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2 days ago

Beautiful scenery, be ready for kinda steep hiking. I’m from Houston, Texas and had to take some breathers going up hill but that was only for part of the hike. The rest was a price of cake and enjoyable. Just take your time. :)

We did this hike on a Saturday about a week and a half ago. We got to the trailhead around 8:10am and there were plenty of parking spots still, but by the time we left (around 12 or so) there weren't any spots. There is no other place to park other than the pull off parallel spots on the side of the road near the trailhead since the areas surrounding this trail are private property, so I would recommend getting there early. My app said the trail was 6.71mi total, and it took us a little over 2.5 hours. There isn't too much uphill, so it's a nice and pleasant hike. We did see fresh looking bear poop on the trail, but didn't run into any issues. As many of the reviews below mention, once you get to the waterfall you can go over to the left side of it and easily climb up to the top. Well worth it as the views are beautiful, although I am a little biased because my fiancée proposed to me up there!

good hike maybe 12 parking spots, so get there early. The hike is mostly meadow until last 3/4 mile were you enter the woods the last 1000 feet is a scrambling between rocks. to get to the top, there is a small trail to the left. going up not bad coming down a little is little bit scary but worth it.

Beautiful day, Makes a great couples hike.

5 days ago

Excellent alternative to Bridal Veil Falls. Trail really got chewed up after Sept 2013 floods, but very passable (the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars). Highly suggest hiking sticks.

West Creek and the Falls were very lively. A lot of cutthroat trout in many of the pools.

We saw only 4 couples the entire time. This is a great close-in trail for those seeking great views, a workout and few people.

5 days ago

Great trail. We hiked in and camped at Lawn Lake Campground. Had the lake to ourselves. Didn’t see many hikers on this hike because of the length. It’s a tough hike if you’re not acclimated. The breathing gets harder at 11,000 ft. Approx 18 Long switchbacks up. The elevation gain is rapid and rocky. Overall, it was amazing and a breathtaking adventure.

8 days ago

Great views, awesome with the leaves changing colors. I guess the difficulty would be based on how in shape you are, grade is steep and rocky, but it's not that bad.

Simple views with beautiful fern fields/meadows. Would recommend as an hike for a day that you don't want to go up too much "up hill"

13 days ago

Terrific hike. Best I've done in the RMNP area. Not too strenuous on this longish trail, so you can get the distance in, which makes it a real hike. Once you get away from the half milers as I call them the trail is very quiet. Rewarded with views as soon as trail starts and this continues. Even in wooded areas everything seems open and light. Go for it you won't be sorry.

Beautiful moderate hike. Arrive early to park easily. There was a bear and her cub spotted while there. Waterfall is beautiful from below. if you can climb to the top of the falls it’s well worth it. Breathtaking view from above.

16 days ago

This was probably the most beautiful, versatile, quiet, and peaceful trail I’ve been on. Everywhere I looked there was beauty and this trail had me taking photos every few steps. We started this trail around 7 in the morning and got to gem lake around 10. We stopped A LOT. There were only 2 other groups of 2 at the lake. We were the only ones on the trail to balanced rock. It was soooo peaceful! So many neat things to see. This trail was very shaded on the way in. Had lunch on some boulders with balanced rock in our sights. Headed back and once we reached gem lake again, the trail was heavily trafficked back to the parking lot. I highly recommend this trail for nature lovers but not for the out-of-shape.

Hiked this morning starting at 7:45 and had zero issues with parking. Although, there isn't much parking available so I would recommend getting there early. We did see bear poop on the trail that was pretty fresh however we never saw the bear. But we did see a couple of Mule Deer and some wild turkeys. Since we got out on the trail early, we had the falls all to ourselves and didn't see another person until our way back. If you want to climb to the top of the falls, it is a bit of a scramble but just stay to the left and it's not bad at all!

17 days ago

Tried to do this hike the morning we left the Mountain Park Rec Area campsite. I'm not sure if it was just us or what but we lost the trail about .5 mile in and got pretty lost. Just had to hike back down towards the campsites. Not as well marked as other trails around here are.

Absolutely awesome hike! Killer up hills for a beginner like me, but great views and well worth the work. I went last Saturday (8/1) and we got a little drizzle...nothing bad, just enough to cool down. Would definitely reccomend. Directions on all trails worked great.

The Aspens are yellow which was beautiful. Pay close attention for the the wooden sign on the left side of the trail that says “Original Wagon Road” this is where you take a left and it’s straight forward from there on out. There was one tricky part when you get to the makeshift dam at the top of the hill it’s easy to see how you could go right or left, go left. Follow the arrows made of rocks or the indicators on the trees (writing, green tags, pink ribbon) and you will eventually find the B-17 bomber. Very humbling experience.

Great hike, upper falls requires little scramble but worth the effort.

Early September and the trees were beautiful! Unfortunately the lake was pretty dried up and it was a little warm but I still enjoyed myself. There is a lot of up hill but evens out with a lot of flat ground as well. Would definitely do it again!

This hike was nice and shady, and I didn't experience running into bugs at all! There is a steep uphill going out on the trail, and it definitely took me (and my parents) more time to go out than come back downhill. We hiked to the end and had lunch on a big rock overlooking the meadow. On the way down, we saw a moose and several elk! Tip: these animals are SO quiet! Even when they are pretty close to you. Keep your eyes open for wild life! I'd especially recommend this hike on a hot day since you're in the forest with a lot of shade.

The way in is tough with a steady climb up. But plenty of rocks and trees to sit and rest. the meadows you pass are beautiful. only giving 4 stars because there was a lot of horse poop on the trail.

25 days ago

I hiked this trail past Lawn Lake up to Crystal Lake on 8/25 and really enjoyed it. It was by far the least crowded trail I've hiked in the park which was a really nice change of pace, I only saw maybe 5 people on the way up. It's an incline the whole way but it never gets very steep up you're past Lawn Lake. The views were great and both lakes were amazing. I'll be doing this one again, ideally camping at Lawn Lake.

Lots of horses traffic this trail which means there’s a lot of horse poo to step over and lots of flies. Beside that though, it’s a fun hike! It is a bit steep at the beginning which I think is why it’s rated as moderate. The second half is flatter.

1 month ago

One of the more underrated RMNP trails in my opinion. Mild ascent the entire 6.5mi to the lake with some moderate sections thrown in. The majority of the hike is under tree cover until 1.5-2mi from Lawn lake. Exposure is not too much of a concern until you reach the lake and even then you have ample forest around you a couple hundred yards from the lake. Not a heavily trafficked trail as I saw less than 10 people over the course of 13.9 miles in 7hrs. That included photo/snack breaks and fly fishing at Lawn lake and on the Roaring River. The hike runs along the Roaring river most of the way which IMO makes it more enjoyable. Will definitely overnight hike in the next time I do it as I would have preferred to stay for an extra day to explore the area up top.

Good hike. Loved the massive boulders. My 10 year old did this with me and we were probably the third hikers to Balanced rock this morning. We had the lake all to ourselves with a few friendly chipmunks. It rained on our way back to gem lake TH but we saw more people climbing up to the lake. The rain helped cool us down as there were a few steep climbs on this trail.

they don't allow dogs so if you plan on bringing your first baby don't go here

We thought we were doing the easier Kreutzer trail as there are two entrance points in the picnic area that you can get on the trail. It was a bit difficult for my 8 and 10 yr olds. Lots of burned and beetle kill trees. We will come back for the easier trail and the kids can build up their strength for the harder one.

1 month ago

Awesome hiking but not for the faint of heart. Be well acclimated before heading out on this beautiful hike.

Gorgeous trail!! It was lawn hike but 100% worth it!

1 month ago

The trail is a great family friendly trail that can be handled by most people. It is uphill on the way out but plenty of great spots to stop and catch your breath. As many other reviewers have mentioned this is perfect for spotting moose. We saw a cow and her calf only about a half mile into the trail. Our kids especially enjoyed it when the pair followed us up the trail for a while. Great hike with beautiful forest scenery at the beginning and the meadow at the end it perfect for lunch or snack before heading back.

It was a great day with my husband. This was our first hike and it was fun. It was too bad for heat wise. It rained and it was beautiful.

1 month ago

8/5/18 - Lovely hike through the forest, up and down on the trail. Trail is well marked. Very nice babbling creek along about 1/2 of the trek; wild flowers are pretty much on/off along the entire trail. The waterfall is quiet nice. Great hike to do if you dont have a lot of time only 2.5 mile out/one way. Definitely will do this hike again.

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