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16 hours ago

This is an amazing hike...probably my favorite that I’ve taken! Portions of it are flat and easy while other sections provide some challenge (nothing too intense). The majority of the hike is under canopy which adds to the lushness and cool temperature....all around ideal setting. If you’re looking for an active way to enjoy Santa Barbara for a couple hours I highly recommend hitting this trail.


You’ll enjoy this hike if you like hikes that are completely overcrowded, not in nature, behind peoples houses, stepping over hundreds of dog shits that didnt get picked up, annoying / crying kids, no elevation gain, people playing music from their phones and mini speakers, watching people slowly struggle over a creek 2 inches deep holding their babies or small dogs lol, etc.

Avoid at all costs

7 days ago

Go early to avoid the crowds! This was a great solo hike on a Sunday morning. I took a beat at the waterfall to do some writing, which was lovely until a chubby kid took his shirt off, started yell-singing the milkshake song and then jumped in the water. Which he somehow didn’t expect to be cold. You can try to get out of LA, but you’ll never truly escape :)

Beautiful scenery at bottom and along hike. Ok view at top.

8 days ago

If you’re going on a weekend make sure to go early. It get packed real quick. Went 2 days after it rained and there was a lot less mud than I expected. Very beautiful hike.

9 days ago

Went hiking today, super easy hike. Great for kids too!! The falls was beautiful ✨

I did this hike for a geography class, it was pretty, heavily trafficked though. The waterfall was beautiful.

Love it on Sunday mornings!

on Buzzards Roost Trail

14 days ago

Great short workout/hike. Nice view of the mountains and then the ocean at the top.

A nice workout hike. If you’re looking for a nature getaway there are better local options. Very steep incline on the way up with excellent views of the valley from the top

The hike is 4.4 miles, not 3.5 It gets busy so go early. Lots of path finding through piles of rocks, and a couple of easy water crossings. The falls were light but nice to watch.

Kind of a difficult hike, steep uphill, but worth it for the great all around view on top!

Easy hike and great for young kids. Very crowded and many aggressive dogs off leashes.

very well maintained trail .. moderate hike very nice views of Santa Barbara worth the hike.. early mornings best

21 days ago

Easily accessible and an easy-to-moderate hike means lots of people and dogs. Go early to avoid owners letting their dogs run amuck etc. With all the wild fires raging, it’s nice to know there can still be a safe trail to hike within easy reach from the city. The water volume is pretty low now due to the late season, but there is still a small water fall to reward the hike.

mountain biking
22 days ago

wow this was really fun for me since i have not been offroad riding much , this is my new spot forsure ! DOG OWNERS PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YO PUPS

Good short walk with a few different areas to see. I particularly love a small pond filled with koi, ducks and turtles. There is a larger lake as well. Great hike overall, now a normal spot for me.

If you go to the small pond there is a goose/duck there that looks like a cross between a vulture and duck. Its name is Duckasaurus. Say hi if you get the chance!

I always enjoy this hike. Great workout and views!

Beautiful view!

Good quick hike, awesome pond

1 month ago

Very easy hike. Very packed on weekends. Plenty of shade. Bathrooms at trailhead were clean. Plenty of parking. The only reason for a three star rating was due to how many people were on the trail.

1 month ago

Nice hike, with much needed shade. Watch your step, don't be like me who talks more than pays attention to whats in front of him

This is a good short hike, but there is nothing special about it. Fortunately the majority of the trail is shaded. I hiked it an early Friday afternoon in late October and there were not too many people.

1 month ago

weird to see the graffiti and smokers but it's a good hike with kids.

Nice walk. Saw many birds. Went on Sunday and there was a ranger on premise.

1 month ago

My wife and I hiked down this easy trail as a warm-up for more difficult tails. It’s a great first hike of a season. The views are very nice and the trail passes through three different kinds of terrain. Note that while we were on the trail at least 80 cross country runners ran by and we were constantly having to step off the trail to allow the runners to pass; there were also a number of trail bike riders as well. This is a seasonal issue as I have done this trail many times before and rarely seen anyone on the trail.

WAY too crowded. Too many people. Dog crap everywhere and no one picks it up. Trash and crap graffiti. People on the trail don’t have etiquette and will block the whole trail and go slow. Won’t allow others to pass. Waterfall is unimpressive.

October 22: Solo’d to the waterfall and only one wrong turn.

1 month ago

Good Socal hike with great views of the mountains.

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