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Hiked the Barr Trail Tuesday Sept. 18. This was my first 14er. Started at 4:30am and reached the the summit at 2:40pm. The last three miles were steep and just went on forever. I was very happy we had made arrangements with My Rock Mountain Ride to pick us up at the summit and return us to the trailhead..

Fun little hike! Wasn’t expecting the stairs, so keep that in mind, it is a very man developed trail and there are a lot of steps, some are slippery because of gravel. Brought my 2 & 4 YOs and my 12 YO dog, and they loved it, we made it all the way to the top! We had a blast sliding down the “slippery” rocks at the top and enjoying the beautiful views!

Two friends and I did the trail on Saturday 9-15. We started at 6:30am and finished at 2:30pm. I agree with everyone that the first four miles are tough and the last three miles are rough due to elevation and slope grade. Bring more water than you’d expect. Other than that everyone is friendly on the trail and it was not as populated as expected for a beautiful Saturday.

Not the most spectacular falls by any means, but an average hike with some elevation gain. Heavy traffic with familes and dogs on a narrow trail most of the way. If you're up for the challenge and more miles I highly suggest continuing up to Mt. Rosa for some beautiful views.

4 days ago

I did this hike on the way to Kineo Mountain. Pretty easy hike with a lot of familes with small children and dogs. I highly suggest continuing on past the 7th bridge for a more secluded hike and more of a challenge as most people turn around. My dog of course loved all the water to play in and there are some great hammock and lunch spots in the trees along the river.

Definitely not a clear trail to follow, but the navigation and steep incline can be a fun challenge. Lots of loose gravel, I definitely fell on my butt twice and slid down. The 2 other people I saw coming down had trekking poles which would probably really help on the decent. Hiked it with my husky and had to help him up some of the scrambling and loose gravel areas.

Lots of slick dirt on downhill

Nice trial, great views of water. When you get to the parking lot take the entrance on the left with a small gate and walk down till you see 622 on the right and go to the right.

5 days ago

I’m not good with


I hiked yesterday Sept 4th via Barr Trail. This was my 1st 14er. Started at 5am and was on summit buy 11am. Trails are easily marked. Leaves are changing color. It was an awesome hike.i met few other hikers along the way. I didn’t hike back down. People are kind to give you ride back to Manitou. If you choose to.

11 days ago

Short, easy, family-oriented hike. We found it by accident while driving on Gold Camp road. Will go back to do some of the other longer trails.

Short little hike. Quick elevation. Steps and gravel trail. Wide and easy to follow. Family friendly. Busy parking because of popularity. Zero water flow during droughts but still pretty.

Great views, close proximity to information post.

13 days ago

Wide trail, packed with visitors.

Really enjoyed this as a loop w/ my 6 month old puppy. Do the loop counter clockwise- that way you hit the steep stuff going uphill and downhill is a gentle slope if you have a dog and don’t want the trail to be too hard on their joints going downhill

Fun hike

Did this hike on 9/1/18. Went with on other guy and we completed it in 5:00min started at about 5:45am. We didn’t stop at Barr camp. It’s pretty hard the first 3 miles and then it gets hard again at about the last 2 just from your legs being tired. Views are awesome!

Amazing views. I hiked this trail with my two sisters On Labor Day weekend. There were a lot of hikers out but not to the point it hindered our enjoyment. The trail is not well marked. If we hadn’t read online trail guides before going we would have been hopeless. We still managed to get lost and add an extra 2 miles to our hike. Definitely research before you start. It took us 14 hours to reach the top. My sister isn’t an experienced hiker but she kept going and as long as your willing to keep pushing anyone can make this hike. There wasn’t any impossible inclines it’s all fairly gentle slopes and switchbacks. My sisters hitchhiked off from the summit since the pikes peak shuttle only takes you half the way down. I chose to run down which took me 3 hours.

Barr camp is a nice resting place but unless you enjoy paying $3 for a can of soda don’t plan on buying snacks there.

17 days ago

Me and my pup's first CO trail after driving up from TX the day before. The trail itself was not difficult, but we definitely felt the elevation! Ended up going past where the trail actually ended up to the top for some great views. The trail is pretty and well maintained, wonderful morning hike.

You need a 4x4 , wrangler, SUV or truck to get to this trailhead. I am sure this is a 5-Star hike but we had to turn around since we were driving a hybrid rental car. The trail description does not mention this very important fact (about getting to the trailhead on a very rutted, narrow and rocky road). Travel safe!

18 days ago

Excellent, challenging hike / climb / scramble. Here are the key things to note:

1. The trail can get a bit hard to follow. I recommend looking through some recent recordings and loading one of those up in the app to keep you on track.

2. Quite a bit of scrambling and loose rock, so this is likely not a good hike for young kids or folks that struggle with balance or steep scrambles.

3. It is intense elevation gain in a short distance, so a great hike to use in prep for a 14er. If you prefer switchbacks or a well-designed trail this may be a disappointment.

I hiked it yesterday and ran into many encouraging people on the way. I was determined to make the summit and it was well worth the hike. I’ll definitely do it again. Very beautiful hike.

Completed this on 9/1/18! Very tough hike. We started at 5:30am and hit the summit at 3pm. We stopped at Barr camp for about 45 mins to rest and refill water. All the other reviews I read are spot on. The first 4 miles seem the steepest, but once you clear the tree line the oxygen is thin and Even walking is hard. It is a steady incline all the way to the top. You know you’ve reached the summit when all the annoying tourists (seemed like most were foreign) are climbing DOWN the mountain to get their photos as you’re struggling the last few hundred feet to the top! No greater feeling than completing that hike though! You feel like you are standing on top of the world!!

Great hike and you can keep going past the falls if you want a little more hiking. Look for the 622 marker to find the entrance to the trail and go early. The other reviews about being busy are accurate.

This hike is labeled moderate but it’s on the easier side of moderate. You walk along the stream on the whole walk and it’s relatively shaded. No signs labeled Seven Bridges, it’s actually Trail 622. At the Helen Hunt visitor center there are several outhouses but bring your own toilet paper. Earlier the better for parking.

19 days ago

Definitely walked about a mile down the wrong trail before we turned around and tried again. Walk up high drive to the clearing - You will know it when you see it. From the clearing, you will see a metal rope fence - the trail starts on the far right side, as others have stated. If you’re looking for Mays, you want the unmarked trail. The views along the way are fairly stunning in and of themselves, but the 360 views from the top are choice. Would definitely do it again! Make sure to find the geocache and sign the log book - It’s in an old ammo tin under a pine tree that rims the peak. Loved this hike! Shout out to all of the previous reviews for the tips on finding this trail.

Great hike & even better if you keep going past the seventh bridge to the upper views.

19 days ago

One of the best trails. Great time

20 days ago

Falls are nice once you get there. The length of the hike is a bit much for a half-day outing. The initial portion on the forest road is exposed and hot, pretty forgettable. The trail itself is mostly covered, but a pretty consistent, significant uphill grade.

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