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Really beautiful summit! I would rate this more as a moderate, but I'm also a bit out of practice. Definitely feels longer than expected because it's all up hill. Well worth the workout though!

2 days ago

Good hike moderate difficulty. Cold morning. Icicles at falls. Beautiful!

Loved this hike. Lots of water over the falls due to the recent rain. This is a great hike if you want to do an overnight in the back country. There is some flat ground near where the Doyles Stream and James Stream meet. If you like to fish...bring your fly rod and license. This is a harvest stream over 9". I saw several trout in the deep pools that were close to the 9" mark.

It was a nice hike, but short as the river was kinda high. We watched a some guys go across and it was Knee deep. Best part was seeing a bear on the way back. It was up on the ridge, just nosing around. It may have wanted to go to the river, which is stocked with trout, but there were enough people about to change his mind. Be warned- it’s pretty popular and parking is pretty limited. Also, there aren’t any porta-johns there, so plan ahead. We can’t wait to try it again!

I met the love of my life on this trail, so I’m biased;)

Overall an easy trail, probably rated moderate for the water crossings (lots of places you just need to wade through, but since the trail terrain itself is fairly flat path you can just wear chacos in the summer.)
Most fun I’ve ever had on a simple out and back, multiple water crossings and swimming holes, fairly impressive waterfall with sufficient rainfall at the end, GREAT swimming hole too. Even if you’re wearing all your clothes, just jump in. You’ll fall in love.

The summit was a bit crowded at the top, but understandably so for a beautiful Saturday in October :) The hike was not overly strenuous for an absolutely gorgeous view.

It was a good trail. Other reviews are accurate in that the last bit is a little challenging if you are out of shape or have wee legs. Great veiws on a clear day in early October.

22 days ago

Great hike! My girlfriend and I did the Rip Rap/Wildcat loop as a two day backcountry camping trip and had an excellent time. The NPS Guide recommends camping somewhere just after you turn onto the Wildcat Ridge trail off of the Rip Rap trail but we opted to get in another mile and half or so to shorten our hike the next morning. We hiked about 6 miles the first day and the remaining 3.5 the following morning. We managed to find a nice little spot to set up camp after about 6 miles, and realized hiking out the next day that we found one of the only decent spots to camp in that mileage range. You'd either need to hike almost clear to end of the loop or camp back at the trail merge otherwise. The first six miles had a few great views from the ridge line and then some cool stream crossings, small waterfalls, and a deep swimming hole as you hiked through the valley before heading back uphill again. I highly recommend bringing a change of socks as some of the stream crossings can be sketchy and there's a chance you're going to put a foot in the water... All in all, great hike, great way to see the leaves change.

Did my second ever solo hike here. It was fantastic. The waterfall were gorgeous. I ended up connecting to Doyle’s trail and then to the AT to get me back to the Jones Run parking lot. I had a map which was super helpful. In total it was about a 7 mile loop and took me about 3.5 hours- didn’t take that many stops though. Overall- a beautiful hike- definitely will do it again.

Decent trail, not a lot of space at the overlook though. Probably would have rated the trail higher but the summit was too rocky for my dog to walk around on. Easy hike though if your looking for something quick and easy.

29 days ago

The falls are spectacular now. Lots of water.

1 month ago

Only managed to do part of the trail due to time restrictions, but decent hike. We went counter clockwise so had a decent amount of elevation change. Hope to return to finish the rest of the trail.

A great weekend trip. We definitely underestimated the number of river crossings. I suggest water shoes or be prepared to stop and take your boots off and put them back on once you cross. The crossings were an inconvenience but they made the trip interesting. I will do this one again.

Hiked this trail the last week of Sept. Pretty easy walk through the woods with a couple water challenges due to a bit of rain. Saw a couple bear cubs on the way back which made this hike one of the better ones we have done. The falls were an awesome place for a picnic lunch.

1 month ago

Definitely recommend going counterclockwise on the loop! We went clockwise and skipped right past all of the scenic parts. We had a great time but got really frustrated having to cross the river three times and the water was up to our knees. Bring water shoes!

1 month ago

Tough due to all the rocks but a good hike. Not many view opportunities but a great day in nature.

Great trail. Start to the right and loop around. Wear gloves to scramble on rocks.

1 month ago

Nice quick hike.. great views from the summit

1 month ago

Definitely would have rated this moderate. You go down 400 feet before an uphill incline of that and more. Lots of rocks on the trail and the last bit involves climbing over giant rocks. Still I beautiful view though.

love the waterfalls.

great hike and well marked. Views are amazing!

Was boring at times with only a couple great views. The watering hole was a lot of fun though.

Beautiful after Labor Day hike, we started at the forest road out to Doyle's River and the around to Jones Run for a complete loop.

2 months ago

Great views loved the swimming pond

Great trail, nothing too technical, elevation changes and length make the challenge. Just take your time, enjoy the views, rest occasionally, and you’ll have a great time.

Great hike but very crowded, crossed the creek 3 times water low had no problem. The falls at the end were very pretty!

Fun waterfall hike. Some of the river crossings will result in wet feet so next time I do this will bring water shoes. Go early to avoid crowds.

This trail is all downhill one way to get to the falls, which obviously means it’s all uphill on the way back. The trail itself is wide and easily traversable, and the falls make the hike worth it. For those with kids, remember that the trip back up the trail is much more strenuous than the way down. My five year-old, an “easy” hike veteran, had difficulty in the way back up this trail and I had to give her a ride on my shoulders for most of the way back up. Great trail though, with beautiful scenery and awesome falls to view and play in.

Fairly easy. Some grade at times and a few rocks under foot. Did it with a 7 and 6 year old. Beautiful view.

2 months ago

We recommend starting at the Jones Run Trailhead and extending your hike to a portion of the Doyles River Trail to see both the upper and lower falls there. Return to Skyline Drive using the Brown's Gap Road trail (a very gentle climb compared to the Jones Run trail) and connect back to the Jones Run Trailhead using a portion of the AT.
This loop is a little over 6 miles.
This is one of the best hikes we have done in a long time. There were very few people on the trail (we passed 5 in 5 hours) and the recent heavy rains had made all of the falls spectacular. We even saw a bear (very close!) on the Brown's Gap Road/Trail. Not too buggy.

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