily used route. Microspikes recommended, otherwise easy hike

2 months ago

Incredibly icy, the recent rainstorm made everything freeze over and the beginning of the trail was flooded, had to cross on a fallen tree. Trail was fantastically well-marked, which came in handy when we ran out of daylight and needed to use a flashlight on the last half mile. Fantastic area, though the summit isn't above the tree line, so the view isn't as great as an alpine summit.

Hiked today 12/20/17 in the snow,very steep climb feels like it never ends,saw a black bear on the way down

Lovely, and saw some huge deer!

4 months ago

An enjoyable hike. The red trail is kinda steep, but very manageable. The blue trails is an easy why down for the most part. You can get a pretty good view of the Catskill divide close to the top.

This is an easy hike and great trail to take dogs. 8.1 miles but nothing crazy challenging.

4 months ago

Climbing slide from the Slide MTN parking area is long, boring, and very rocky. The best way to climb Slide MTN is from the other side coming from Cornell MTN, it has great scrambles and a much better hike. Plan 2 days (I've done it 1 day but it's a killer), start in Woodland Valley parking area and follow the red trail up Wittenberg all the way to Slide MTN.

Pretty nice trail, especially during the foliage season. Some of the blue markers are a little rundown so be careful and pay attention. The blue trail does get a little steep in areas so when there are leaves make sure they are dry! The park is usually crowded near the bodies of water but as soon as you get further into a true trail hike you find your alone time for sure! I must of only run into two people on blue during a beautiful crowded Saturday morning.

4 months ago

Very nice trail with a lovely visitor center at the start. . Beautiful trees and views of the lake. Mostly flat and not very challenging.

Absolutely beautiful scene once you hike to the very top. Breathtaking view once the leaves start turning color. Easy hike for all levels.
Many events scheduled throughout the Season.

Had beautiful autumn views of the Catskill Mountain range on our recent walk. Would love to return with a bike. As it is unshaded and paved it may be a bit much during the dog days of summer

Awesome view of Rt 28 winding through the valley. long and steep both up and down.

4 months ago

I did the red trail only, out and back. The best view is before you reach the summit. Just like the other previous hikers said there's not much into it.

5 months ago

I hiked around lake out to ridge overlook for 9.5 miles round trip, 1300 elevation gain. Easy hike and less rocky than many trails in area. Watch out for hunters in fall.

Fantastic hike especially this time of year

5 months ago

Best hike we’ve done in awhile. Don’t just do the map loop above. If you do you’ll miss the views. Make sure to get on the Highpoint Trail so you can see NYC and some other 360 degree amazing views. Didn’t see any other hikers yesterday. Also no one was collecting $10.

Nice views at the top and you can see Manhattan. A couple spots were not marked great but all in all it was easy to follow. We saw a black snake, probably 5 feet long. Scared the

5 months ago

This is not a very difficult hike, but the climb is steep and very wet in some areas. There really isn't a "summit" and the nice views are only in one spot, but the forest is dense and gorgeous. Our dog loved it and it was a nice workout for us.

5 months ago

Great trail with a nice lake at the half way point.

great trail, absolutely beautiful and very well maintained.

Steady rocky slog to the top. Nice views on the left prior to summit.

From lower parking lot we took the blue trail past the lake to white. The beginning of castle hill trail climbs steeply but is easily done past Van Slyke Castle and its stone water tower. Continued on white where it terminates and picked up red circle trail or Cannonball trail. Follow carefully as it twists and winds and some blazes are missing and/or in poor shape. Completed the loop and returned back on blue to parking lot.

Good trails, not to fond of the catskills though,

Since there are two paths I took both, blue trail up and red down. The way up was very nice, some steep parts but nothing too bad, very scenic and there is two nice views you can get on that trail. The summit marker is gone now, you can barely see off the summit but before you get there the views are breathtaking. The red trail down was lame, it's steep, it's not scenic, it's not fun. It's just bland and lame. I'd forgo it altogether.

6 months ago

Took the red trail up, long and ass kicking as the whole trail was wet and rocky and muddy in many sections, causing a need to be extra careful. It's a pretty trail, smelling like Christmas at one point with all the pine trees, but not for novice hikers. VERY disappointed in the lack of views but I knew this going in.

Took the blue trail down, which added a mile to the full length of our hike, but agree that it's easier then going back down the red. There is one spot on the blue that has a halfway decent view and there are some rock scrambles down but definitely the better trail to descend.

Honestly, glad I did it but I won't be going back. Just not worth the effort more than once. Every person who reached the summit said "that's it?" because there is nothing to see. It's entirely blocked by enormous pine trees. The only views are just before the summit and they're all obstructed.

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