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It was a good hike, however I would rate it as easy to moderate. The camp ground where I parked was perfect for me, the trail wasn’t marked very well so I ended up exploring a bit more, nice switchbacks, very well maintained trails, and very popular....... many people were hiking it when I was there. Another great thing, the road into the camp ground is paved!

1 day ago

This is a stunning hike. Our Garmin recorded 5mi each way. Trail is as described by others. We were able to get there in our Prius, road is rocky and potholed but with care it's doable. There is a camp just before the trailhead on the left that has space and horse hitches. Plenty of room for cars and trailers, no drop toilet at trailhead. There's a few wooded group camps along the way and a spot right by the falls. Camping at the lake is tricky if there are others there. Like others said, cross the creek and there's a rugged trail you can follow, it's pretty overgrown but there are a few other spots. Bring a hammock too for more options, there isn't much flat ground. Lake is great to swim in. The group next to us caught 4 fish. Hang your food. Great hike, only downside is lack of flat ground at the lake.

Great Hike, smoky this time of year, definitely a decent uphill grade almost all the way in. Be sure you take the last 1/4 mile up the riprap to the summit to the old lookout location for the best views. Too bad we haven’t had much moisture the past month, the huckleberry bushes are extensive but the berries never grew enough.

5 days ago

Fun hike with varied terrain. Views weren't great due to smoke but saw a few mountain goats grazing at the top. The access road was in terrible condition, lots of ditches for a lengthy stretch, suggest going in a high clearance vehicle. Stop and say hi to the lady camped at 36km with the honey sign, shes a colourful character and makes great honey!

Well maintained trail with great views.
I wish people wouldn’t cut the switchbacks though, sad!

Another example of why it’s so easy to fall in love with the Cabinet Mountains!! Hiked the Geiger Lakes using trail #656 (Forest Service provides good local maps). This is a different trail than the one featured on AllTrail. I picked this one because TH was just a few miles from the outstanding Lake Creek Campground (huge sites, bear lockers, loads of privacy, remote, beautiful). MANY trails leading to and around the Geiger Lake area. Beautiful trails, primarily forested, cool in the summer, fairly well maintained, overgrown in some places. Numerous wildfires made the air Smokey and brown unfortunately. Still absolutely worth doing! Highly recommend this trail and others nearby! It is deep in both black bear and Grizzly country so don’t forget bear spray.

As everyone has said, the first two miles are hiked along a fairly narrow ridge with some challenging terrain. Afterwards the trail becomes well groomed for easy cruising. The dense

Beautiful but brutal hike. Trail was well maintained and the views were spectacular. Lots of goats at the top that didn’t try to approach us but were definitely not afraid of humans. Can’t wait to do the hike again. There’s a small campsite toward the top just before the push to the peak that we might try to stay at next time.

It’s like you’re in a Grimm’s Fairytale setting!!! Seriously, a must do!! Solitude, beauty, nature on steroids!! I loved every step and hated it to end!!

Hazy day and not one goat was seen, but still an amazing hike. One lone pika at the top that peaked out to say hello. Heard a bear grunting on our way down, probably about a mile from the trail head, but didnt stick around long enough to see if we could see him. All in all it was a great hike.

At the beginning, I was selfishly bummed knowing the smoke would ruin our view, and it was no fun breathing it in the first half of the incline. But obviously I got over it! This hike is amazing! About half way up, a medium size black bear was sitting in the middle of the trail. He seemed very inconvenienced that we arrived and quickly waddled off and down the mountain side. We waited there a while to make sure there wasn’t another one. The hike is hard, the top is incredible and the mountain goats... are too used to humans :( 3 adults with 1 babe. Take your pictures and continue on your way. What an experience!!

It’s a great trail. Very consistent incline for 4 miles. Trail was in great shape. We saw goat fur! Very smoky so no view

Great hike, but the trail above the lake is a little bit overgrown (still easy to follow though).

Absolutely beautiful hike! Make sure to follow road markers 65 and not Google maps. There is some pretty intense elevation gain but some beautiful lookout points on the way up. Well worth the hike!

Enjoyed the hike. A bit hazy from the smoke, but still very beautiful. Went off on the Wilson trail for a ways. Nice viewpoints from there.

This was actually longer than stated (about 12 at least). Some nice ridge walking in the early part of walk. We were disappointed that there was no noticeable summit. Early August walk included lots of wasps/yellow jackets. Trail was quiet and easy to navigate. We would consider it a moderately difficult trail.

12 days ago

Hiked to Rock Lake on August 6, 2018. First, the trail is not 2.7 miles - even one way. My GPS clocked it as 9.6 out and back, with a total elevation gain of 3,100 feet. This is from the gate on F-150A. The first three miles is an old mining road with a steady, gradual incline. The swampy area along the way is perfect for Moose. We believe we heard one but never saw it. And although we never saw a bear, there was enough fresh scat on the trail to keep us aware they were around.

The falls at the three-mile mark is beautiful. There is plenty of old mining equipment around. At this point, the trail makes a dramatic change. Just before you reach the falls, the trail makes a sneaky right, up the mountain. You'll probably pass it along the way. After you admire the falls for a bit, turn around, walk about 15 yards and the trail will be on your left.

For the next mile, you will switch back your way up 1,000 feet in elevation to the lake. I hike, often, so this wasn't hard for me, but those of us who weren't used to the climb had to take a few breaks.

The lake is beautiful. As you arrive, there are two camping spots. I crossed the creek and discovered a nice trail along the left side of the lake. I have read that there is a campsite on the other side of the lake, as well. The trail is not what I would call difficult. We had kids with us as young as ten and they did very well.

This is August, so the afternoons can be hot. I suggest that you start early. We were on the trail for 6.5 hours. That includes lunch and tooling around - five hours actually hiking. Bring bear spray and a little bug spray as well. Some of us got bit a couple of times. By the way, there was little if any smoke.

We did this as a day hike, but I could easily pack it in and stay two or three nights. There are several great peaks to explore and I have heard the fishing ain't bad, either. Me, I could take my Bible and my journal, have a seat on one of those rocks and be content for the day.

This hike was number 85 for me this year. It will certainly end up as one of my top 10 in 2018!

13 days ago

Great hike for an active family. Our 6 year old loved it.

13 days ago

This hike took almost exactly 4 hours up and 2.5 hours down.
Going up took what felt like forever. We just had to remember that we had to go through the forest, then the meadow, and finally up the scramble to the peak. We never saw any large animals until the scramble where we saw 2 mountain goats. We did see lots of deer tracks though.
Right after we passed the mountain goats sign, we saw a large maintain goat and it’s baby! We made our way to the top and ate lunch.
Going down was hard on the feet and the knees but it didn’t take as long.
Lots of nice views along the trail and at the peak. You can see all the way from the lake to Montana at the top of the mountain.
This hike IS HARD but if you take your time and enjoy the views, it will be worth it. Good luck!

Great trail with an amazing view!

8/4/18- Trail was easy to follow and well maintained. Beautiful Views!!

We definitely underestimated this trail. It was pretty hard but the top makes it well worth it! My 9 year old hiked this the whole way. My 3 year old hiked about 4 miles of it. He could probably do the whole thing if we hadn’t gotten there at nap time. It took us about 5 hours to get to the top and 2.5 down.

Great way to take in the lake. Our 3 year old loved it.

Worth the time and effort. Our 3 year old knocked it out like a champ. A slow champ, but still a champ. Don’t let the scree at the top keep you from checking the last .25 mile out.

mountain biking
17 days ago

This is a technical strenuous moderate mountain bike ride. We started the trail from the Packsaddle area and climbed up to the top then rode down to the parking lot and out. The climb was more than I was used to and there were numerous root and rock steps to navigate. Not heavily trafficked but did run into hikers, trail runners and other mountain bikers on the trail. The trail is quite narrow in places. The trail marking isn’t as clear as I would have liked so bring a map with you. The weather finally cooled down a bit which was nice.

The drive up the trail is beautiful. Unfortunately we were unable to do the hike though. Be aware that the grizzly bear territory caution sign that you see driving up is very prevalent. A baby grizzly ran across the forest road about 20 yards ahead of us so we turned around and headed out as to not wait for the mom who I’m sure wasn’t far behind! Bummed we couldn’t do the hike, but wasn’t about to take any chances! Be careful!

Gorgeous hike today. The problem with the trail is how hard it is to follow. It was enjoyable getting lost as you get great views from all sides of the mountain.

Excellent trail, breathtaking views enjoyed every minute of our time here
Highly recommended

Wasn’t feeling to swell this day, so I did not make it to the top with the rest of my family. Didn’t feel like an “easy” trail either, definitely was a moderate with the huge incline.

18 days ago

Hiked in mid July. Temperature was mid to upper 80's. The temperature definitely dropped at the summit, with a great breeze that made it comfortable. This trail is very woodsy. Be warned: it is an uphill climb the entire way. We calculated 2 miles to the first lookout with fire pits and views. You'll want to take a brief rest before climbing to the summit. From there, it's .35 miles to the summit. This last piece has lots of shale and very rocky conditions. But the views from the top are incredible. Definitely a workout, but worth the effort.

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