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Nice hike. Not always well marked and hard to see trail with all the leaves on the ground but used common sense and path of least resistance and trail was easy to follow. Tons of downed trees from the storm in the spring, kudos to maintenance for clearing a path and keeping the trail open

6 days ago

The falls are fabulous! I found the trails a little hard to follow with all the fallen leaves and not clearly marked; however, it was a beautiful day for a walk. Next time I do this walk, I think I’ll do it before the leaves fall. We went up to the top of the tower but was not impressed with the view.

trail was extremely muddy, make sure to bring proper footwear. easy to get off trail (and off property!).

The view on top is magnificent! I took the blue/red trail on the left to go on top of the mountain and it is very rocky. Make sure to keep your head up to see the markers. There is a small portion where there seems to be no more markers and you will go right on a wide trail (like for ATV) and then you will have to go off that path and take a left (slight uphill) to get back on track and keep going along the "cliffs".
Very nice hike overall!!

Great hike for all levels. The view at the bottom of the lake is wonderful and the path along the lake is very peaceful. The climb to the top gives a great view!

I had trouble finding the path to the blue trail that brings on top... If taking the white trail longing the lake and then going on top of the mountain (to get on the blue trail), you will have to cross a small bridge and keep heading away from the lake for like 2min and then the blue marker will be on a tree on the right (the path is delimited with rocks that blend well in the scenery). Then just keep your head up to see the markers. Can be done within 2h.

Beautiful day & hike. Views at the top. Crossed over 691 using the footbridge to start. A bit steep & rocky(white trail ?)

Great day and hike. Enjoy

The falls really are beautiful. Went on a early Saturday morning while it was raining and there was only one other family there, which is not the norm but was welcoming. From past reviews this place gets packed to the point where parking is closed, so I highly recommend you go while its raining. I also went on November 3rd so i didnt have to pay the 20 dollar fee (for non residents only and definitely not worth it imo), after Oct 31 there is no fee. Trail can be hard to follow after the falls so have the offline maps downloaded and ready (service is spotty here). Lastly the town of Kent is a nice small hiker town that I highly recommend you visit, tons of small shops with a lot to see and very friendly people.

Spectacular views during the fall. We elected to cut south along the reservoir amid way down the walk from Craig Castle. Pretty scenic shoreline and also avoids the walk along the roads we saw others complain of in previous reviews (shaved off some time too). Excellent photo ops.

The trail was very wet from all the rain some of the parts of the trail had turned into a small creek so would recommend wearing waterproof hiking shoes.

My husband and I started our hike on the blue trail and ended on the blue/red trail. The trail markings were spaced far apart and difficult to follow. Some of the trail markings were faded and need to be remarked. It is easy to go off the trail if you are not carful.
The views were beautiful.

14 days ago

Hiked this trail many times since my teenage years and always enjoy the view from the top at 'Black Rock' esp this time of year.
Trail is moderate and can be challenging for anyone not used to steep climbs but def manageable just take your time, using a hiking pole/stick can be helpful. Total time to top from parking area inside park is 30 minutes or less.

Beautiful moderate hike, great around the fall time!

18 days ago

I gave 5 stars bc it is a great hike with great scenery. The trails are very well marked.

on Lantern Hill Trail

18 days ago

3 steep inclines but the view at the top is worth it!

23 days ago

Quiet trail. Would do again

I really enjoyed the hike, will definitely be back. Didn't find the caves but did make it to the cliffs.

26 days ago

Beautiful area! There's an easier path with great sites to see and a rough path that takes you thru the woods. Each way brings you to the top which is breath taking.

the hike to the top was okay but walking back on the road is stupid.

I have been hiking here for over 15 years... love this place

Great trails , awesome views .

1 month ago

Trail by the lake is pretty but very muddy, be sure to watch your step! Also, be aware, the last time we were here we ran into a very large black bear on the trail. Local fb groups indicate that he lives close and doesn't bother people, but if you're hiking with children or pets, make sure you keep a close eye!

way too crowded

1 month ago

Don’t go on a weekend if you don’t like seeing other people on the trail.

1 month ago

Nice hike although many trees are down along the route so either around, over or under was a regular decision. Beautiful waterfall at the beginning of the trail.

Fun afternoon on a nice fall day. Trails weren’t marked well at a certain point and we only found the correct path by chance - definitely make sure to check where you’re going

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