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4 hours ago

Beautiful hike today. Trail is in great condition. No water sources along the trail so be sure to bring enough.

nature trips
18 hours ago

Magical afternoon along the river! Only one there, so peaceful and my dog especially loved being right next to the river, we both got in quite a few times! Easy lil flat trail and parking right off the road, no crazy long dusty potholey roads lol ;) Loved it!

Great little trial took 2.5 hours I'm not sure if the map is wrong or if the actual trail is gone but you still make it from beginning to end in 6.2 miles beautiful woodlands and river!

2 days ago

This trail absolutely destroyed my legs, went camping for 2 nights, Gorgeous scenery, but do not let the "light scrambles" confuse you. There were some parts where I should have hiked in a ladder. All in all the hike is beautiful but a very very strenuous all uphill/rock climbing hike

6 days ago

Great hike, good views, and fun rugged terrain that will challenge you. Trekking poles recommended for anyone doing this trail, especially for inexperienced hikers. This trail is a bit longer than the posted 9 miles due to the 3/4 mile walk from the mountain loop road to the trailhead.

This was a difficult hike but the views were amazing!

The pictures posted here only scratch the surface of how beautiful this hike is.

8 days ago

Nice easy hike up and back in 4 hours.

12 days ago

Nice hike. steep but not too long, and for such a short hike, beautiful view. the best part is we had the whole point to ourselves. the parking at the trail head was completely full but we only saw one other person on the trail with her dog.

Yes, this trail is grueling- but I’m so glad I did it. It would be an amazing place to camp.

Hiked today (8/5), sunny and in the 70's. No snow.

We arrived at the trail head at 2pm and had no trouble finding a parking spot. We only saw a dozen people and had the trail to ourselves on the descent.

SO.. first off, the trail is actually 8.2 miles round trip (add it to the list of inaccurate distances in AT). I have to be honest, I hated this hike for the majority of it. The first 70% of it is switchback after rocky, rooty switchback until it opens up towards the final ascent. After that, it was more enjoyable and the views are, indeed, beautiful; 360° of surrounding peaks and enough room to enjoy a secluded snack at the top. We saw a few mountain goats in distance too! Then back to the unrelenting switchbacks...
All in all, I probably won't don't do this one again with so many other options in the National Forest with similiar, more attainable results.

This was a great hike but it’s an ass kicker.
WARNING: As others have written, The trail distance info listed here as well as on the trailhead markers ARE INCORRECT!!!!
It’s exactly 4.2 HARD miles over Headley pass to the lake. Then another .7 miles to the summit.
Plan on 5 miles EACH WAY and spending the night at the lake is a good call.

Route finding experience is suggested but the trail is failed well marked with cairns on the boulder fields where it’s easy to get lost. While on the boulder fields keep your eyes peeled for these cairns and other hikers. We ran into several people who lost their way.

The trip was amazing but very crowded with helicopters & mountain rescue teams looking for the lost hiker.

18 days ago

Crazy difficult hike, but so worth the trip! Breathtaking views especially when you get near the top. I will say though- I thought it was going to be 9 miles round trip, but it ended up being 7.5 miles EACH way according to my fitbit, not including the mile or so from the parking lot to the official start of the trail. Still well worth the extra miles!

19 days ago

Panoramic views and a good challenge with a pack. Bring some bug spray and take a dip in the lake

LOTS of horse flys. We were attacked for about a quarter mile. Deet couldn’t even deter them from following.

20 days ago

Easy hike out to Monte Cristo, gets a little tough after that. Absolutely beautiful the whole way, but there were lots of flies.

20 days ago

beautiful and amazing, my kids made it the whole way!

24 days ago

Hiked this yesterday with my pup. You don't need a 4x4 to get there, but if you have a low clearance vehicle you're definitely going to scrape in a few spots. Don't let the distance and elevation fool you, this is a real hike. I recorded 13.9km round trip, which is over 50% more than the distance listed here, I think the distance listed here goes straight through a lot of the switchbacks. I guess I wasn't paying attention in the beginning, because when I came to the 4th stream crossing I continued the trail along the creek for a little bit until it got really dense and clear that it wasn't the route. Make sure that when you get to the 4th stream, you drop down and cross it on the easy log crossing. The rest of the trail was easy to follow for me, but I can understand how people get lost in the boulder fields. The GPS route from OpenStreetMaps seems spot-on, so if in doubt, download that to your phone or watch before heading out. The trip up the snow was fine in trail runners with poles as there were already a lot of steps and the snow was quite soft, but if you do this early with a crust you will probably want microspikes.

Really excellent scenery the entire hike, but make sure to give yourself enough time to enjoy it. I think I did a decent pace and it's a solid 6 hour hike not including breaks. Spent 45 minutes on the peak to take some photos and hang out. Definitely one of my new favorite hikes in this area!

25 days ago

Great hike! Easy trail and the town is so cool! Totally worth the trip.

Amazing hike, micro spikes not necessarily needed. You can miss the trail about a 1/3 of the way up as it was covered in snow (being first one in the trailhead) hard to find fresh tracks, but it's an easy find back to the trail. Unbelievable views from the top though.

26 days ago

Amazing view Hikes on Saturday 7/21/2018 not too hot bugs are friendly this is our second time .
We stay for lunch for almost two hours pictures and video, we slow Hikers 6 hrs RT ( plus two hrs stay for lunch) it’s worth it

Hiked up on 7/21 and camped on small peak just east of foggy lake. Lots of snow in the last 0.5 miles of hike, and foggy lake still frozen.

The trail is 5.1 miles from the parking area (on the mountain loop highway) to Foggy Lake. Shorter estimates do not include the 1.1 mile walk from the parking lot, along a dirt road, to the trailhead.

July 21, 2018: This trail is no slouch.
Road to the TH is your typical Cascade dirt road; leave your Aston Martin at home.
Several rushing water crossings in the first mile, each with a different method of traversing but nothing too crazy.
Once out of the woods the relentless climb starts, often over rocky, faintly established trails. The cairns never steered us wrong. The switchbacks at Headlee Pass in particular are just stupid steep.
The rocks eventually give way to snow, which was easy to navigate until the final giant slope just before the summit. It looks like it's every hiker for themselves at that part because there's no established trail; all the footprints go straight up, several different routes. Spikes and trekking poles would help here. The wife used both whereas I only used my spikes. We glissaded down, because why not.
Our view from the summit in one direction (I think ESE) was obscured by low cloud cover, which was a bummer given all the work it took to get up there!

1 month ago

The hike is hard, especially with the steepness and steadiness of the switchbacks, but much worth the view! We hiked in June and there was still snow on top, making it hard to reach the summit without proper gear of grapples and ice picks.

1 month ago

It was a beautiful trail. Very easy to walk. My aging mother, and arthritic elderly dog, were both able to handle this trail with no complications. I would classify this more as a walk in the woods than as a hike, but the scenery was beautiful.

on Mount Dickerman Trail

1 month ago

Always a challenge! July 15th, 2018. Started at 1pm. Back to the parking lot 9pm, spent a lot of time on the peak, absolutely stunning views, peaks, snow and green. One regret, forgot insect repellent! The trail is well maintained l. A little snow in the end felt good in hot humid day. Bring a lot of water, mosquito repellents. One note: it’s for sure longer than 5.5 Miles. My phone says over 11 Miles

great workout and absolutely fantastic views

Hiked July 14 and was gorgeous! Lots of streams, snowfields, and rock scrambles along the trail that made it a challenging hike, but the views are so worth it!

we did the hike today with 4 girls, 1,5,8 and 9, it was harder than expected, definitely a workout. its about 1.2 miles up hill. The 3 oldest started to complain a little before we reached the top. plenty of parking and not many people on the trail. view was beautiful!!!

1 month ago

Took my teenage boys out for the first hike of the year. Nice hike. Great view at the end.

1 month ago

Great trail! Backpacked my 2 year old the entire 6 miles. Easy, minimal elevation. Beautiful views of the river most of the trip. Shady, sandy beach area towards the end where we stopped for lunch. Only complaint was dog owners not picking up poop.

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