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Sanborn was pretty with all the trees but kind of boring honestly. Once we crossed over to the castle Rock side on the Saratoga gap trail it was gorgeous! Make sure you've downloaded the map because some of the intersections aren't very well marked.

23 days ago

If you're heading north on CA highway 3, drive 9.4 miles past the Rush Creek Road intersection. Granite Peak road is what you're looking for- a dirt road that will be on your left, across from BushyTail campground. Take this dirt road for about 3 miles (avoid turning on smaller logging turnoffs) until you dead end into the trail head.

The hike itself is splendidly steep, the first mile is foreshadowing for the remainder of the ascent. Switchbacks lead up through a beautiful forest.

The views become more enjoyable on the final 1/3 of the ascent. We hiked through patchy snow for the final 0.75 miles (in February, of an unseasonably warm year.)

Portions of the trail are a bit difficult to follow, especially on the second half of the ascent.

Views from the top include Mt Shasta (northeast), Lassen (east), a great view of the Trinity Alps, Shasta Bally (southeast in whiskey town), and Bully Choop (south).

A great intro to Trinity Alps hiking, as many of the other Trinity hikes are upwards of 14 miles.

Gorgeous hike along the coast. Healthy ups and downs - the downs were a bit steep and could be tricky with loose rocks.

Awesome trail and views. Dog friendly off the leash. We did the 4miles one and was espectacular!

Very easy trail to follow (coastal trail); very steep elevation! It’s 11-14 miles round trip, so you’ll need to start early (plan for ~6 hours), bring lots of water, sunscreen and snacks.

Awesome beach views, but can get windy.

Gave it 4/5 starts because my personal preference is for more mossy/woodsy and/or varied scenery and this is broad daylight and coastline the whole time.

1 month ago

Beautiful Views. Like many people have mentioned, bring a lot of water. There is not much shade on most of the trail.

1 month ago

Great backpacking trip! Although trail is hard to find at times! Beautiful at top!

Unbelievable views!!!

1 month ago

We only had time to hike 4 miles but the views were so nice.

Decided to do this as a dayhike to train for Whitney later this year. Definitely found myself wishing I was overnighting it. Beautiful hike with plenty of solitude. Lots of up and down on the way up, which means there's still plenty of climbing to be done on the way back. Rose peak is not a high prominence peak, so the views at the top are less rewarding than the breeze at the top, but it's still a nice perspective. Last few miles were particularly tough just because of distance (closer to 20 miles). Took a short detour up to the water spigot at sunol backpack camp to refill on the way back (boiled my water as it is untreated), before cutting down the backpack road towards little yosemite to go around the last bit of uphill on the mcorkle trail. Exhausted and sore, but happy i made the hike.

Sanborn Park is nicely shaded while part of trails in Castle Rock Park offers great view.

This page needs to be updated: the trail has been open for several weeks
Amazing views with lots of switchbacks and sun. I was disappointed that I couldn’t see Clear Lake from the top (Cobb was blocking the view) but could see very far in every direction. The trail is actually mostly a fire road that passes through a lot burned trees from the Tubbs Fire

Bring lots of water and a hat, there is very little coverage.

trail running
1 month ago

Gorgeous scenic and fun trail. Love to come back some other time with friends. Alot of burned trees affected from the recent wildfire. Glad I brought my kuksa for a cup of coffee. Enjoyed the sunset but didnt stay too long. I have to run down quick before it gets dark. It stated 9.6 miles but I only took 8miles with steep short cut back down hill.

There are some stellar views on this trail, but for over half of the hike the soundscape is dominated by the traffic and loud motorcycles cruising the highway below. In addition, most of the trail is a dirt road. I'm glad I did it, but I wouldn't be in a hurry to do it again. Good workout though.

2 months ago

Great hike / snowshoe if you're up for an adventure and don't mind route finding to make it happen. The views of the SIerras from the top are impressive as are those of the adjacent peaks / ridge lines which look incredible in snow. Little tricky to follow the established route and it differs a bit from what you'll see in most maps currently.

Current conditions: Snow starts a few hundred feet into the trail and becomes consistent around 1,500' up. The final climb was partially covered and required careful attention to avoid postholing around the rocks -- descended down the backside for deeper snow. Slopes were pretty solid in the morning (just shy of needing to put on traction) but soft by noon for turns or snowshoes.

Route: Park right past the highway sign a few minutes outside Strawberry (*may not be acceptable with snow on the road*) and walk up a few hundred yards to reach the "trailhead" which is little more than a footpath in the dirt. Take note of where you cross the stream as it's tricky to track on the return.

This has a lot of uphill hiking- it’s not just uphill out and downhill back, so be prepared! Great training!

By far one of my favorite hikes around the valley. It does get crowded on weekends so get there early. Trail is a bit rocky and is a good climb but levels out once you get to the ridge. Good all year long, but bring lots of water and sun protection on hot days.

What’s left of Holm’s homestead is a bit if a let down but this hike was amazing and I would definitely do it again. The views were spectacular. Trail was very rocky and lots of mountain bikers. Mile marker 4 has the best view.

2 months ago

12/29/17- Solo hiked this route at 7am and finished by 12pm. I clocked 7.4miles RT with 4,200ft gain. The route was clear of snow up to mile 1.4~, then you hit thin hard pack. Snow was fairly hard pack up to the summit. Follow the cairns the whole way. Only wore boots w/gaiters, thermal top, beanie, soft shell pants and thin gloves. Used poles for the gain/lose.

Awesome.. but it kicked my butt!

One of the most challenging yet amazing hike thus far! Bring more than 2L of water with you on any sunny day

Loved every minute

3 months ago

It was a beautiful hike. Great inclines and breathtaking views. Definitely would hike here again.

The trail has been closed since November 9th, still closed as of December 13th

3 months ago

I hiked this peak as a day hike with my dog in June 2017. I started too late in the morning by getting to trail head at 11am, I'd recommend an earlier start, especially in the summer. It was hot, and the first 3 miles did not offer streams for water for my dog - he was not a happy camper about the heat. The climb is steep and persistent, many switchbacks. An amazing work out though and good to build stamina! My legs were noodles by the time I reached the false summit... which made the climb to the true summit a bugger, but so worth it! The 360* view including Mt Shasta, Trinity and Whiskeytown Lake, and the snowcapped peaks deep in the Trinities was spectacular. Worth the climb! But I will probably never hike this peak again, once is enough for me.

3 months ago

Great Hike. Mountain Bikes also use this trail. No definite summit or peak. Old wagon wheel marks visible in the rocks on the way up. Great views nonetheless.

Do you want a super challenging workout with spectacular views? This is it! One of the best, most difficult hikes in Marin. You will feel the burn! If you're pressed for time, start the hike from Tennessee Valley Trail to Coastal Trail to Muir Beach and back. You lose about 2 miles by eliminating the start from Rodeo Beach, but still a GREAT hike.

Thanks Patrick. I didn’t make it to the top as I was ill-equipped for the deep snow (I only had my mud-boots and no poles). Maybe I was just wimpy. I did make it quite close to the top. I think it’s better to go with a partner for the first time.

3 months ago

The road to the TH is closed so park on west side of 89 or on road. They ticket if you park on the east side. 1 mile walk west on road to TH.

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