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I love the this place me and husband go all the time.

A very good hike. Very wet and muddy but I found it more a moderate hike rather than hard

nice place easy walk to the falls . go during rainy period . the more water ,the better the falls looks .

beautiful park ..... but missing signage and maps for visitors and precautions in schedules. my husband and I got lost and another 4 people more ... ... the forest guards looked for us in the night there was good collaboration from the police, bonberos, ambulance thanks!

Really pretty, not too well marked in places but besides that a great day...

12 days ago

Great hike , it started out pretty easy but we found some really neat challenges on the higher elevations

17 days ago

This was a great hike, but incredible in the fall when the leaves are changing. It starts out level along the lake and then inclines to a wonderful view. Parts of the trail are on loose rocks that can be tricky but not bad. Highly recommend!

22 days ago

very rocky uphill but not too difficult. took about 35 mins up and 20 down. the view is worth it

Long beautiful trail. Really quiet but the sun still shines brightly thru the trees.
There's different trail difficulties.
Definitely a place for a long quiet walk or even birding.
Only found one point that really over looks the trees.

24 days ago

Good moderate day hike. Couple of old ruins to check out along the way. Not well marked in some places though. Paper trail maps are never available and the hand drawn map at the entrance is not to scale so be sure to download the map ahead of time.

Nice afternoon hike spot. Moderate hills, relatively easy trails with good markers. Beacon cap had nice view and place to relax before trekking back

Do not go alone, especially for your first hike here!! I have been hiking around this area for years, but I’ve never seen a trail from this app so poorly marked. It is very easy to get lost. Also on the spooky side.

Nice hike close to Boston. There's a surprising variation of terrain and the trails are pretty easy to follow. The summit is a bit disappointing, as its usually crowded and loud, and the views are just so-so. I'd say this is more of a moderate to easy hike. It's a great warm up mountain for hiking season.

Lots of dogs on Sunday.

Very good and scenic view

Hard! Rocks! Great ups and downs!

The trail was very hard to navigate but the view was worth it once we found it. It was decently easy as far as endurance just a very steep walk to the oven and steep down from the view point.

Take a picture of the trail map before you head out. Around the group campgrounds, the orange blazes disappear for some reason.

Nice little hike. Still not sure what the devil's oven is supposed to be.

Went with our family, age range from 6-35 and we had a great time. Took the orange trail, beautiful views well worth the hike!

Very confusing markings are not very good not a lot of elevation but good for a long distance hike or short

It’s more an easy trail. Very relaxing, and plain in most parts. No parking!

trail running
1 month ago

Went out with my husband this morning.

Pros: it's easy to get to, parking is ample, there are many options available to take with a variety of easy/hard, the trails are marked well, and everyone on the trail was kind.

Cons: I actually can't think of any.

Did the trail for the first time with my 3 year granddaughters, niece and husband. It was a little scary at times because of my granddaughters ages, but then I’m a city girl from the projects in NYC. Anyway, WE LOVED IT and we plan on making hiking our thing to do on Saturday’s.

Quick hike, solitude, heart rate spike at end, well marked and works for snowshoeing (you can see the trail). quick beautiful workout.

1 month ago

the trail markings and maps are extremely confusing because there are different parcels abutting each other and there is not a single map for the whole area. but there are some very nice sections of this home and a great view of Hartford from the easy to access summit

Don’t bother following this route, just do some research and choose a colored trail to stick to (pink, blue, yellow). I tried following and it jumped around too much. The route ends in the middle of the blue trail, and has you head back. Next time I go I will pick a color and stick to it. Nice trails, easy terrain.

Even with the map in hands, we had some trouble at the beginning to find the blue trail, and got to wrong trail two times wasting a lot of time. It was supposed to take 3 hours and we took 5. We finally gave up on the map and GPS helped a lot. The trail itself its well market, however right on forks its bad signalised and confusing.

The difficulty is moderate, however as we took a lot more time it felt like hard.

As it was a beautiful day, the pond was like a mirror of the sky, which made all the trouble worth it.

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