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A bit too easy. Great views! Bring gloves for when you're at the peak and in cloud cover if your hands freeze like mine do.

This is a fantastic bike trail. There were some rough roads before the airport hotel area but other than that it was perfect. I started at around 3 pm and it was a little too windy then, but on way down south it became much better.
Watching airplanes ascending/descending is a bonus. Definitely will do it again.

I really like this trail. View is beautiful

Hiked clockwise from Pantoll. 3 hr 31 minutes. Very scenic hike.

road biking
1 month ago

Probably my favorite place on earth for biking. Try to catch it early or on a weekday as it is very crowded on weekends.

very flat and easy walk. lots of parking nearby. breathtaking views of the bay. great place to escape to.

easy little trail

We loved this hike!! The amphitheater and West Point inn make excellent resting spots and there are plenty of bathrooms along the way. Gorgeous views the ENTIRE way. Good mix if forest and meadow. So many beautiful water falls when we went last week. It says 8.8 but we found 2 extra miles somehow. Can’t wait to do this again!!!

Wonderful views of the ocean and SF.

Great place for a long run-12 miles. It’s trafficked after 10 am by moms with trollers & people walking.

Wonderful hike in Mt. Tam with gorgeous views! We did the full loop, starting clockwise and took a little over 4 hours including snack stops and time at the summit. Wildflowers are popping up all over the place, and there was a ton of wildlife viewing as well! We’ve had a lot of rain recently, so waterproof footwear is a must until runoff is calmer. Overall a great morning!

Done this many, many times as a,whole route or just part of it... My office was close.

Great bay views. my office was close and I did parts of this one many, many times

Some of the redwoods were nice but there wasn’t much in the way of views. For a 20+ mile hike, it was rather monotonous.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail for anyone from kids to elders, bikes

4 months ago

Nice paved trail with beautiful views

on Sawyer Camp Trail

5 months ago

very nice easy trail

Easy and well labeled trails. Quiet, beautiful views of the BayArea and where the ocean meet. Hike with kids and dog. Plenty for them to climb and touch along way. If traveling with dog, some trails allow, some don’t. Bring doggie poop-bags (none provided). We did not do entire loop. 1/12/2018.

Awesome hike. Not for those just starting, but if you've done just a few hikes you'd do fine. There is bathrooms, water fountains and plenty to look at along the way. The east peak is where you want to go, it's the best view, but not the only one. The downhill part is definitely nice as well.

Especially nice for biking and good for kids/families.

Beautiful hike. Took me 5 hours. The Fern Creek trail is steep so if you want to go down it (rather than up) then go clockwise and start with the Old Mine trail. I really appreciated the clean bathrooms along the way :) Mt Tam is awesome

Did this ride from my home in Concord to the Castro Valley Bart station with my son Jeremey. Awesome ride and a great day! We saw quite a few bicyclists on Crow Canyon Rd.

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7 months ago

Beautiful trail.

Enjoyable pretty walk especially going north from south entrance.

While we did cut this hike a tad short to avoid darkness, all I could think after reaching the top was “Why would anyone choose Mt Diablo over this?”

Mt. Tam appears to be better in every way. It’s was challenging but not frustratingly difficult, the trail is far more lush (and somehow less overgrown and generally better maintained), you encounter streams and tiny waterfalls multiple times, and the views are just...stunning. Diablo may be taller, but it doesn’t hold a candle to this hike.

This should be one of your must-do hikes if you have a limited time in the Bay Area.

A wonderful trail.

This trail is hard but really beautiful and I like it on an ebike.

Loved this trail. Loads of variety, great views throughout and East Peak is pretty spectacular. My favourite on Mt. Tam for sure

Very nice and easy hike trail with Great Lake view. Good to calm you down.

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