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us there went on a hike here at buckie trail. It was beautiful and very pretty. Even when there was snow on the ground the trail was still visible.

I appreciate all the directions and the instructions on this site
We’ve done this park so many time s I didn t. Even know this trail existed and how to find it !!
Finally did It today .. best and the coolest hike ever ! Not to miss

Been back there so many times. Beautiful, quiet, a peaceful place to think. Going off the trail to explore new areas is just as fun and staying on it. But be careful you dont accidentally wander onto the mountain biker trails. Almost got taken out a couple times by mistake!

A great lightly traveled trail with a major payoff at the end and plenty of challenge along the way. Wear waterproof boots!

The stream crossing on the way back, not even a mile from the end, had a lot of trees down. There looked to be 3 or 4 huge trees down right at the crossing and that was more challenging than the stream. It was definitely a good work out with the mud on the bridal trail portion.

Very pretty and easy hike

19 days ago

Nice to take advantage of the decent weather. Pretty muddy track but still fun.

23 days ago

Love this trail! Dramatic views of Chagrin River and small waterfall and the rock carvings any time of the year. Definitely a workout. Lots of steps/incline. Wooded sections of the trail not clearly marked. Popular trail, year round. FYI- Squaw Rock renamed Henry Church Rock and all the signage has been updated.

I live close to this trail. It is closed due to a renovation project that is underway now. There are three bridges that have been close for many years and deemed unsafe. These bridges will be removed and one new bridge built. They are removing trees now and re-routing the hiking route. You can still access the connector trail from the bike and hike to the tow path however.

Went on a group hike - a bit muddy and slick in places. Trekking poles are a good idea right now. Definitely bring a change of shoes

My 2 daughters love this waterfall and the trek. They say “we are sisters. And the waterfalls are sisters.” Best to go after a heavy rain or during the spring. Summer is a bit dry. But still amazing. It is rather difficult. But my 5 and 7 year old didn’t really have a problem.

Quick 1/6mi hike to blue hen falls

Was a little confused on how to get to the trail, but was very fun to hike and explore! Didn’t get far enough to see the waterfall but i guess that means i have to go back (:

I think the only way to enjoy this hike is after either a several week drought in the summer or weeks of below freezing in the dead of winter. The mid was really awful and it took us forever to finish due to all of the slipping and slopping. The best parts were that it is well marked, good ups and downs and of course Blue Hen Falls in the beginning.

Not bad. Not sure I would rate as “ hard “ though. Very muddy this time of year so bring a change of shoes !

Can be slippery around either falls in winter. Getting down below either falls to take pictures should be done with care due to steep areas. It’s better to go a bit down stream and work your way back than to risk a fall. Can be muddy or wet. Crossing stream is required to get to the lower falls.

Once again it was a beautiful trail, however some of the inclines might make it to difficult for small children. The water fall it self can be accessed from the road so taking the whole trail isn’t necessary in that case. Waterfall is smaller but is just as beautiful as the larger ones.

1 month ago

Was a nice walk. Pretty wet this time of year which makes it super muddy! A little bummed that there are houses so close to parts of the trail. Will hike again during a drier season.

1 month ago

Nice peaceful walk only saw a few other people. Wildlife is plentiful but I prefer a bit more seclusion. Several spots along the upper portion of the trail you pass very close to housing.

1 month ago

coulda done with less mud but "spring", ealry march, is mud season so not much you can do... but was a great trail with great views

Hard, but well worth it!

Great hike and the twin sisters were great. The smaller stream in front of the mudcatcher was pretty high so I had to cross it closer to the 82 bridge just off the unpaved section of the towpath trail that veers off of the paved trail. The crossing was right before the iron walking bridge before the un paved trail connects with the paved trail again.

My first time there today,loved it,even though I had to cut my hike short due to pouring rain.

Fantastic hike. The first 4.8 miles are rough but if you get through that you get to a beautiful outlook at 4.8 miles. Also Blue Hen Waterfall is easily accessible from the trail. Very muddy but it’s that time of year. I did get off trail for a bit but it was easy to get back too.

I did it two weeks in a row. The first week everything was frozen and ice covered. It was very difficult to get down some of the hills, but, the creek was very easy to cross because it was frozen. The next week, it was in the 70's so everything was melted and it was very muddy. The creek was running high because of recent rain so, of course, the boots got wet. Misjudged where to step one time and ended up with water in the boots. It's a nice somewhat challenging trail.


2 months ago

little confusing to find where to start. pretty simple though. I'll try to help.

leave the parking lot, cross the iron bridge, walk towards and under the 82 bridge, come to the mudcatcher on your right. cross the river go up that valley... walk the river, the hillside, what ever, till you get there.

I did it in the snow with no visible trail. but very worthwhile.

Great section. Lots of ups and downs. Clearly marked blazes. Lots of great views.

Just got done. Very few people and wet but I expected so.

It can be very secluded if you go at the right times. Really beautiful waterfalls and streams running through this area. One of my favorites.

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