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1 day ago

*THIS IS AN UNMARKED UNOFFICIAL TRAIL* don’t get worried if the stream is dry as it runs under ground for a little over half the hike. Could be complicated with kids and after rainfall but this gem is worth the hassle.

on Bark Camp Trail

3 days ago

First off this trail was above awesome! We found a camera mount base piece on the way back and left it on the trail sign post at trailhead. My wife and I stopped at the TH per AllTrails app directions and at first thought it was not there…. Trust me it is where the All Trails app says it is. The TH sign is in need of repair (it needs a sign on the post!!!) but the TH is on the N side of the road and culvert with a yellow trout fishing sign posted to it. We hiked beyond the turnaround point at the fairly new wooden bridge and we hiked 7.8 miles round trip. Now we do wander and explore quite a bit on a trail! From where we actually turned back (at the mouth of Bark Camp Creek and the Cumberland) it was 3.4 miles, no detours. It took us about 6 hours, but we took our time and lots of pictures, you will too!! The trail is pretty easy for us, but we hike a lot, mostly in hilly terrain. This trail is jammed full of picturesque sights from waterfalls right off the start to amazing rock formations and rock shelters. It links up with the Sheltowee Trail at a fairly new wooden bridge at about 3 mile mark. You will cheat yourself if you don’t continue on to the massive cascading waterfalls within a few hundred yards of the mouth of this creek. Along the way there are at least two significant water falls coming off bluffs that you can walk behind!!The trail was a little tricky on the start with ice since it was about 28 degrees, but this allowed several pictures of ice formations. Parts of the trail were a little squishy once the ice thawed and the springs opened up. The hills we climbed were not that steep and quit short in climbing, remember you are following a creek to its mouth. There were two camp sites and a huge swimming hole along the trail. We only saw three other hikers today, but it was 28 degrees and on a Friday morning. Even if you hike in warmer weather you will remain cool with the thick canopy along the trail. It had not experienced a significant rain in over a week.
We are definitely returning with our daughter ASAP and plan on camping next time. Nearby are Van Hook falls trail if you want to hike another short trail while here. You will have no cell reception here, so let someone know what your plans are and have a great hike….This is one of our favorite trails in KY thus far…..Not too long. Not too much elevation change and full of OH WOW sights….

6 days ago

Did this Sunday after it rained on Friday. Every waterfall was running great, the Cascades was running so fast the roar was almost deafening! Excellent time! It was very muddy, I recommend trek poles when this wet. Got tricky in a few spots, just take your time and it's all good. There is a pine tree down across the trail at one point. You can walk up and around it with no problem. For being January everything was so green and made it feel like early spring, kinda felt like I was in Wonderland, lol.

I started out early, hit the trail about 9:30am. Ran into a couple of guys on their way out that had camped over nite. Didn't run into anyone else until I was headed back out around 12:30 and it was getting busy, passed 7 more groups on way out.

Highly recommend this trial. I clocked the trail at 5.5 miles round-trip, but I did add some from the Cascades up the flood route to see if you could look down at the Cascades, no you can't see them.

7 days ago

I would definitely recommend skipping the loop and just going down the right side of the trail along the river and then going back the same way. The trail basically completely disappears along the top and there's tons of downed trees. If someone hadn't put some orange ties on a few trees we would have never known where to turn right to go to Eagle's Nest. The trail also kind of disappears at the bottom of the gorge near the river so if you don't come from that way it's difficult to find where to go to head back. Outside of that the trail was beautiful!

Dog and I did 9-10 miles on the trail plus Sheltowee 100. Yesterday was sunny, 50s and beautiful. relatively dry aside from wet mud near water sources. Trail is wonderfully maintained. Thanks to all the volunteers yesterday who were keeping it so awesome.

8 days ago

Took my dog, Lacy, hiking here. We both liked it but she wouldn’t do the stairs

After a rain it was very muddy, but worth it! We had to go off trail a little to get around the mud. Several creek crossings and lots of little waterfalls along the way. Even with the government shutdown, the trail was clean. I was impressed with how green everything was in January! Seemed to be more like 3 -3.5 miles in. A beautiful trail for a variety of sights and challenges.

Pretty amazing structure and views.

Great outing for the family (kids ages 6 - 14). Pretty waterfall with knee deep pool for kids to play in.

This is a beautiful hike! Like others, recommend going after a good rain, but be prepared for lots of mud! Lots of waterfalls to see along the trail before getting to the main one. When you get to it, there is a bench for viewing. You can go below the stairs to reach the waterfall itself and go behind it! If you get to the bench and go to the top of the stairs, it continues along a trail and to another creek crossing. At that point I stopped and turned around, cause I did not know where that trail led and I have a terrible track record of getting lost haha. I brought my dog and saw several other people with theirs also. Trail is not clearly marked, but a path is worn down. Just make sure to keep close to it, if not, follow the creek!

Beautiful area

Difficult somewhat but it’s a beautiful place at the top to look out and just relax. Loved going with my friend

Love this hike in the summer. Lots of little waterfalls and water holes. Definitely recommend going after rain.

13 days ago

Tallest waterfall in KY. Arch on the way you can stop and explore. Nice little hike, pretty easy.

13 days ago

Started at the Spillway to add some mileage to the hike. Ended up doing a little over 13 miles. Cascades are beautiful. We spent a lot of time walking around and climbing the cascades. This was my first longer hike and at the time, didn't have hiking boots. Wore brooks running shoes, and the trail was pretty rocky, meaning sore feet! I'd suggest hiking boots!!

Easy hike with a beautiful waterfall. We passed the overlook of the falls and went thru the woods to come down on the other side of the falls. Neat little "cave" area down there. Definitely worth checking out if you live near the area.

One of my favorite unmarked trails. It can be hard and confusing. Would recommend you know exactly where to go. Take a GPS. Easy to get lost. If the rivers up parts of the trail could be covered. Use caution.

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall. A number of stream crossings, bridges and rockcastles to enjoy.

We loved the trail. Very easy. Seen waterfalls, and the sensory was beautiful. Yes we will be going back.

Was there a few years ago.Great climb. Going again this year. Does anyone know the height ?

Great views along the trail on both sides as it traverses along the ridge. It is a popular trail and dog friendly so it was quite busy on our hike. It was a bit muddy in shaded vales which made the rocks there slippery but it really wasn’t an issue. Our two dogs didn’t even finish the hike muddy. Being December 30 it was unusually warm at nearly 60°. All in all it was a very pleasant hike. I recommend it and will likely hike it again someday.

This was a fun hike with incredible views! It’s my favorite hike in the Gorge! Once you get to Court House Rock, you can take Double Arch trail, which I highly recommend. You’ll hike through forest and alongside a river. Once you make it up to Double Arch, there is an amazing view!

rock climbing
19 days ago

This is an extremely tough trail. The path up is basically a runoff crease from the top. In wet conditions, the mud makes it very difficult to climb, much less a muddy slip and slide on the way down. There’s no safe way to the top. Whatever rope was there, is gone. The final climb to the summit is risky and could be climbed, but coming back down is the dangerous part with no real safe ways to get up. Bring your own 50’ rope to help you. This is also not a trail for dogs. We took our GSD, along with at retriever and there were a few places where we had to lift them onto a ledge. The dogs definitely would not be able to climb the last bit to the summit.

One of my favorites!! Visit after a rain so the falls will be running decently.

Definitely a must see at the gorge!

This is my favorite trail in Red River. It’s a short, easy loop trail with amazing scenery. The arch itself is gorgeous and I love that you walk across it and then under it as part of the loop. I’ve hiked it dozens of times, even with dogs and my 4 year old son. I keep going back to this one, because it’s just perfect.

great trail but not clearly marked.

Amazing views, not too difficult. Just too many people, but still worth it.

1 month ago

Absolutely gorgeous falls. A hidden gem! Far bigger than I expected, and in a gorgeous clearing. Granted it had just rained a lot, so the falls were probably bigger than in dry seasons. Easy to get behind the falls and up on top. The trail is just vague paths made by other people. Be prepared to get your feet wet, you cross the creek 10 or so times depending on which paths you take. It's too deep to avoid wet boots! But very worth it.

From the parking, go past the one lane Bridge, past the bathroom, and down the road 50 steps or so to the right is the trailhead. If you follow the creek, you can't miss the falls. There are many paths, my advice is to take the most straightforward one, even if you have to cross the creek. Your feet are gonna get wet no matter what, and you come to a lot of dead ends if you don't follow the creek closely. Gorgeous hike, not very strenuous. A little over a mile and a half one way.

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