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Lots of dogs on Sunday.

The trail was very hard to navigate but the view was worth it once we found it. It was decently easy as far as endurance just a very steep walk to the oven and steep down from the view point.

Nice leisurely bike ride. Easy to follow and wide trail. Don't expect any mind-blowing views. Would be a great trail for trail running.

Take a picture of the trail map before you head out. Around the group campgrounds, the orange blazes disappear for some reason.

Went with our family, age range from 6-35 and we had a great time. Took the orange trail, beautiful views well worth the hike!

11 days ago

After you find the right trail, the journey is great and the destiny is beautiful. As long as you follow the trail and the markers and don’t get off track, it’s a great time and a good workout. Steep inclines, loose rocks, and a beautiful view from the top. Wife approved trail ✔️

Did the trail for the first time with my 3 year granddaughters, niece and husband. It was a little scary at times because of my granddaughters ages, but then I’m a city girl from the projects in NYC. Anyway, WE LOVED IT and we plan on making hiking our thing to do on Saturday’s.

Still my favorite in the area,

1 month ago

loved the trail, not long but lots of rocky areas with small elevation climbs. Can get busy in summer which unfortunately meant there were several areas littered with beer bottles and cans.

it was different with both the woods n the marsh,if u go there this wknd 9/15 do not where your deer outfit because bow season starts, I didn't like the gun shots either(squirrel hunters)

Beautiful area. The main trails are more like old country roads, and very easy to walk. They begin with incredible views of the marsh, and head into the woods. Once in the woods, there are lots of little side trails that all loop back to the main trail. These are not well marked if you’re looking for blazes, but the trails themselves are very obvious for the most part. Like the other reviews say, the mosquitoes are terrible. I had on bug spray, and still got eaten alive. I paused for a sip of water, and had a swarm on me. I couldn’t even count them. Will try again when it’s cooler.

1 month ago

My fiancé and I love to go on hikes all over New England but this past weekend we figured we would do one that’s local. Surprisingly neither of us have been to lantern hill. What a horrible day to have forgotten to bring my hiking shoes! Super steep areas. It wasn’t impossible to climb without hiking shoes, but was just uncomfortable. We did have some difficulty finding the start of the trail, but when we googled a bit of you put Wintechog Hill Rd. Into GPS, then we found it, plus with all the cars parked on the side of the road made it easy to find after that. Just remember to pack water and snacks if you want, bug spray, sunscreen, and sunglasses and or/hat it is shaded most of the way but at the top it was hot open area. We went at the end of August, so might be different if you go in a different month.

This trail is amazing. beautiful waterfall right at the beginning along with a few different hiking trails. devils oven is a cool cave to look at.

1 month ago

very nice hiking trail with views of a small pond. saw a few ospreys. many boulders and stepping stones to walk on. a few wooden and stone bridges. a good challenge for keeping the walk fun. awesome landscape a classic new england trail. also some very older oaks estimated around 100+ yrs. and a variety of mushrooms to identify.

The Lantern Hill trail is perfect for a first foray into hiking. The trails are clearly marked and an hour in the forest passes very quickly and pleasurably.

This is a meet up spot for men. Not family friendly. Wish it was because it’s a very nice trail. We did it but were very uncomfortable when we returned to the parking lot. I googled around and confirmed what I thought was going on.

2 months ago

This is a deceptively large patch of woods. There are some great trails (on west side) and some rocky ones (south and down the middle). Groton Parks and Rec is looking to decommission some of the poor or unmarked trails to improve the park. Great place for a dog walk or several mile loop hike.

Bugs pretty heavy in swamp and its a swamp but dry right now.Bet its real pretty in the fall. Will come back.

Nice easy trail! perfect for my dog. Even has a water fountain to fill the water bowl

Love this trail. Easy to walk. Has a little of everything. Woods, marsh, rocks, beach, and a bathroom at the end of the trail

Nice and easy. Beautiful views from the bluffs.

Easy trail along the shoreline. Great for dogs.

3 months ago

Great, relatively short hike. My 8 and 11 year old kids love this trail!

One of my favorite spots in SECT. Nice easy trail, beautiful views from the bluff.

It began as beautiful walk through the marsh and forest. Back and forth. Then...all woods. Lots of long grass. Bugs. All the bugs. The loop wasn’t clearly marked- thankfully we had all trails to help! Probably wouldn’t go again. Or maybe in the fall?

3 months ago

All steep incline but well worth the view at the top!

My wife and I hiked this trail after not hiking in over 20 years. It was nice with a great breeze off the pond. Friendly people enjoying trail with friend both of two leg and four leg types. Lots of roots and rocky areas so if you are new just take your time and look down a lot. Had great time.

Loved this trail. Very well maintained. Used a stroller for the whole loop with only a little difficulty at times but nothing impassible. A lot of points to step off and see a lot of neat areas. Great for kids as well

3 months ago

Quick sunrise hike while at Foxwoods business conference. less than 20 minutes to the top if hike loop clockwise.

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