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Hiking on this trail was amazing for me. Not hard to find and beautiful views.

it was a nice walk bit wished I had a bike

extreme rocky...probably ok for experienced riders but too technical for inexperienced riders

trail running
12 days ago

I ran just over 19 miles of this segment of the trail. Not the most exciting, but it is flat and offers a mix of small town and rural scenery with a couple views of the river.

nature trips
17 days ago

I feel Amazing,I can't wait to pick up where I left off. It's like a book u can't put down:-) lol

My favorite place to do my long runs! Friendly people. Lots of bicyclists. Well mannered users. There is a port-a-potty at the start and at mile 6. Not sure beyond that. Lots of benches to stop along the way. Love this place!

We only made it to the creek where my family placed colorful rocks in the shape of a heart in remembrance of our angel baby Maverick. It was a magical experience.

Not a tone of shade and lots of road noise, however I only did 2 miles of walking so it may get better

1 month ago

On 7/15/18, I hiked both this and the Yellow Rock trails, which I suggest doing. The FF trail was nice and peaceful, and provided me with various opportunities to explore the creek bed. The YR trail was more vertical, and provided numerous spectacular vistas. To top it off, there is a knee-deep “swimming hole” near the YR trailhead.

1 month ago

Love this trail, but it really could use better signage at crossroads areas towards the end.

Today there were so many spiderwebs over the path and it was overgrown in areas, so not recommended in sandals.

Saw lots of wildlife, including a woodchuck, several deer, and some tiny frogs.

Water is really low right now so creek crossing isn't an issue.

1 month ago

This is an easy walk. We weren’t able to complete the loop because we ran out of time. If you go 1.7 miles past the eastern trailhead to the camp ground trailhead, it cuts off the timber slag area that is rather uninteresting.

I have been biking on the katy trail since 2012. I love this trail.

road biking
2 months ago

Absolutely awesome and beautiful trail! We started at the trailhead off of Lee's Summit Rd. and went up to about 23rd St.. Most of trail is wooded and very beautiful, even the sections around the business areas were immaculately manicured and were concrete which was really nice. Also loved that the trail never crossed any roads and was really smooth the entire way and really enjoyable. Loved the emergency call stations placed throughout the trail also. Cool that there are sidewalks which branch off to eating and shopping areas also. Very awesome ride!

In town for work decided to get out rather than sit in a hotel room all weekend. The trails were good but I have to agree with the other reviews that it’s a little difficult to navigate. Luckily a couple running the trails guided me to the best way back to the parking lot.
Wish I had my mountain bike with me looks like these trails would be fun on two wheels

2 months ago

very nice hike! some areas could be marked better for the beginner but overall a great hike.

mountain biking
2 months ago

I absolutely love this trail, it's the best one in the whole Independence area. I've grown up biking and hiking this trail my whole life. You can plan a section or you can make a whole day of it and go the distance. If you park at either end of the trail and complete the round trip it's around 30 miles so hydrate and bring snacks. Take you time and enjoy!

Great views and so peaceful.

Great hike again. Trails are marked and well defined. Lovely wooded setting. Lots of Honeysuckle. The smells were amazing. Saw lots of poisen ivy too. Will definitely be back.

trail running
3 months ago

Great place for trail running!

great trail. Well maintained. could use better signs for trail crossings.

I had great ride. first time on trail. some water on trail due to recent rain, but it made it fun and challenging ride for me. Didnt realize I would have to wade across river twice, about knee deep on may 5th.

Little close to the highway for my liking.

3 months ago

Great Trail

mountain biking
3 months ago

Love this park. Awesome features and a variety of difficulties.

Fun easy trail once you get to the bottom of the first dissent. We went with the Trinidad Outdoor Club on a ride last summer. Needless to say we had all abilities levels and most had to walk their bikes down to the valley bottom after that everyone was able to ride from there. We have three daughters ages 8,9, and 10 and they loved the trail. Not to mention that this is the only way our children could make it all the way out to the dinosaur tracks and back before night fall. Please make sure to bring more water than you think you need.

Really liked the trail but it was poorly marked and confusing so I missed a loop.

just opened app and it looks like a well put together app. can't wait too put it too use. thanku.

4 months ago

Didn't know what to expect knowing it was a bike trail... Loved it!! Hiked the west side of Outlaw Loop and the Sawmill Loop where we crossed over at 2.4 miles. The river was up after recent rains so the trail had numerous waterfalls/cascades and little creeks to cross... We put on our water sandals to cross Lee Creek which was about calf high... Had to be careful!! We decided to skip Racer's Hill and start back finishing up on the east side of Sawmill and Outlaw Loop back to Campground A... only there we were unable to cross the white water creek!! We followed the trail along the river which connected to the river side of Devil's Den Trail until we saw the highway bridge we could cross over and walked the road back to Campground A adding about 1.6 miles... total loop was about 6 miles... Looking forward to doing it again!!

Wow. Trash eveywhere and someone has been doing demonic ceremonies there. I found lots of satanic things on my 4 mile hike. Will not be going back here again.

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