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Do not leave anything in your car. My car was broken into there. Someone busted out my back window. Pretty scary, especially since this is a busy trail and people always coming and going, and your car is parked among so many other cars, with many people around.

This was the second time I've done this trail and it's great. I wouldnt say it's extremely difficult like some others. If you're even remotely in decent shape, it's moderate to hard. I will admit there's the last bit before the peak that goes straight uphill and kicks your ass....You know when you're a teenager and that one kid goes "I'm gonna take the shortcut" and runs straight up hill. That's what that part feels like. Not long but right when you scream out "when will this end?!" you're at the peak. The view is amazing and if you get a clear enough day you can see straight to Malibu. Of course the fires are currently happening so visibility wasn't the best but Long Beach was still visible.

The rest of the hike is definitely moderate, just a little long. My recording has gotten 9.6 miles both times I've done this hike. Bring lots of water, a lunch for the top and sign the trail log. The candy store at the bottom is a great spot to pick up an adventure pass or last minute things, $10 minimum if you're using a card.

Last thing is to make sure you know which way at each junction. There's several four or five way junctions and the last little trail off to the peak could be easy to miss. I took screenshots of another hikers play by play directions.

Dislike. No shade. Lots of graffiti and trash.

A hard trail. I went in from the Tenaja trailhead,through Fisherman's camp, up Bluewater Pass to Oak Flats and then onto the truck trail to the peak. This route is tough, lots of brush bashing and Bluewater Pass is steep. Oak flats is gorgeous and this route is rarely traveled. I would not recommend this route to anyone but a seasoned hiker that does not mind brush bashing, hard to follow trails, and poison oak. It's a long day in and out. If you can get past those things it's a great hike, planning to do this one again in November 2018.

Steep hill but worth the view! Beautiful coming down. You can see a lot of nature and animals (deer).

23 days ago

Good moderate trail. Seems like most people approach the peak from either the southwest trailhead or the northeast. We did it as a loop. This took about 2.5 hours with breaks. Agree that GPS is helpful because there are many side trails and signage is lacking. The trailhead by the museum leads up to the summit on a narrow, fairly steep and rocky trail, we approached from this direction, once at the summit the trail down (toward the northeast) was more gradual, smoother and wider. Saw no one on the approach and just a few people on the way down. Beautiful rock formations, clean trail. Glad I had a hiking stick especially for the approach.

Rocky trail; beware of taking children. Absolutely beautiful and fantastic. A must see

1 month ago

Really nice hike! Had a great time. Please watch out for snakes. We found two on our trail.

Arrived at 0630 on a Saturday and gate was closed. Who's in charge around here?

Moderate to easy until the climb to the peak. That is Hard but the view at the top is great.

1 month ago

There's no water today.

This is not an easy trail this is a hike down with many rock and boulders that you will have go to over. Do not attempt to go here with slippers or non-skid tennis shoes. I slipped having to go over rocks.

Otherwise enjoy the scenery and some graffiti.

Good hike with a payoff stream to chill at at the top. I love the incline which is hard but not so hard for hat footing becomes an issue.
It’s unfortunate that folks go ghetto and have the urge to paint their crap on rocks or play music so loud that others can hear it 100 yards away.

Really beautiful and fun trail. My GPS app clocked it at 10.32, so pretty much exactly the length stated. I would call it moderate until the last climb to the top. Definitely would recommend poles for that part. The views are beautiful the entire way up. We started at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday and only ran into a few other groups. Keep in mind that the trailhead is on the same side of the road as the candy store, across the street from the parking lot.

nothing's marked every sign was graffitied over the trail is very rocky and you have a incline all the way to the falls if you go past the first fall and stay to your left there is a second one which is nicer ,the veiws are decent but not sure if we will be going back

Steady incline on loose rocks for about 1.75 miles. Small waterfall at top with small creek. Worth the hike. Took about 45min to get up and 30 min down. Rocks are slick by the waterfall, so plz watch your kids.

It was great, but nothing special!

It was a good hike. Definitely not hard until the last part leading up to the summit. The views at the top were really cool.

1 month ago

They don’t call it dreaded hill for nothing.

Amazing a good work out getting up there but so worth the time and we seen three amazing water falls .Will be going again!!

Enjoyed this easy hike with my 4 year old. Trail was a lil challenging for my lil one but we managed to complete within 3 hours. He enjoyed the rock climb up the chain of waterfalls. Coming down was too easy for both of us. I thought the hike up was a steady slight incline. Whole hike is no shade until the falls. Great picnic spot. Cool exploration for the lil ones. New favorite spot.

The first waterfall was ok, but the hidden second waterfall was amazing. Keep climbing up to the left to see the second. There is nothing beyond the second waterfall besides more boulders and dry plants.

1 month ago

We ended up taking the long way by hiking the trail on the left and making a loop around. Definitely a good workout! The falls are a great place to take a break.

Loved it! Doing this trail again! I loved sitting on the rocks and putting my feet in the water when reaching the top. And we saw a deer

Great hike-you’re inclining the whole way. It is listed as EASY but I beg to differ that it is more of a MODERATE hike, but well worth it once you get to the waterfall.

1 month ago

This trail is uphill all the way! Not sure who put it as an easy trail but it is definitely not! Very strenuous but worth it once you get to the top!

Disagree with many of the reviews in terms of difficulty. I found this extremely difficult. The trail goes on and on and on and on. I just summited Mount San Antonio twice (Baldy) + Baden-Powell, and this trail kicked my butt just much harder. I don't know about it being 10 miles either...felt like 20! Never been out on the trail, and wanted to call the Starship Enterprise "Beam me up Scottie". Just reading some of the reviews before I hit the trail about it being moderate is a misnomer.

I wish someone would have posted the truth...this is a difficult hike. This way mentally I would have been prepared and knew what I was in for instead of expecthing this hike to be 'moderate'...moderate my @$$.

Steady grade that seems to go on forever, and the summit is STEEP. Then there is the part before the summit where your descending...well after you descend the summit and think it's all down hill from there...nope...your hiking back up, and THEN down again.

This is not an easy hike I don't care what anyone says Be prepared for this hike because it's no joke. Bring trekking poles, and plenty of water.

View at the top was spectacular...well worth it!

Super fun with my 5 year old! The water is still flowing and it’s a fun reward for making it to the top. And exploring up there is our favorite part!

2 months ago

nice little trail for a Sunday.

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