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Connecticut/Rhode Island Map
3 days ago

Completed this loop on the morning of 11/11/18, a beautiful fall day. Parked at Hell Hollow Pond (does not close until Dec) and followed the track as outlined on this page. Also did the spur south of Phillips Pond which led to a nice brook that was flowing strong due to recent rains. This spur starts at a small gate that has trees down in back of it, but the trail is there. That brought the total hike to about 4.6 miles. Nice trails, very little elevation change, only saw 1 other person.

4 days ago

Fun family hike. My so has been going on this trail since he was 5. It’s somewhat challenging but easy to push through.

Great trail for hiking. Bring a map. Well defined trail but intersects with numerous other trails within Arcadia. Lots of options to make hike as long as you want. Easily can do loop just around Pond, about 1.5 miles total. Great views. Wear your orange during hunting season. Good parking lot.

on Lantern Hill Trail

17 days ago

3 steep inclines but the view at the top is worth it!

Simply beautiful. We hiked in from a parking lot north of the railroad tracks. The underpass regularly floods and today it was impassable for short vehicles but the sidewalk was above water.

NOTE!!! The waterfront trail floods severely at high tide cutting you off. The water depth at peak high tide is deep enough to go over boots. Some people in warm weather take their shoes off - but in the cold you have to take the long way around or double back.

The trails are very nicely kept. We hiked into the area and took the left trail split. This trail has some significant elevation changes we decided to tackle it while fresh. We also confirmed that high tide was at our starting point and with the flooding we took the high trail hoping for the water level to drop as we hiked the wooded trails.

The view at the end is worth the walk. We were correct in our planning that hiking the woods took long enough for the high tide to recede. We still walked through flooding but it was barely over our toes on our hiking boots - sneakers would not stay dry even 2.5 hours past high tide.

It was so nice for me and my dog

24 days ago

Beautiful area! There's an easier path with great sites to see and a rough path that takes you thru the woods. Each way brings you to the top which is breath taking.

26 days ago

Did this hike today with my humans. It was a lot of rock scrambling and climbing up and over and around. I only needed assistance in a few spots. We started at the Long Pond Trail head. Some of the trail is moderately wooded and almost seems like you’re walking down a deer Path. Hiking boots are definitely recommended for the rock scrambling!!! If you are used to hiking up North (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) you will find this relatively easy. For Rhode Island, this is a unique trail. This trail presents with the opportunity to do a little rock scrambling that is not common in many of the Rhode Island trails. Views of the Long Pond and El Pond at this time of year are minimal due to all of the heavy foliage. The trail is well-maintained with yellow blazes. There are a few areas where you need to stop and be mindful to find the markers. It took us about 50 minutes (We took a few minutes to view El Pond)to go from our starting point to where the trail ends at the Narragansett Trail North starting point. Our trip back was much quicker at 40 minutes. Although there is supposed to be no hunting in this part of the Rockville management area we still wore our orange vest. Keep in mind this is hunting season! Get out and enjoy!!!

This was my first hike since moving to Connecticut and it didn’t disappoint! Beautiful views, easy hike but long enough to feel like a good work out, and very dog friendly! Bathrooms halfway through the trail were a nice surprise. Also, the GPS directions to the trail head from this app were right on and it was easy to find!

Lots of dogs on Sunday.

1 month ago

Great hike with pack 73 Boy Scouts. Great place for kids to hike and awesome views at the vista.

The trail was very hard to navigate but the view was worth it once we found it. It was decently easy as far as endurance just a very steep walk to the oven and steep down from the view point.

Nice leisurely bike ride. Easy to follow and wide trail. Don't expect any mind-blowing views. Would be a great trail for trail running.

Take a picture of the trail map before you head out. Around the group campgrounds, the orange blazes disappear for some reason.

Went with our family, age range from 6-35 and we had a great time. Took the orange trail, beautiful views well worth the hike!

1 month ago

After you find the right trail, the journey is great and the destiny is beautiful. As long as you follow the trail and the markers and don’t get off track, it’s a great time and a good workout. Steep inclines, loose rocks, and a beautiful view from the top. Wife approved trail ✔️

Did the trail for the first time with my 3 year granddaughters, niece and husband. It was a little scary at times because of my granddaughters ages, but then I’m a city girl from the projects in NYC. Anyway, WE LOVED IT and we plan on making hiking our thing to do on Saturday’s.

this is such a nice trail. Haven't been hiking enough lately to be a great judge but I think, though short, it's on the higher side of moderate. But really clean and some nice little pockets of vistas. Today had a little more people than I remember in the past and a few had dogs (including off leash) but all the dogs were very calm and friendly and didn't detract from the hike. The trail is also really well marked in the areas we hiked and we saw a few families so don't be afraid to bring the kids if they are ok with some steeper climbs/descents.

Still my favorite in the area,

the second part of the trail was cut off but we were still able to go to the first and walk up it and then back down. the marking change between red and blue but it's not really hard to follow it to the top. dogs would like this but I'd say kids might have a rough time, some of the inclines are harsh.

1 month ago

First half is great, lots of hills that allow good footing. Peek offers great view. Went after heavy rain. Second half can be a challenge do to wet rock surface ( Grabbed tree once after slipping, about ten miles on Solomon Mid GTX 3s) You end up following a fire road back to starting point. My advice is hit peak and turn back around.

it was different with both the woods n the marsh,if u go there this wknd 9/15 do not where your deer outfit because bow season starts, I didn't like the gun shots either(squirrel hunters)

Beautiful area. The main trails are more like old country roads, and very easy to walk. They begin with incredible views of the marsh, and head into the woods. Once in the woods, there are lots of little side trails that all loop back to the main trail. These are not well marked if you’re looking for blazes, but the trails themselves are very obvious for the most part. Like the other reviews say, the mosquitoes are terrible. I had on bug spray, and still got eaten alive. I paused for a sip of water, and had a swarm on me. I couldn’t even count them. Will try again when it’s cooler.

2 months ago

Fun, moderately difficult hike. Some flat cruising sections around Asheville pond, but mostly rocks and roots. Plenty of short distance rock scrambles that will burn the legs a bit. Trail well maintained and well marked with yellow blazes. Make sure to take the spur trail at the west end of long pond for some great views. Overall a great time!

Great trail for the area. I would rate it above average difficulty. We took the right trail from the parking lot and did the out and back in about 50 minutes. My 40 pound lab mix handled it like a champ. Highly recommended and a must do!

2 months ago

My fiancé and I love to go on hikes all over New England but this past weekend we figured we would do one that’s local. Surprisingly neither of us have been to lantern hill. What a horrible day to have forgotten to bring my hiking shoes! Super steep areas. It wasn’t impossible to climb without hiking shoes, but was just uncomfortable. We did have some difficulty finding the start of the trail, but when we googled a bit of you put Wintechog Hill Rd. Into GPS, then we found it, plus with all the cars parked on the side of the road made it easy to find after that. Just remember to pack water and snacks if you want, bug spray, sunscreen, and sunglasses and or/hat it is shaded most of the way but at the top it was hot open area. We went at the end of August, so might be different if you go in a different month.

This trail is amazing. beautiful waterfall right at the beginning along with a few different hiking trails. devils oven is a cool cave to look at.

The Lantern Hill trail is perfect for a first foray into hiking. The trails are clearly marked and an hour in the forest passes very quickly and pleasurably.

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