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Great hike with some awesome views

Did this but I started near the Zoo.... went up to Amir’s Garden then up towards the ridge. Took some random side trail along a smaller peak to Mt . Lee, and then on to Cahuenga... total trip 6.4 miles

I really liked it here so pretty a lot of friendly people. Several trails including a long set of stairs if you want to up your game. Very close to the beach. Downside, parking is tough as the park is in s residential area. And all the trail maps do not show all trails so you can get confused on which trail you are on.

3 days ago

Nice simple trail, not very scenic or adventurous for us, have our 6 and 8 year old that wanted more challenging trials. Again This trail is nice but nothing compared to the rest. Definitely would rate as EASY not Moderate.

Don’t believe the pictures. If you follow the highlighted trail it DOES NOT take you in front of the Hollywood sign. You get a quick side view. Otherwise, the overlooks are nice and it’s a good workout.

Steep incline to start, but a great hike if you’re looking for a workout with a view at the top. You can even hike it to the back of the Hollywood sign. We didn’t complete the loop on the way back because it was getting dark so we took the same way down. We will definitely return and complete the loop. Highly recommend.

Nice hike and will definitely do it again. Unfortunately it was a bit too crowded up to the first view point but it does clear up after as you work your way to the top/midway loop point.

Had issues finding the entry point to the Rabbit Hole Trail (going up) but will give it another go next time I’m back.

It's a great medium difficulty hike. You can call it hard if you estimate the scrambling in a couple of sections doesn't qualify for a medium walk. In summer, it is difficult regardless. I did it in spring so it was fine, but there is no shade, so beware if you do it under the summer sun. Beautiful mushroom rocks, canyons, juniper trees, it is all about the journey. The Overlook is nice, but the color is pretty uniform, so it must be a better spot at sunset or sunrise. Also, you join a 4WD track at some point, so you're not hiking on a trail all the time. I saw several people in a 4x4 and was disappointed by that.

Just got done hiking the full loop at 2pm. This was such a beautiful hike! We came prepared with 2L + of water and snap towels to keep us cool and snacks. Even though it was in the middle of the day, we were prepared and we loved it!

The trail was marked with Cairns and very easy to follow.

16 days ago

Did the trail from Potash to Canyonland today, 7-25-18, and it was amazing. We drove a stock JK and had no problems at all. Be ready for the last few miles straight up a 1000 foot wall of rock before you get to the main road in Canyonland.

Very heavily trafficked until you get to the out and back portion. Going counter clockwise on the loop portion, the second half on your way back down can prove to be very difficult if you don’t have trekking poles or experience.

nothing like starting on top of Crenshaw Blvd and ending up in the water haha. first time doing this trail but definitely doing it again.

did the entire loop and the overlooks and it was 6 miles. except for the over looks I saw 2 other people, this was a very isolated hike. the beauty was stunning! so worth it if you are on fence. took 3 hours, bring a gallon of water, not much shade but there is more on the west rim side. I saw 2 very large black ear jack rabbits close by on the west side. they did run away but I was able to watch them for 200 ft, beautiful!

Los Leones is one of my favorite trails within the immediate LA area. Generally I’m searching for something harder, more technical, or at least with a little scrambling, but there’s just really nothing to not like about this trail! You’ll have a clear path the entire way on this out and back with no real way to get lost. I went on a holiday mid-day and was expecting it to be packed but was pleasantly surprised. The trail is generally more crowded up to the first overlook where many people turn back. There is an option to add miles with the east topanga fire road which will give you about 10.5 miles total.

Nice and easy going down.. You get a burst of cardio coming back up! Many trails to choose from in this little area.
We hiked this trail at night, heard mountain lions screaming and a dog yelping.. then it went silent. Keep your eyes open.

Great views and a fun hike, but I did this hike in the heat of the day. Faced with the same situation again I would do a short hike near the visitors center and another one at the main overlook. You wouldn’t be sacrificing any views and it would be worth it to avoid the heat.

on Shafer Trail

off road driving
25 days ago

WOW! We timed it for sunrise. Great road, a few tricky parts (in a Subaru anyway) but overall a great drive. Some of the most amazing sights I've seen in my life. I'm definitely returning to Moab to see what it has to offer :)

1 month ago

Outstanding trail. One of the best in Canyonlands or Arches. Went counterclockwise on the loop. The sights are amazing and you really do feel like you’re on another planet sometimes. The loop is almost completely exposed, so take the water requirements very seriously. Really took our time to enjoy (7 hours) and started at 6am / dawn. Only ran into one person on the first 10 miles and throughout the entire loop and he was a ranger going out to check on some back country campers. Saw about 10 people in the last mile and a half or so. No real difficult parts, moderate climbing, just long and very hot. There were 4 of us dad, mom and teenage son and daughter. We’re in pretty good shape and went out with 15 liters of water between us and had about 2 liters left at the end.

This hike is rated hard for a reason! I did the loop only which was clocked at 5.1 miles from the entrance gate. I went up counter clockwise, not sure if that was a good choice or a bad one. Either way is fairly brutal. If you go counter clockwise, you’ll start up the trail which is the most heavily trafficked (and also fairly well covered) right past the “trail” signs. This is a narrow trail which will take you up to the vista about 1.20 miles up. It’s an easy first segment and you can enjoy the awesome view at the top of the ocean and cityscape below. Then it’s on to leg burning time. Continue to head up the wide fire road (this is the right side of the trail on the map) - this is a long strenuous hike up, not extremely steep but it’s constant. Not many people venture this route, so it wasn’t heavily trafficked. I think I lost about 20 lbs in sweat during this segment. Keep going and eventually you will hit the mid point and can continue on straight to make this an “out & back” or go left past the bathrooms onto the “rabbit hole” trail (west side of loop). This trail is no joke, it’s super steep! I had to break off a stick (aka hiking pole) and at times get down on all fours just to get down some of the declines. This is a VERY narrow and very rocky trail, so slipping will occur, be careful. The trail is slightly overgrown so you do have some shade (watch out for snakes). Hike was a good heart pumping workout for sure, but the rabbit hole was a bit unpleasant so not sure I will do the loop again.
Parking is free - there is a small lot near the trail entrance and parking on the street - weekends get crowded.

One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done. Joints, rock scrambling, views- this hike has it all. It rained late in the afternoon which sent it to a new level of magical, but do bring jackets if it’s monsoon season— be prepared for lightning and flash floods. Water, at least a gallon, is a MUST for in the summer. 5L is better.

off road driving
1 month ago

7/5/2018. Amazing drive. Started at top of Shafer trail to Potash Rd. Some spots after decent into canyon were rocky, sandy and or steep. Conditions were very dry. Took about 1.5-2hrs. Did trail in a stock GX460 with g**dyear duratracs.

Note on trail rating/descriptions. There appears to be two for this area. One says easy and other medium and they blend together in reviews.

off road driving
1 month ago

Nice little jaunt. Relaxing, ran it in my bone stock 1996 Jeep Cherokee. Looped Moab to Gemini Bridges to 313 to the trail head and back to Moab.
Used 4low so i could just idle down the hill. That was the only time I engaged the 4wd system. Lots of photo ops. Could a car do it? I would not have taken my Corolla on that road. Up and down the hill, yes but not the rest of the trail, there are a few spots that having 9" of ground clearance came in handy.

1 month ago

I really got my workout on this hike!!

What a spectacular trail! My husband and I have been hiking and camping a ton in the last few years, and this is one of our top 3 favorite hikes of all time. We didn't see any hikers until we closed the loop and were back at the viewpoint. If you wanted a taste of this trail but not the full 11 miles, you could just hike to the viewpoint where the trail begins the loop and head back, that'd be about 6 miles I think, and you'd still see some pretty amazing stuff. Google pictures of the 'joint' if you want motivation to do the full loop though :)

It can be brutal in the heat of the day, so PLEASE be smart and bring tons of water and start EARLY. We got to the trail at 6:30, but really 5:30 would have even been better. It was a 100+ degree day and took us about 7 hours. We had a real fast pace the first half, but as the trail had more incline/slickrock areas and the day got warmer, we slowed a bit. We had 3L in water bladders plus about 5 nalgene sized water bottles (include tabs of electrolytes/vitamins to mix in our waters) for the 2 of us, and wish we would have had maybe 1 more litre of water. We saw so many people ill-prepared heading out on the trail late in the day, don't let that be you. Found the trail to be well marked as well.

1 month ago

Decent enough, not too much to see except for the vastness of the landscape, but there is some water and waterfalls in some shaded areas at the halfway point, otherwise you are in the sun most of the time.

This trail is perfect for those who want a more leisurely hike. It starts off with wide open spaces and an incredible view where you can “see forever.” We prefer to take the trail up the foothills to the left since it’s less of a strenuous climb. All the way up you will wonder at the variety of desert trees and plants. We traversed through at least 13 creeks. The surprise awaits in the grove of trees that are nestled against the mountain. In it you’ll find a stunning spring with small waterfalls, pools and bridges. The source of the spring is right there under a large boulder. It is especially beautiful in the fall when the trees turn orange, yellow, red, pink and purple. It’s like an enchanted forest! It’s one of my favorite trails!

beautiful scenery! great hike overall!

Great place to hike. Go early in the morning because after 9am it gets packed.

Found this trail while running on vacation in Page. Nice views and not too technical. Easily accessible off n. Lake Powell blvd from the hotels near there. Also a parking lot at the trailhead on that road.

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