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Amazing trail! Went last week and had a great time. A little difficult to navigate especially when doing the more difficult trail but well worth it once you get to the water fall.

Great views. The hike is what I scored. Frustrated with the app, though. I recorded it and it didn’t save and wouldn’t let me share.

Don’t bother following this route, just do some research and choose a colored trail to stick to (pink, blue, yellow). I tried following and it jumped around too much. The route ends in the middle of the blue trail, and has you head back. Next time I go I will pick a color and stick to it. Nice trails, easy terrain.

My wife and hiked the north/south loop including the falls Nice well marked trails moderate degree of difficulty as advertised

This is the tallest peak in CT, so it should be noted that it is a fairly steep and steady climb the first 2 miles, up up up! it relaxes a bit after that until the last mile, we went left (instead of doing the paradise lane trail) to the summit and clocked it at 7 miles total. Not sure how this site is saying 6, because the paradise lane trail looks longer. The view is stunning and worth it.

11 days ago

I’m an avid hiker so this hike was a piece of cake. I followed this route exactly and it was all very clearly marked. Beautiful views from the top!

15 days ago

Trail turned out to be more challenging than we expected but overall and so far our best hike of the year! On the way back we haven’t met almost no one so it was freaky to feel alone in the woods but we made out alive , well and before the dusk. I wouldn’t recommend bringing small kids, inexperienced pets and elderly, elevation more that 1600 ft and for the most part you just keep going up like on stepmaster. Bring lots of water and be wise with time, you ‘ll be fine

We did the loop but not the Salmon river part. ended up 3.2 miles on the blue. Some nice running spots. Some hills. All in all a nice but rocky trail. pretty well marked. Will be back to do the whole 7.3

20 days ago

some good challenging uphills, and the view from the top of bear mountain is stunning.

highest point in connecticut! pretty steep near the summit (lots of fun scramble-y boulders to climb), but the views were totally worth it. really beautiful mountain vegetation along the summit area, and all downhill from there. :) we stopped for lunch about 3 miles in; took about 6 hours including a few stops and some lounging/snacking at the top.

very nice hike,great views, a lot of history, took the blue tail back, definitely recommend ed

made it with two kids -6 and 8 years old, amazing views

Beautiful, well-kempt trail. Slight inclines to keep things interesting. Great vistas. Awesome foliage.

Not very well marked and the trials were very narrow.

22 days ago

I loved this hike, good distance with a decent amount of elevation without being too strenuous. Stunning scenery. It was mostly undercover so sunscreen was not really required. However, bug spray is a must. A couple of great views, I would definitely do this hike again. The waterfall was pretty!

nature trips
22 days ago

Absolutely great hiking. Nice and easy trail in the beginning and middle then become challenging near the summit if you go from east side of mountain. Definitely great view on the top.

great hike with beautiful views

28 days ago

Good hike. Busy/limited parking on Sunday mid-morning. There were a few times where I was unsure if I went off the trail, but luckily there’s cell reception so I could check my location on the map.

nature trips
29 days ago

unique castle. little trails around the castle grounds. took dog but can't go in castle. food really good/fresh and can sit inside/outside. only complaint which became significant was the amount wasps everywhere. very aggressive, especially around food areas. we bought food and jumped in our car to eat. certain trails have steep steps, others are just incline/decline.

Went with two 3yrs olds and two 1yr olds (who were worn) and it was a big hit. They loved playing the in stream at the beginning of the hike and “rock climbing” up the steep incline to the top. It was just of a challenge for the older kids and a nice work out for us moms. A nice balance.
Though I would recommend it for those who are not into inclines or if the kids aren’t used to hiking. We’ll be back though.

Lots of open areas with great views! Climb was on the easy side of moderate, but still on good rocky terrain for most of the loop. Very easy to go the wrong way the first mile or two, so heads up.

This was my first time doing this hike and I was not disappointed. It's a beautiful hike after the first two miles with 3 lovely viewpoints.

A few points to note:

- I highly recommend doing this hike counterclockwise bearing to the right on the Paradise Lane Trail and following up to the summit. be warned, the rock scramble is extremely long and very steep and, in my opinion, should be conquered going up rather than going down. The rocks were very wet after all the rain we've had and I can't imagine ever going down that scramble without being terrified. And I'd never do it with little kids. However, I found it exciting and exhilarating trying to figure out how to manuver it. What a rush when we made it to the top!

- There was a section where we had to cross a river that was slightly rapid after all the rain. I found it rather exciting but it could be tricky if you're not prepared for something like that.

- Wear hiking boots! Mud and large puddles were everywhere!

I'd definitely do this hike again, repeating the counter clockwise trek. We clocked it at 6.6 miles.

Great hike. Started at West Lane entrance. Went left at fork and took Blue/Red trail to Blue trail. Nice scenes. Great peak. Took Blue up to Blue/Yellow and cut back across East to starting point. AllTrails said we hiked 4.3 miles and burned 1431 calories. NICE. Definitely got a great workout. Would highly recommend. Can't wait to go back and do full loop.

A really awesome trail with great views. It would certainly be a 5 star review if the trails were marked better. Very easy to get lost. I have The AllTrails Pro and it bailed us out a couple of times.

My husband and I went hiking here recently after we’d had weeks of rain. The mushrooms had gone crazy around the trail. I’ve hiked here many times and never saw any notable fungi before this. What we saw this time was incredible, so many mushrooms of different varieties, shapes and colors. We started noticing them near the base of the trail only to find that they got more numerous and varied the farther up we went. I’m not a mycologist, but this was very cool.

Beautiful place. I took a left on to a single track trail after a few hundred feet of gravel trail. It paralleled the highlighted rout above and let to the same tower lookout. Then continued on the m&m trail to Hartford rez no 6 for a swim!

nice trail

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