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Wonderful stroll through some great trees. Excellent for young hikers.

Great place to get out on a minutes notice. Close to town, easy access.

Wonderful trail. I would highly recommend reading “The Big Burn” before you go. It gives a history of the fire that made this trail famous. It also gives a perspective of how tough those fire fighters were and what strong leadership Ed Pulaski and others provided in saving so many lives. Great hike for kids to learn about an important story of conversation and the formation of the US Forest Service.

Well maintained with mile markers every quarter mile and interpretive signs along the trail

beautiful old cedar trees, I wish there was more info on ages and history, pretty far out on dirt road to get to hike. very easy for the kids, all in all pleasant hike

Great hike with a neat view at the end and along the way. The road up there is pretty typical Idaho backcountry road with a lot of little rocks. There is zero logging truck damage to the road and it is almost entirely flat. It is just bumpy and gravel with a few spots that you need to be paying attention. This is a little far to get to but makes a great day hike.

Nice trail, pretty well-maintained until the end where it got kind of overgrown. Besides the first climb this trail is very easy. Not too many good views, but a beautiful forest hike.

5 days ago

Great trail with historic informative along the way
Recommend starting early as parking spaces are limited....loved the bridges, the creek, little waterfalls, scenery and nature
Recommend this trail to anyone

It was an easy trail and well maintained. Beautiful and peaceful. We were met by a bear when we got back to our car so make sure to bring your bear spray! The road going in made me nervous if another car were to come along but we made it in and out just fine and were the only ones there.

9 days ago

I am affiliated with a group that hikes or snowshoes on a weekly basis year round. Today, my wife and I checked out access roads to this hike. Our group planned to hike this trail on Friday. There are two ways to get to the trailhead. One is to head south from I-90 Exit 40 at Cataldo onto LeTour Road onto FR 613. This is a 20 mile trek on a dusty, dirt road. Ten miles from the trailhead, the road narrows to one lane. There is a significant amount of logging in the area and logging trucks have seriously damaged the road. Pretty much all the way up, on one side of the road there are drop offs for several hundred feet. If someone got too close to the edge and left the road it would be certain death. The road had several large rocks on it causing for a very bumpy ride. Logging trucks have left large ruts in the road. The second way to get to the trailhead is to go south on Hwy 3 from I-90 towards St Marie’s to Reeds Creek Road. Turn left and travel east for 14 miles. Turn left on Rashad Road and travel 10 miles up to the trailhead. This saves you ten miles of rough road but this road was essentially in the same condition as the other one. Further, much of this road is clay so if it’s wet (raining) the road would become very slippery. We did arrive at the trailhead and it was beautiful but we concluded that the risk was not worth the gain. We decided to hike somewhere else.

Great trail for families and people with mobility issues or who struggle with elevation climbs. Very easy and well maintained out and back trail, with some neat sites too!

I started a bit later in the day so wasn't able to do the full trail, I turned back where the trails split off. I enjoyed it though, it's well maintained and lightly trafficked and while there aren't any sweeping vistas or 360 degree views the scenery is great

Did this hike with my Corgi early in the morning with no issues, really nice hike with lots to look at. The lake was awesome I wish I would have brought a lunch to spend more time there. Bring good shoes for the trail, it has some rigid rocks. Passed a few groups on my way out. Will probably do again!

12 days ago

A lovely hike. It is a moderate trail, all up hill but not horrible. You follow a beautiful creek to the top, pretty little waterfalls along the way. You can hike off the trail to see the actual tunnel, great area history. If you are into geocaching there are 10 along the way, but look at the clues before going, service is spotty.

16 days ago

Beautiful trail with the creek running along it. Historical markers are interesting and it climbs a moderate amount to the top. The tunnel is down steep hill so be careful. Hard to believe they got horses in that tunnel! I have hiked this trail 3 times now and it's one of my favorites that I do whenever in Wallace.

Fast, short jaunt with spectacular waterfalls to view.

This is definitely an easy hike not moderate. It’s flat and easily passable. We did it with our little kids and I’m pregnant. Beautiful huge trees and fun things to look at and explore.

19 days ago

Great hike with a beautiful lake at the end of the trail. Dropped in for a quick, refreshing swim. Great views all along the way. Not too tough for our 9 year old.

1 month ago

Did this hike last weekend with my wife and kids(10,8,6, and 3). The hike was a little much for my kids but we made it there and back. Lake was warm enough to go swimming.

The nature loop and the first part of the hike (till the passing of the 2 rivers) are really worth to do amongst the giant cedars. The second part was much less attractive with a very steep path full of high blue flowers. As the sky was very hazy with the smog (from fires), we did not make it to the end and went back from 1 mile of the final creek. Our GPS measured a 12K hike. A bear was seen the day before.

First time hiking here and loved It! Great maintained trail, perfect for the dog. The beginning is all uphill then will decline downhill to a meadow full of butterflies. I hiked this August 4th and got an early start. Plenty of shade and places along the creek to hang your hammock. About 4 or so miles in the trail gets muddy and trail is covered in water. Didn't see any wildlife, but the Wasps and hornets are bad. It was challenging to rest without them swarming us. I loved this hike and look forward to going back.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! The beginning wanders along the creek and provides shade and cool temps under the forest foliage. Plentiful waterfalls soothe ears and eyes. Later, the hike goes uphill. For those who feel tentative on hills, hiking poles might be helpful. The many interpretative signs tell the story of Ed Pulaski and western wildfires.

Did this on Aug 2 and had the trail to myself. Very quiet and peaceful. Trail was in good shape . It hasnt rained in weeks so no problem in crossing creeks. First 0.9 is uphill and peaks at a bench. Then down to the creek. Meadow and campsites were at 1.8 mi. I turned around at 3 mi where there is a junction sign. Both trails from there appeared unmaintained and overgrown. Overall a nice hike in mostly forest and some meadow.

When Siri says you’ve arrived at the TH take the right fork off of 202. Potholes and ruts but doable in a car if you take it slow.

Great trail!
If we went again (which we will be), I'd definitely bring more water/CamelBaks because it gets steep and HOT! Worth the climb though with the beautiful little waterfalls and wildlife all around. There's plenty of spots to take a rest every quarter mile or so, but PLEASE pick up after yourself!! I can't believe how much trash we picked up along the way.

1 month ago

My husband and I have both hiked our fair share of mountain lakes, and we both agree this is the prettiest we've seen. I really want to come back and camp overnight here.

I was surprised that the hike descends for the first part before going uphill again. The description sounds like it's not very steep, but the elevation gain must account for height gained after it goes downhill again. The hike itself was gorgeous, great views and pretty flowers. And the lake itself was breathtaking. We'll be back.

1 month ago

This was a breathtaking hike! The drive up was beautiful, the hike had views most of the way, and the lake is stunning. I'm already planning a return trip.

As wonderful as it was, there's some things to be prepared for. It's a long haul on Forest Service roads. It took around 45 minutes from the base to the trailhead one way. The road is wide enough for one car and rocky. 4WD and high clearance is a must. I drove a Chevy Avalanche and had no problems. The trail itself has very rocky sections and is narrow. It's manageable but you need good shoes and need to leave yourself plenty of time to take it the pace you need. The trail is so worth all the effort.

1 month ago

Really fun family hike! the path can get a bit narrow, so challenging with a jogging stroller. There are two beautiful waterfalls to admire.

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever taken! About halfway through the nature Loop there's a trail that goes off to the right which heads up towards the falls. I was surprised that there were many more Giants Cedars along this Trail also not just down at the nature Loop. I did not make it to the falls this time but hope to do this again sometime soon!

I only clocked 2 miles so perhaps I missed something. Beware of the wasp nest, the stinging nettle and SO MANY BUGS. Otherwise pretty trail. The creek was great for the pup and the water is ICE COLD. Nothing too spectacular to note though. Would be a great trail for kiddos!

loved this trail. we visited on 7/15/18. the lake was beautiful for swimming. on our hike in we passed a couple who were hiking out. they were the only couple with overnight packs on. when we got into the lake we discovered a smoldering campfire. there were 3 good sized logs in the fire pit that was stuffed with unburnt garbage.
To the couple that left your fire burning......
"You are welcome. We put your fire out for you. Note for next time, make sure that your camp fire is completely out. Do not leave your garbage for others. You packed it in, you can certainly pack it back out. It is far too risky to leave garbage and and logs still burning in your campsite. Be a better person next time. Thanks.
Sincerely - everyone else who loves the woods like you do. "

PS, AllTrails strikes again with bad road directions. Do not take Baldy Rd. unless you have a jeep and enjoy dust.

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