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Nice little stroll to get the blood flowing and get a nice view

First time to this park, visited from out of state. WOW, what a beautiful trail.
We started by walking along the Big Sur River on the River Trail (from parking lot 3) to catch this trail head.
The redwoods, even the ones scorched from the 2016 fires, were stunning. Steady climbing, but not too strenuous. Trail was wet from overnight rains, but didn't feel muddy or slippery. Parts of the trail are pretty narrow, so you need to watch your footing--some steep drop-offs! Saw several banana slugs--bright yellow (hard to miss). We didn't make it all the way to the top for the views--getting too late in the day. Hope to return sometime to do the whole trail and others at this park.

14 days ago

Loved it! Especially in the rain

I imagine it may be nicer during the week, but very crowded on a Sunday morning, even in early February. We picked up lots of trash (wrappers and empty chip bags) near the base of the waterfall :(

Nice view with a simple pathway or a few side trails for the little adventurer in you. Nothing too crazy, good for a nice stroll. Overall a nice spot.

Excellent ! We enjoyed in family!

Quick hike with my dog. Beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail but there is some scrambling and crossing of streams. Overall, I enjoyed this hike in the middle of the week starting at about 11am and at the end of February! Not too hot!

great trail. lots of switch backs all the way up. Great for kids, not too challenging. We encounter lots of banana slugs. out and back is about an hour or so.

27 days ago

This is a great long hike. Especially nice that dogs can be off leash. Winds through nice forest and cool scenery before making it to the top of inspiration point. Parking access is definitely easier than the inspiration point hike.

You can't complete the loop unless you have poles because it's ridiculously steep. Just FYI

Can get very crowded. Get there early morning or late in the day to avoid the crowd.

Great hike, kid friendly, beautiful waterfall at the end.

I’ve never seen a trail so trashed and crowded in all of my hiking. Literally trash everywhere. Every other group we passed had music blaring from speakers attached to their backpacks. It would probably be a very pretty hike super early on a weekday morning... that’s the only way I’d ever give that trail a second chance.

Great Hike!

Beautiful trail. Challenging but yet doable for most people will definitely be coming back plenty of times

Most know you can easily turn this into a 5 mile urban hike. I actually loop the entire Sepulveda Basin, starting at the golf course heading west to Balboa, take the bike path north to Victory, then east to Woodley, and south on Woodley but go over into the Wilderness Preserve and come out on Burbank, cross Burbank and head west to the Dam, you'll see it. After hitting the Dam, head north, down along the LA River..you'll come up under Burbank Bl. again, and out to the top. Head west on Burbank back to where you started...6 mile loop. Many people do this..but don't go across to the wilderness trail, to the dam, and call it a day at 5 miles. I do it all the time..like 12k steps, in about 2 hours. Great little trek to keep your legs, lungs and heart hike ready.

One time I saw a guy selling balloons along this trail.

1 month ago

Great hike even in February. Several lakes at the top.

Great home for beginners

easy and beautiful trail to take a beginner friend

Nice easy hike...

1 month ago

wouldn't consider it hiking, but walking instead. the scenery near the lake but there are a lot of homeless encampments in the bushes and graffiti on the bridges.

1 month ago

Nice hike easy, best part waterfall.

Cool for family hiking, I can bring my dog, really is cool

LOVED IT! It’s a great trail to go on with your dogs. The scenery is beautiful, especially the waterfall.

1 month ago

Good spot just to take a walk after work. A lot of things to do; bike riding, fishing, play park for kids. Plenty of space for BBQ and activities.

Love the rock climbing .....

Very nice trail. Beautiful waterfall at the end!

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