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This hike never gets old

scenic driving
9 days ago

Great scenic drive! So many spots to pull over and see the amazing views. Most of the leaves are gone, but this dive was stunning. Lots of campgrands and hiking trails. Already made plans to go back.

I love the Champney brook trail. Beautiful waterfalls about 1.5 miles into the hike. From there the grade goes up a little bit as you hike towards the first outlook. The outlook to the summit offer some rock scrambling and great views. The summit is breathtaking. 360* views. Easily one of the best hikes in N.H. More rewarding than many of the 4,000 footers in the area. A must do hike.

scenic driving
12 days ago

Glorious views, pack a lunch and go on a day trip!

This was a great fall hike. I took the yellow trail up and wasn’t sure which trail I’d take down. The yellow trail is VERY hard to follow in quite a few places. This seemed to be the consensus as I said hello to other hikers as well. It’s gorgeous in the woods on this trail, so if you take your time and pay attention I would still recommend it. Because of this, I took the blue trail down, and was glad I did because this offered some variety and was a fun challenging way back down. Overall would highly recommend it. Beautiful, challenging, and great way to spend the day.

beautiful drive. be sure to stop at the roadside trails.

Went up blue trail and down the yellow. As others have said yellow is a little harder to follow especially in October with the leaves down HOWEVER I would 100% recommend coming down yellow for the views of snow capped white mountains.

WE FOUND A FITBIT AT THE TRAILHEAD on Saturday October 20th. It was right around 1pm when we began. If this is yours, please email me at marlanaujoks@gmail.com and I will mail it back to you.
The blue trail was well marked, steep at times, and overall a 5 star hike up, with outstanding views on the way up and at the summit. There is not a sign when you reach the summit, but it will be pretty obvious. The yellow trail, though lovely, was terrifying to head back down on due to the yellow paint marks being inconsistent in brightness and not being marked in areas where it should have been to keep folks from straying off the path. I would recommend giving yourself plenty of time to go down this train in case you get lost. I would give this particular trail 5 stars if it were clearly marked, and in a color other than yellow, so I'd give it 3 stars at this point. I hope it is changed in the future.

Beautiful hike. Took the blue trail up and the yellow back. There is an unmarked grassy trail leading down from the peak which we mistook for the yellow trail but turned back pretty quickly and found the correct trail. The markings on the yellow trail were very faded and at times difficult to spot, but as long as you stop for a minute you can regain your bearings pretty easily. We passed a bunch of friendly people on the blue trail but saw absolutely no one on the yellow trail.

Hiked this mountain two weekends in a row with friends. Last week we took the blue trail both ways. Great scramble and reasonably challenging climb, especially closer to the top. This week we took the yellow trail up, and the blue down. We had a great hike both times, and the view is beautiful with fall foliage. A couple of notes. 1) I (and my hiking companions) would not recommend the blue trail for small children or for dogs, unless your dog is extremely agile and energetic. There are sections that are extremely steep, and the rocks are jagged in a few places. 2) the yellow trail is a great walk, but extremely poorly blazed. I'm sure the trail was harder to find due to fallen leaves, but there were several points at which we had to keep one person at the last known blaze and send others in different directions to find the trail. Many times the trail made abrupt turns with no blazes marking the turn. It made for slow going on what would otherwise have been an easy to moderate walk through the woods. It's a longer way to the top, even without the frequent stops to make sure you're on the trail, but this is definitely the trail to take with kids and dogs. Overall a really fun hike! Also, for those who want more or less company while hiking, the blue trail is much more populated than the yellow.

Great hike through a wooded deciduous forest with a stream parallel to the trail at the start. Quite a bit of work has resulted in a climb that is strenuous but moderate.
The summit affords exposed granite spectacular 360 degree views.

Great hike Sat 9-29-18 on a beautiful day! It was crowded at the top. We hit the trail at 9am got the last spot in the lot. Others parked on the road. The parking fee was $5. We are in our 50’s and I’m slow. Took us 3 hrs up and 2.5 down. We had lunch at the top and let the dogs swim in falls on the way back. Beautiful day with beautiful views

Beautiful Waterfall just a little detour from the trail but great view from the summit overlooking white Mountains!

Absolutely incredible trip! Got to the summit in about two hours, with brief trail running in places but a few stops along the way as well. Not super well-marked once you start to move above the deciduous trees, but it’s apparent enough which way the trail goes. Views between tree line and the actual summit are to die for, pictures don’t do them justice and I probably spent at least an hour and a half just taking it all in. Some sections in the higher elevations are mostly smooth rock face with a little section near the edge that’s easier to navigate, which was probably the hardest part of the hike.

Spectacular views.
End of September, slippery rocks.

Although it was drizzling with rain and overcast we enjoyed this drive today; late Sept. Cloud obscured most views but the trees were a delight. Yes, there will be more colour over the next few weeks yet we delighted in the lack of traffic and the gentle shades of green and colour.

1 month ago

Good short hike (less than an hour round trip) to Ripley Falls. You can park at the end of a recently patched asphalt road going park way up the slope.

What a great day for a hike yesterday. Trail is in really nice shape. We took the blue trail up and the yellow down and it made for a good loop.

1 month ago

This .6 mile hike into Ripley’s Fall is so worth the journey. There are a lot of rocks and roots to traverse. The path is narrow in places and it was a little wet in places (we went in Sept, probably is very wet in Spring). The granite face of the falls is amazing, creating more of a water slide then falls. The slab is wide so I would imagine in the Spring it’s even more grand.

What a road to drive. Today saw the wonderful moose on the side of the road. It was amazing to see. So many trails along the way to stop and explore.

2 months ago

Trail was super easy to navigate and it didn’t take long at all to reach the base of the falls. A little more climbing brings you to the top where I was able to sit with my dog and enjoy the views and the sound of the rushing water. Would totally recommend for any skill level!

This trail was so much fun for our family to hike! The perfect amount of a challenge for our 5 and 7 year olds, and the waterfall is beautiful! The kids had a ball walking and splashing in the water.

Enjoyed the walk today, until I fell in the one area of mud. Of course it was my luck that I sprain my pinkie in the fall. My dog loved this trail. Nice easy hike(walk).

Very pretty lake and small waterfalls.
However, the circular trail itself is not very scenic (through a forest; the lake mostly hidden from view by trees), and flat. Ok for a quick little walk in the woods, but nothing special.

I’ve done this trail many times . Up and down the Blue only , one hour up and one hour down. I find it to be a good work out, with great views, and a nice little scramble at the top. I think it is one of the best hikes within an hour of Portland.Oh and as a reference I’m 71 years old

One of the best hikes I’ve done!

Great trail with varying terrain. And the view on top is spectacular. Bring plenty of water. The falls provide a nice break on the way up.

Two friends went on this trail today 9/3/2018. They started up the blue trail but there was just to many people so they turned around and went up the yellow trail. Lots of uphill and rocks to climb. They went for a little bit when the heat got the better of them, turned around went back to their car. But at the car they found that someone had smashed in the back windshield and stole from inside the car. So they will not be back and this would not be where I would go with my kids.

This is easily one of the best trails I’ve done (in This mileage range). It has its strenuous parts, but nothing crazy & definitely good for dogs. Just don’t forget ample water, bug spray & food for the summit - gorgeous views!

2 months ago

Quick and fun hike with lots of parking at the trailhead. I went up the AT portion to the top, but I hear the full loop is fun if you're game for scrambling. Did the hike with a 4 year old who walked the whole way (with several breaks).

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