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It is always a nice trail but seems longer than 3,6 miles, I thought around 4.6 which is what I found in another site and also confirmed by my phone. I had an enjoyable time.

With 2 kids, this hike usually takes us 4 hours. (3 hours up, 1 hour down) The views at the top are so worth it!

Very beautiful and unique. The waterfalls are awesome. I hiked off the trail and climbed the rocks to get to the waterfall.

it was an amazing hike for my boyfriend and I but be cautious of wildlife. We saw a mountain lion that came about 5yards away from us.

13 days ago

Hiked this yesterday & loved it! There were some good inclines & minor rock climbing, but what a view at the summit! It's worth the drive from Kitsap!

quick super easy hike. tons of people out and about. overall great easy hike

15 days ago

A nice moderate hike with great views at the top! A decent elevation gain and dense forest to hike through.

16 days ago

It was a wonderful day for hiking after a few days of rain. Trail is a bit muddy but the view is nice. We were amazed with clouds floating around the mountain.

on Lime Kiln Trail

17 days ago

Very easy hike. A bit on the muddy side in November. The lake at the end is a far better destination than the kiln itself.

Nice walk on the spit! Morning of November 19th, 2018...

20 days ago

Did this hike for the first time today with my almost 5 year old. We did the whole thing (river loop and all) and it was great. Easy hike with well maintained roads. Perfect for children/families. And the kiln was pretty cool to check out!

21 days ago

Nice little workout. Lots of uphill, and then downhill. haha. Literally walking up a mountain. Had to slow down for our older pup. She made it, but was huffing and puffing. The view is ok I guess? Not really a trail Id go and tell people they need to hit. a family said they counted 26 dogs on the trail. This is definitely heavily traficked.

26 days ago

Went during low tide the walk is easier. Amazing opportunity for pics.

The summit isn’t the highlight as much as walking through the moss covered boulders and trees. Very popular, expect crowds.

29 days ago

Nice and long. Pretty steep and an amazing view on top. Just not that much to look at besides trees and a couple of streams on your way up

I'm only giving this trail a 2 because I took a wrong turn. Missed the lake trail completely, so, I can't really rate the lake trail.
The trail we did walk was well traveled and clear.
Heads up, you are supposed to have a Discovery Pass to park at the trail head.

1 month ago

Great quick, and relatively easy hike close to town. There were only a handful of us on the trail but I think that’s mostly because it’s Tuesday...it was pretty quiet once we started climbing which was nice. The last push to the top is tough but not impossible by any means. Views from the top were nice. Would definitely recommend if you don’t want to drive too far, or don’t have all day to hike.

Took my dog to the main lookout today. Gorgeous views and sunset. Started the trail from Chuckanut Dr at 1:44 PM and back to the car at 5:20PM. I started little too late. It got so dark the last mile before the car. But I used my phone flashlight almost to the car before totally out of battery. 8 miles roundtrip with 1900 ft elevation gain. My little pup American Bully was such a trooper

My dog and I went for a short hike today. Trail was clean with plenty of parking. Great easy hike. We only went 1.7 miles out. Highly recommend for novices like me.

What a surprise—2 mountain goats chowing down on the rocky cliff not far from the climbing face. On a nice day, this is a good choice for a hike close to Seattle. Sweeping views from the top but be prepared to hear I-90 traffic and see ever expanding North Bend.

1 month ago

Views on a clear day are magnificent!

1 month ago

Always a fun little hike :)

Great view from the top! A little steep at the end, but totally worth it.

Fun, scenic hike. The side trail to the cemetery was nice. Restroom at that point also. Continued back on Bluff Trail down to the beach. We hit the beach right at high tide so it was slow going but overall a great time.

Be prepared to climb up hill a lot! The view on top was amazing. If you’ve never been here bring a camera or phone to capture the moment. It has some distance to it as well so be realistic with your abilities before trying this hike. I loved every minute of it and would recommend this hike to anyone reading.

Not recommend. Although it's a well-marked trail, there are a lot of burned areas blocking the way. The trail is too narrow, so we stopped many times to make way for biker. And the view of the top was disappointing, good for biking but not for hiking.

1 month ago

Great hike. Easy overall with a great view! Super good for dogs!

Wonderful hike with kids

1 month ago

We came up here with the kids (3 and 8) and our dog today. We chose this trail because of the reviews we read on here. This trail was kind of... meh. We got a late start around 4pm and the sun was already tucked behind the mountain. The river did play peek-a-boo a bit and there was a little sandy beach near the beginning which was exciting and fun. The trail was mostly flat and pretty easy to hike. There were a TON of different mushrooms which my daughters loved finding and describing. We weren’t sure when the trail ended but we stopped when we saw a sign that said Murphy creek this way ⬅️ and accessible loop trail trail that way ⬆️. So far we weren’t really impressed so we had some snacks then turned around. Overall, I felt the trail was kind of uneventful. Probably won’t be hiking this one again.

I love hitting this trail with my dogs. Gorgeous Autumn color painted the forests. Blue waters mirror the sky. It’s heaven for me

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