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such an awesome trail! hiked the 8 miles today with a friend and we had a great time. dirt trail mostly trees about half shaded and a little lake views.

I can’t wait to bring my bike next time I visit. Great for an inner city hike but this place is for the bikes.

I camped here as a Boy Scout more than 25 years ago and hiking here recently brought me back to the hidden gem right in the middle of a major city. I swear I could hear a wind chime in the thickest part near the creek, that was surreal. I’m looking forward to biking this trail soon. I also make a walking stick at each hike I take and leave it at the trailhead for the next hiker. Let me know if you find/use one of them and please leave it there for the next hiker!

This place was great! Explored a lot of the trails but still had more to go after 2.5hrs of hiking. Saw few people and a few bikers but were on our own the majority of the time. Even lost the sounds of the city for awhile.

11 days ago

Straight forward "hike" with lots of human traffic. Went towards the afternoon and the sunset over the lake was amazing! Lots of dogs on this "trail" so be careful with their byproducts if ya know what I mean. There are bicyclists as well so try not to get run over by them.

All in all, pretty easy and chill "hike".

This park is worth the $5 entry fee, plenty of parking areas and staff is courteous. Park attendants drive around the park as well. This park also has the best sunset views on the lake! The snack shop at the park has drinks, ice cream, chips and other snacks. There are Guided Hiking Tours available at the Rockledge Park store. The hiking tour was great! I learned a lot about the local history and wildlife on the tour. This is the number I called to reserve my spot for the tour, 817-454-1058.

Love, love, love this trail! Great views, great trails from easy to hard and very relaxing! I try to go every week to get away from the real world!

Moderately trafficked? Not on the weekends. Everyone lives white rock lake.

Very pretty, very hard to navigate.

1 month ago

A wonderful place, saw an amazing view of trinity river , peaceful, great place to destress, if your looking for a great family or a wild nature trail this is one of them . spotted a Armadillo, a huge eagle, fish jumping out on water in trinity river , just pure amazing.

Great paved trail around the lake & beautiful wildlife especially for bird watching. I rented one of the bikes and biked about 3 of the 9 miles. Beautiful lavish homes lined the west side of the lake- amazing architecture. The lake was littered in a few areas, but other than that the grounds & trail was well maintained. I’ll definitely be back.

an awesome trail to mountain bike at a slow to med pace to enjoy the trail

trail running
2 months ago

I enjoy this trails every time I go

2 months ago

This is a very easy paved loop around the lake. It can get very busy at times, but as a result it tends to be much safer than the White Rock Creek trail which adjoins it (that trail passes through some sketchy and fairly isolated areas). It's a nice trail for biking or walking, with lots of nice scenery. One interesting tid-bit: On the southeast side of the lake, maybe a mile north / northwest of the spillway and near the boat house / pump station, you might see and/or hear some feral parakeets in the trees.

2 months ago

I was 9mile hike, it was very good hike,

2 months ago

Really pretty paved trail in the middle of a big city. Great views of the lake and best dog park in Dallas.

2 months ago

don't do this trail with a hybrid.

muy bonito.muchas

Very good,

Very solid trail. I recommend it. Better than you would expect it to be initially. Didn’t really like the “decor” in some parts and there definitely was some trash eyesores. I recommend going backwards on the trail to spot oncoming MTBers.

this trail is over run with bikers most of which don't notify you when they are being you making the walking stressful.
The trail itself is great and fairly easy bit not with the throngs of bikers

Don t pay the 5 dollars entrance fee and enter from street side

3 months ago

Paved, several water fountains and picnic facilities. bicyclers can be a problem on wekends and evenings. multiple parking lots.

Ran this today - hidden gem. Definitely a headphone run because of the location but variety of sites - great views of the city , lots of birds at the east end, hidden graffiti art bridge and caught a game of cricket too! Keep your eyes open .

4 months ago

We didn't find the trial very challenging. We started on the red/beginner loop and the path was very rocky and required you to walk one person in front of the other. After one hour we switched to the blue/difficult trail. This trail is probably great for biking, with lots of dips and tricks available. But it takes you out by the road from which you are only separated by a metal fence. There is a very short bridge to walk over which was a nice surprise but then you walk by the stream which sounds great in theory, but the stream is filthy with trash so it was not enjoyable. The blue was a bit more difficult but still very easy, there wasn't much change in terms of elevation. Overall not our favorite walk/hike in Dallas.

Awesome set of winding trails they won't get boring. Some trails get very narrow so be mindful of other people running or biking past you.

The addition of a "nature trail" east of the park makes the walk more enjoyable, and offers more shade during the summer time.

Cyclists: While the main park area isn’t particularly good for cycling due to the number of people, small children and pets, as you go east or west of the main area a distance you will find the crowds thin out. If you have a bike that will handle it, construction is ongoing on the Wall-Farrar nature trail (east of the main area), and you can take advantage of a number of dirt and gravel trails in that area. I’m not sure how long that will last, as they may be planning to pave them, so take advantage while you can!

Great views of the lake, pretty easy trail and would be get difficult to get lost as Horseshoe crosses a paved road multiple times throughout. Good signage throughout as well. Great for walking, hiking and jogging.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Awesome trails only downside is trail needs more signs and directions

it's a good trail to hike but watch for cyclists coming the opposite direction. I try to jog the trail but can't do that all the way with the cyclists. They are courteous but will break your pace. The scenery is nice, shade for most of the way. I usually do the 8 mile trail. I usually hike here once per month.

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