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16 hours ago

Got their early and was drizzling rain. Gorgeous hike. I really enjoyed it! You will cross a small stream several times but you wont get your feet wet. They say this is a popular trail and I can see why. I recommend hitting it early to beat the crowd.

After the long walk, you’ll get to some signs and that’s when the real hike begins- so much fun!

I’ve done this hike multiple times and the last two times I’ve thought as I walked all the way back to my car how boring this trail is.

Besides the boulder scrambling portion & waterfall, this hike really sucks and is boring. It’s definitely a full body workout when you’re scrambling up the rocks but that portion is just too far and too boring to get to. Maybe I’ve been here too many times

Really fun trail. Lots of rocks and boulder so I highly recommend boots and some good socks. Not heavily traffic cause it is a lil tough. Recommend starting early too.

Lots of scrambling and light bouldering to make your way up. No water in the creeks or waterfall right now but still a fun experience! Will be back.

It’s great view at the entry . We were there in the early morning. It is very refreshing. Unfortunately, the waterfall is not running.

uts hidden, it's private, it's short so its perfect for a quick short walk. not much for a usual hiker. but its rewarding to rest at the water fall area. good for a light walk and Instagram pic.

I've done this trail several times and its awesome. At some point after you split off from the main road you'll see an old mine and then theres a semi-hidden path a little past that which breaks off and goes up to the ridge. Some people have set up some ropes to help scale some sections of that side trail. It'll get you winded if you're a little out of shape but its doable. I definitely recommend looking for that off chute (its been a while since I've hiked it so I can't give you any pointers off the top of my head. Only thing I can tell you is that it starts on one of those side footpaths on your left that meets back up with that trail in 30 feet but breaks off from that. Pretty soon you'll be funneled into a narrow canyon that'll keep you single file for a moment). We've made it to the ridge twice and just take the ridge back down and it pops out behind those houses at the beginning.
I've continued past that ropes trail once and both of us hiking got poison oak! Look out for that back there. Wear pants. Take an immediate cold shower when you're done just to be extra safe especially if you brought a dog.

11 days ago

Review is for Black Star FALLS trail- starting at the sign (not the canyon’s fire road). As others stated, be prepared for boulders and rocks for a majority of the hike. I hike every weekend and found this trail to be very challenging simply due to climbing over rocks, trying to not fall in water and avoiding poison oak all around. I’m short which required me to use a lot of balance and upper body strength to get up and over the boulders. There were younger hikers who found this hike to be moderate (but definitely not concerned about how much it would suck if they scraped a leg or twisted an ankle which could EASILY happen and did happen to people I saw on the trail. Lots of scrapes and bruises.).

As for attire, I wore trail runners which worked fine. Hiking boots would have been best for ankle support and stability over the rocks. Wear long pants since there’s poison oak everywhere, especially at ankle height. Wear shoes with good traction since it is muddy and very slippery. Luckily, my leggings didn’t tear but I would’ve been better off with jeans or thicker pants (When you’re short, you end up boosting and sliding over boulders since you don’t have height to step up. I was paranoid all the rock sliding was going to tear a hole in the seat of my pants.)

The scenery is ok and is best in early spring after HEAVY rainfall. I did this hike once in late spring and it was miserably hot and dry with no water. It’s too bad there is so much trash and graffiti. Hence, the lower rating. (Spotted 3 different undies; smh)

Watch for the orange ties in the trees and blue arrows on rocks to guide the way. When you get half way up and spot a small sign covered in graffiti next to a rusted bike, the trail comes to a Y, turn left and follow the creek bed. Going straight will lead you to a disappointing dead end.

11 days ago

My all time favorite trail the stairs are a killer but its worth the walk

Hi all! I hiked through mud, bouldered the amazing rocks to the dry waterfall round trip in roughly 4.5 hours. Unfortunately, the waterfall is currently dry despite the recent rain. It will take a LOT more rain in order for this waterfall to come back.

11 days ago

We go hiking every weekend and have done a lot of trails, this trail by far is my favorite. First couple of miles is really easy road, and trail then you hit the trailhead and the fun begins. It’s a challenge a lot of rock climbing and maneuvering your way through massive boulders but it’s totally worth it. We will definitely do this one again.

12 days ago

We enjoyed this trail. It was easy to complete. It is very scenic. Once you past the old mine cave the trail turns into pretty good cardio. You walk up plenty of rocks and beautiful greenery. I am a beginner and I was able to finish the trail. It took about 2 1/2 hours to complete

Not a bad hike. Good weather and nice views. Can be a bit hazy at the Zion vista. The portion from the falls through the flats is fairly crowded. The rest of the train was only moderately trafficked. The trail markings are fairly poor and it is easy to make a wrong turn in the areas near the falls at 2 junctures.

The old entrance which alltrails lists, is blocked by a fence and is along private property beginning in 3327. Please be respectful and be quiet when going along any of the ways to the falls.
The "new" entrance, not on public property south-west of the old entrance. On the south side of the street.
Look for the Lake Hills Reserve sign and follow the concrete drainage going east towards the falls over the hill. Once you get past the hill, you are on another private property owned by a different owner who bought it in 2007. This owner does not have any no trespassing signs up currently from what I saw.

The other "legal" (public property) entrance is going a way I have not tested. You must go to the falls from behind. To get there, continue down Skyridge dr to where it intersects with Crescent Glen Ct. You will see a small concrete wall with gated stairs leading down. All of that hillside down to the falls, is public property. All the way down to where there was the old river passing.

The falls are getting a bit dirty, it would be great if other people help clean the falls by bringing a bag of trash out with them. I think how dirty it is getting is wanting people to make it more difficult to access.

12 days ago

Too much litter- interesting history but no need to do this hike again.

This was one of the most difficult hikes I’ve taken in a long time. Most of the hike you walk up a muddy path (2 miles) until you reach the Black Star Falls Trail sign. From there, it’s straight bouldering! Intense rock climbing experience, you definitely need to be a bit flexible for this one. When we got to the top of the falls, there was no water, but it was still amazing. Happy to say I conquered it!

Haven’t been there yet it’s on my list ...so when I go I’m taking pair of gloves and a trash bag and walking out with a lil less trash on the trail . Let’s see how many people we can get to help clean up our trails! #cleanupgrafettirock

Awesome hike! Beautiful trail with some good inclines. Parking is a struggle - get there early. TIP - the interagency pass (America the Beautiful) can be used for parking here so you don't have to pay for a single day pass

Nice view with a simple pathway or a few side trails for the little adventurer in you. Nothing too crazy, good for a nice stroll. Overall a nice spot.

Gets busy in the chantry flats - leave early for the hike

This loop is actually 9.5 miles!

16 days ago

This trail is beautiful to hike during the wildflower season. Since we haven't had a lot of rains, the trail itself is dry, without much color. It's a decent hike and there are nice vistas at some of the high points. No shade at all, so go early or on days that won't get as hot.

Beautiful trail, great workout. The waypoint for Sturtevant Camp on the map in this trail description is incorrect. Sturtevant camp in en route to Mt Zion peak located between Spruce Grove campground and the turn Mt Zion/Mt Wilson Trail junction. The location marked as Sturtevant is more likely to be Hoegee's Trail Camp

18 days ago

great little hike to start on. narrow trails, that take you on gradual slopes. when you arrive its a little anti climatic as you are approaching from the top of the falls, but a quick scramble down the rocks can lead to great photos. dogs may haveca hard time after the falls as drops down the boulders are a few feet or more. great hike to do in conjuction with sturtvant as you can follor the right side of the river to the bridge and connect with the more popular trail.

19 days ago

The north side of Topanga Park is great, but these caves are trash, covered in bad graffiti, garbage and beer cans everywhere, not kid friendly.

Way too many people, easy hike, lots of mean dogs, rude teenagers, a lot of people playing shit music. Won’t be back unless I backpack to a cabin far away.

So many trails within trails ❤❤

It was fun but to get to the start of the trail it takes four miles of off road driving and an extra quarter mile walk. While on the trail, there is a stream and there are areas where you have to cross the stream while walking on rocks. Since the trail is out and back, there are lots of people walking back and forth so if you are walking through a small, narrow area, you have to watch out.
At the end of the trail, there is a waterfall but it’s probably not as big as you’re expecting. I feel like in order to get to said waterfall, you have to be careful, and really climb on rocks and over the stream. You can have children and dogs on this trail.
At the beginning of the trail, after the extra walking, they have a wagon of water bottles you can have only asking for a small donation.

Great starter hike. Arrived 830a and found parking about half a mile away, trail was clear, nice cabins, pretty scenery, dont go in the toilets, enjoyed skipping across "river crossings" the water was flowing well at the falls. walked in a bit, the dog loved it.. but the incline on the way out could be an issue for some. lots of shade was a plus.

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