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Easy path, beautiful canyon and thrilling waterfall at the end.

A nice walk on a paved path through a lovely canyon. Don’t go looking for a hike, but the scenery is nice. It was a rainy day and still there were many people on the trail, don’t want to imagine it on a sunny day. The trail to ink pots is much better - packed dirt path and less people. These are definitely worth the walk, beautiful mountain backdrop and the ink pots are beautiful.

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3 days ago

Wonderful hike! The switchbacks are through shoulder high pine trees, making for beautiful vistas. The creek crossing is lovely, the forest beautiful, then you reach the box canyon and fully see the glacier - glorious. You hear the water in the creek and the rumble of the glacier above. The loop over the top plateau is quite steep and loose rock, super fun (better with hiking poles). Fantastic views. No bugs this time of year.

Pretty easy trail. The trail is well travelled so it's nice and wide open. Great views from the top. Good short hike if you're looking for something that's not hard but still gives great views

6 days ago

Rather boring thru unimpressive Johnston Canyon and the lower/upper falls. Paved path good for families and seniors. Lots of people dropped off by buses. We continued onto the Ink Pots via a rather steep hike (dirt trail); the crowds thin out. The Ink Pots are very interesting and worth the hike.

Very easy paved path with railing for the majority of the route. Beautiful waterfall/river/canyon views but extremely crowded. 10-15 minute lines at each viewpoint so we turned back after the second waterfall before going further to the ink pots.

Loved this trail! The waterfall Is beautiful and the ink pots are a beautiful hue if turquoise and and a nice place for a picnic.

Has a clear path. I'm extremely out of shape so I was surprise to see that it only took me 2.5 to almost 3 hours to complete (climb up).

If you pace yourself, then it's a beautiful hike up. I would definitely recommend.

Great hike to do solo if you are just wanting to get some great exercise and views at the top! There is no route-finding and given the popularity of the trail and the gondola overhead, I wasn’t at all worried about wears. The pooch loved it.

lots of switchbacks!! Quite challenging and some great food at the top to enjoy :)

Was a great little hike. Took about 1.5 hours including picture stops. Some snow today and a bit of mud, but not too bad and still good footing.


Beautiful easy hike. It could get pretty crowded so just make sure you get there early so you can actually enjoy it

9 days ago

Good, but too full

11 days ago

A fairly quick (1-1.5 hours at a casual pace) hike with some great views of the Bow Valley to the East and West (including the town of Banff). Certainly can be done by people of all ages and abilities, but there are some steeper sections could tire some people out that are not in great shape so would recommend going slow if you are fairly new to hiking. Experienced hikers and those in good shape can get up pretty quickly and as some have mentioned there are usually some people running the trail. Some of the best views are on the way up especially to the East side of the mountain over the Banff Springs Golf Course and Rundle Mountain.

11 days ago

The first part of this hike takes about an hour until you get to a plateau where the views get better, most people stop here and enjoy their lunches while looking at the Glaciers and mountains around. This first part is fairly easy with nice inclined at the begging and towards the end before the plateau.
If you feel energetic I highly recommend doing the loop from the plateau, as you look up the right side has a small waterfall, marmots and caves, took us about 1 hour 10 min to do the loop.
Hiking poles and hiking boots recommended for that last section.
It was pretty crowded by 10 am so go early.

when I arrived the tea house I realized there was no view from this level.
Most of the ascent to the tea house was in the woods and there was a little view all the way.
The only view is from the little beehive that was 1km ascend.

13 days ago

Did this hike on a Friday (Sept 7) arriving at The main parking lot around 4pm to find ample parking. It wasn’t too crowded and we were one of the last people on Trail when we finished around 7:30pm. Arriving at ink pots was favorite of the hike with great views later in the day. There were some tough inclines but all enjoyable.

13 days ago

A super easy fast hike with a great view of some falls at the end. The canyon is fascinating, I really enjoyed this hike, I did it at dusk and got some gorgeous pictures.

I recommend everyone check this out. Easy to fit in after a long hike or while passing through!

This hike is really crowded but the views are great and the tea house is lovely. You can help out the tea house by bringing down trash bags to help them out.

13 days ago

I would give this a 3.5 star, it’s listed as moderate but we found it easy.
nice views and good for an afternoon stroll.
The beginning is a paved path along the river that you can bike up or walk, but the best part of the hike is after the pavement ends and the trail begins.
We walked at a slower pace and stoped for photos, round-trip took us three hours

Too many people from parking lot 1 all the way up to upper falls but then a very pleasant trail with much less traffic up to the ink pots. Beautiful scenery. Enjoyed a snack next to the running water before making the return trip.

13 days ago

Very nice hike, you have a great view on Lake Louise and pass Mirror Lake before arriving at Lake Agnes.

14 days ago

As many have commented, the portion of the trail to the upper falls is very, very popular and crowded. However, the canyon, creek, and falls are very pretty and worth dealing with the crowds. After the upper falls we still encountered many people but at least it seemed like a real hike. We enjoyed the views of the mountains at the ink pots, as well as the ink pots. We thought the trail rating of moderate is appropriate. Overall, this is a very nice hike despite the crowds

14 days ago

It's a very nice hike. Definately well worth the trip. We went end of August.

its a. busy hike ..it is a little smoky still but nice ..p.s if u want to take an alternative route down thats quieter take the horse trail down..its muddy but super quiet ....

15 days ago

Très touristique!!

I love this hike, I do it every time I visit. An easy walk or run up, and you get great views! Perfect to do with a doggo at your side.

If you have time and energy, go all the way up to the plateau where you see a line of trees below the glacier. It is almost a mile beyond the end of the trail and rigorous climb up the shale but SO worth it! There are two trails to get there. When you get there, you will feel like you’ve stepped into a big secret! It’s a beautiful little forest, with a meadow and a bustling stream with incredible views right beneath the glacier! One of the prettiest destinations I’ve been to on a hike!

15 days ago

The view at the top is very impressive but the hike was just ok ! There were lots of switchbacks and it looked like a highway. Excepted that you walk up, it was pretty easy. No obstacles! You can see the gondolas passing over your head..they make noise that kind of ruin your « nature trip ». At the top, there was A LOT of tourists... There is a center where you can learn about the place...it was fun! A great attraction for the place, but not the better hike for a hiker !

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