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Beautiful views!! Went in March and it was very snowy. But if you stop at the visitor center you can rent yaktrax for free. They helped immensely! The trail does have a few steep inclines that posed a fun challenge with the snow - again have some sort of boot/shoe grip if in winter months. Couldn’t stop smiling during my hike. I will be coming back for sure.

20 days ago

Super easy hike. Bring the dogs or kids, and a lunch to eat at the end. Great early season hike, just be prepared for super muddy spots on the trail!

21 days ago

The trail was covered in snow, and we didn’t have the right gear so we couldn’t do the whole loop, but the first half mile was very pretty. Beautiful in the winter!

Just stunning. Road has always been in pretty good shape for me

If you get the chance you should absolutely hike this trail!!

Trail in good condition. Starts at visitor center. This a loop trail. The right hand entrance at the star of trail is a steeper descent than the left side which uses switchbacks to go down. Trail slippery when wet.

A short and easy overlook trail that has a spectacular view of the Painted Wall on the north side of the canyon. It is the tallest sheer cliff in Colorado at 2,250 feet. My July vacation schedule didn’t allow for it, but this vantage point is probably best for viewing and taking pictures earlier in the day...before the likely afternoon glare.

A short walk down from the visitor center to an exposed and remarkable lookout point with amazing views down into canyon. Combine with the nearby Oak Flat Trail if you have time for the relatively short hike below the rim.

went to the falls then kept going to the end.

easy and breath taking

beautiful easy hike with amazing views!

Beautiful drive!

Nice short hike.

Awesome trail with incredible views! Hiked to Judd Falls and then continued on the Copper Creek Trail for a total of six miles out and back. Great hike! Lots of "cow pies" and a couple instances where I had to go around some cattle but no big deal.

off road driving
5 months ago

trail is easy, maybe (2) S-M obstacles, but bumpy. since its a pass, obviously the views are amazing. if you'd like to see a video of the pass i have one here, but the second half is half of coney flats trail:


07 ranger manual
no lift
no locker
no sway bar

youtube trail channel: b roll offroad

have fun!

Great easy lake hike

First of all: this is an EASY trail. The dude who wrote that you need lockers and off road tires has probably never driven on trail before. We went from Tincup to St Elmo which is the “harder” route. We did this in 2wd the entire way. We have a 3.5” lift on 35s with 1200 lbs of extra gear on our rack since we are an overlanding rig. There was one section with some water runoff which was slick, but I never had to put it in 4wd. There was a bone stock F150 on street tires that followed us up. He needed 4wd because of his tires and wheel base, but seriously.... a stock f150 did it. The shelf road is a 400 meter section on the St Elmo side which at its most narrow point still left me with 2’ of space on either side. Not narrow at all.

The trail is VERY bumpy, so just go slow.. other than that, I’d let my mom drive my jeep up this pass.

We did the trail because it Saïd wheelchair friendly... but in the middle there is a bridge with stairs... so totaly not wheelchair accessible... so we were disappoined

5 months ago

Fun for kids

5 months ago

Fun for kids

5 months ago

Great trail. Beautiful. Did it with wife, kids 9, 6 and 4 year old.

off road driving
6 months ago

Took St Elmo to Tincup last week. Very very scenic drive. Somewhat crowded with jeeps and UTVs. The road is pretty rough from the beginning and it is slow going. Most of the trail is pretty easy but there are large rocks to watch out for. There are also a couple of alternate routes that would make for more difficulty and excitement. I was in a 2014 tundra and made ever obstacle without trouble. I wouldn't rate this trail as moderate. Anything 4x4 with a semi decent driver should make it just fine.

It's so peaceful and very diverse.

Easy hike with underrated views.

On a holiday weekend plan on BIG crowds. Expect great views, but lots of noise on most of the hike during a holiday weekend. Great if you want to play in the water and hike!

6 months ago

The trail is big kid friendly (5+). I hiked it with my two year old and had to carry him across the river and a few other times because of mud and tree roots. Wasn't a huge hassle to carry him because he liked to take breaks from walking. Lots of photo opportunities and a nice waterfall to cool off in.

Could have sat and grooved all day at the trail's end

6 months ago

Short walk. Great views.

6 months ago

Short hike, Great views.

Great trail for kids. We did this one with a little on in a pack and two preschoolers. The falls are beautiful with a little bench/overlook area. We will do this one again.

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