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3 days ago

Camped at 5 mile camp site. Well maintained sites with multiple space for fire pits. Well marked trails with moderate elevations.

Started at Juniper Point and finished at Paw Paw Trailhead over the course of roughly 45.5 hours. Day 1: 3 miles, Day 2: 7 Miles: Day 3: 2 Miles.

Eastern half of the trail includes at least 2 major elevation changes per mile. Western half is much flatter, but not as scenic and lots of trash from washouts, flooding, and litter.

Camped first night just past Cedar Bayou Marina, and second night past Lakeside Park. Ton's of places to camp along the entire trail, I saw a few places that would have been great, but it was too early to stop for the day.

There are plenty of downed trees throughout and washouts on some slopes. I don't mind the downed trees, just walk around, but the washouts are tricky. You definitely need a trekking pole on the eastern half if you are carrying an overnight pack, maybe even if you aren't.

If I did this trail again, I would start at Paw Paw and get as close to Eagles Roost as I could on Day 1, then split the western half over a full Day 2 and partial Day 3. I would include Lost Loop(did not do it this time)

Despite less than stellar all around maintenance, the trail is marked rather well. Only a couple times that I could not find the next marker right away when the path became unclear, never felt lost or confused though.

My son 17 and I 45 enjoyed the change in terrain and clear markings along the way. It felt like we were traveling through different areas in one hike. We got a late start so we only made it through 12 of the 14 miles, I was pretty sore the next day with the changes in elevation on this hike.

This is designated as an equestrian trail but I have hiked it several times if there isn’t anyone with horses at the campsites. Always lots of deer. Great 2-3 hour hike.

Park has this trail designated as equestrian trail only.

This is The Heard Museum. I’ve loved this place since I was a kid. The trails are fun, and nice. I walked all of them yesterday.

They also have Dinosaurs Live set up.

There is an admission fee ($11 for adults), but I would suggest becoming a member if you want to hike it regularly.

They are closed on Mondays.


I only did a small section from Cedar Bayou through the Lost Loop and back. It was a great trail that is different from others in the Texoma region. There is quite a bit of elevation change throughout the section I had. This is definitely different from other trails I’ve done around the area. I can’t believe I just found this trail! It’s well marked and has great views of the lake. I can’t wait to go back and backpack it.

I've been biking on this trail for over 10 years, and have never had an incident other than being stared at by a coyote and almost running over a snake. That said, I simply wouldn't walk on this trail alone. As others have said, the trail passes through some fairly isolated areas where you're liable to encounter some sketchy people living under bridges and what-not. I still bike it from time to time, because it's easier to find another cyclist to keep in view while traversing the sketchy areas. This would be a nice trail without all the negatives from being in a large urban area, such as trash, graffiti, and potential for crime.

This is one of the trails in Heard Nature Center. It includes a boardwalk over a swampy area that is really pretty and unique for the area, especially in spring. Plenty of turtles and snakes to spot in the water.

Part of the heard museum, have to pay unless you have a membership like the Perot museum membership

2 months ago

We hiked some of this trail over two days just taking it easy and not pushing too hard. We were going to hit Eagle Rock Loop in Arkansas but had to postpone it so we came here instead. It’s our first time to hike it and we were impressed. The trail was beautiful and had several elevation changes which provided some challenge with 30lb packs. There was not another person on the trail. We did about 10 miles and spent two nights out on the trail. We went up to Eagles Roost to see it but it was too cold and windy to camp there. It got down to 16* the first night and it was 18* the second night. It never got above freezing. We were miserable the first night because of the wind aunder our hammocks. We decided to sleep in our tent the second night and were much warmer. Overall a great challenging backpacking experience not too far from DFW.

By far the best trail on Lake Texoma with beautiful views of the lake and challenging hills to climb. I hike it regularly with a 40lb pack to get ready to climb 14ers in Colorado and it does the job!

entrance was $5 x adult, trail was rocky and pretty easy, clear signs and maps, lovely scenery overall

Very easy hike with just a couple of steep hills.

trail running
3 months ago

Decent trail for running, as long as you watch your footing and slow down at the bends. Went around 7am and had the place to myself.

Amazing trail. Although rated moderate, this trail is much more challenging than the nearby Eisenhower State Park trail, which is also rated as moderate. We hiked this trail during the Fall, and had occasional trouble with deep leaves on some of the steeper inclines. I would suggest bringing your trekking poles if you have them. And finally, when we visited around Thanksgiving 2017, the camping area was closed. We were forced to park near the boat launch and walk a half mile to the trailhead. No big deal, since we were able to use the mapping feature in Alltrails to find the trailhead. One final word of warning: The toilets adjacent to the boat dock are really, really gross!

Great trail. Went on cool(cold) rainy day and loved it. Trail hugs against lake to the right. Can choose if you want to go 12 miles or 14 but overall, it’s a good moderate trail with manageable elevation changes. Would recommend. Tree cover would be welcomed during summer months. Will return.

4 months ago

Great trail for hiking or backpacking.

Great hiking trail. Would rate as moderate in difficulty. Most of the trail has a tree canopy over it. There are points where the trail continues after road crossing. Trail is well-marked and several spots along the trail over spectacular views of Lake Texoma. There are areas with picnic tables if you want to pack a lunch. There are bathrooms that are accessible at a few points on the trail. Hiked in early October and it was a perfect time.

At $11 per Adult, this place is a museum and certainly not for hiking. Great entertainment for kids... wrong place for those wanting a true outdoor walk.

5 months ago

Three adults and a 3 year old (very slowly) completed from Juniper to Rock Creek Resort. We had planned shuttle style between Juniper and the Lake Texoma Marina trailhead. The last 2 miles (from Rock Creek Resort to the trailhead by Lake Texans Marina) looked nearly impassable so one of us hiked the final distance along the road to get the truck. The Rock Creek Resort staff said that we completed 12 miles and that very few people do the last 2 miles of the 14 mi trail and that it was poorly marked. When I took a look, I could see the first main marker but downed trees and high brush made the actual path uncertain. I'd love if someone fixed the last portion.
Also, the distances mentioned online (and even posted) seemed to conflict.

The first half was the more challenging half to complete, especially for little legs, but had lots of nice campsites if we had wanted to stop sooner. For an easier time, I would recommend starting at the Cedar Bayou Marina and hiking in to the nice nearby site- about 15 minutes. We were a little confused at the Marina (we filled up water here and used a portapotty near where the tail met the road) as to where the trail picks back up. A helpful person staying at the marina told us to turn up the road ( left towards the blue house-away from the boats and potty) and stay on that road through the Marina campground and cabins until you reach a black gate, go around the gate and the trail picks up just past two picnic tables. The second half was less well maintained, less camp sites and less markings the further you go with at least one confusing downed sign, and lots more brush, however it was much more leveled out. It was pretty challenging at times with a 3 year old, but moderate is probably a correct description for most people. Had a good time and will do it again.

really kept up. i suppose you could call it moderate but with a 30lb pack juniper point to just past the marina gave me a whoopin

One of the best hikes within a 1 1/2 hours of DFW. Some decent terrain, but nothing too strenuous. Despite the description, it is not a loop. Check your dog for ticks - mine picked one up here in the dead of winter.

I have been here a few times this week. Love the views and the terrain. Down side is they are not loops. But the views make up for it.

on Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

6 months ago

Who ever maintains the trail is doing great.

Great views and the elevation changes keep it interesting. Water available if you have a filtration system. Spots for primitive camping in several locations. The last time we hiked the trail we were a bit disappointed that we weren't able to go as far as we liked due to a section of the trail being impassable. We'll come back after the storm debris is cleared up. Great trail!

Very over grown foliage, tall grasses and trees aid in diminishing the trail. Difficult to find path into forest and need a to wear long sleeves and pants to avoid bites and scratches. Same goes for Highland Park entrance.

one of the best trails in the local area to prepare for mountain hiking

6 months ago

Lots and lots of overgrowth on sections. I recommend long pants if you are at all bothered by bugs. Bug spray also recommended. Tons and tons of horse poop all over the trail. Honestly this trail is not worth going on aside from the fact that there are so few around here. Long road walking section is boring and a bit dangerous. The directions on Google Maps take you to what looks like a small gravel parking lot but that is private property. Skip this one.

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