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Great trail! Worth it to find the wildflowers and waterfall.

Good short morning hike, with some rocky areas

Great hike; great views! It is somewhat busy, though. Pack lots of water and expect some rock scrambling.

Awesome trail! We started on the East side of the mountain and went up Dakota Ridge trail. It was a nice hike but very hot outside starting at around 9 am. I would suggest getting there earlier and bring water.

Great, dog-friendly front range hike. Got to parking lot around 8am and it was only half full. Took us 3 hours with a few stops for our pup, but could easily be done in 2. The switchbacks to the reservoir are worth the effort - nice spot to have a snack and relax for a bit. This seems to be a pretty quiet trail comparative to other hikes in the area. It does get pretty sunny and warm, so bring plenty of water.

Absolutely fantastic hike. This one has it all. With option to keep going further into hall ranch trails at the top. Was about to turn around at the top of sleepy lion in the large field before the view of the dam due to inclement weather but so glad I pushed forward. The sky went from dark most of the afternoon to a full 180 of afternoon sunlight. The river and dam portions are astonishing.

Great summer trail next to river. People were taking dips and cooling down. First part of trail is a road but then the loop is a great true trail with nice views.

lovely little hike. My 7 year olds first summit. I give it 5 stars because there is a little scrambling at the top which is fun but safe. And the views are awesome for the type of altitude you are at. In other words no trees obfuscating the view of the Dimond and other mountains surrounding.

Great trail.

We started this hike just before 7pm and made it to the top in exactly 1 hour. The trail is very well marked so we had no trouble finding our way. We did The Valley side up (also well marked at the trailhead) and the other side down (40 minutes to descend). The Valley side seems a bit longer since it starts very gradual and leads to a steep incline for the last 3/4 mile or so of the hike whereas the other side is more of a direct route. The views are well worth it, especially for a trail so close to town. Although we started late there was a decent number of people on the trail. Many trail runners too. I assume we hit it at a time when the traffic was modest though. I’ll be repeating the hike in the opposite direction just to give it another go. Very enjoyable and a workout!

7 days ago

This is a beautiful trail but it was not in any way “easy”. It was the first time I took my dog out hiking and it was very challenging for him. It’s a nice hike with beautiful views but there is a lot of climbing up and down and rocks to climb so just be aware. It was also easy to get lost- using this app saved me!

Such a beautiful hike with amazing scenery. Good mixture of rocks and road. Make sure to do the Sleepy Lion Trail. Will be back for sure.

8 days ago

This hike was difficult but so fun! Beautiful hike close to Boulder, with great views in all directions and some great birding opportunities. Definitely recommend to anyone because it’s no too long and you can take your time even through the steep stuff. The only thing is, being so close to the front range on a hot day it is very hot up there too.

Beautiful! Most difficult part was the way down-a bit hard to find footing.

A lot steeper than expected but worth it. A good workout and a good hike for those starting off like myself. Hard enough for a challenge but not too long or strenuous to where it was impossible. Tired at the end but glad I went. Came up the valley side to start, had to get on my hands as I got closer to the top. Gets very crowded as the day goes on, coming down there were a lot more people to pass than going up.

Good hike. Went up mount Sanitas and came back down via the Valley. Very easy to follow. Started at 7am on a Sunday and saw very few people. Great for the dog, she had a blast. Going up mount sanitas is a decent climb. Coming back down the valley is a bit steep at first, had to use hands a few times. After the first bit, it’s just a long flat walk for most of the loop back. Took about 2hr total including 15min stop at the top.

Tougher than I thought. But view is great at top!

Beautiful view of Boulder valley and there is a lot shade from tree when it is a hot sunny day. Enjoy your hiking

This is a nice trail to get away from the busyness of Boulder or other popular front range hikes. The reservoir beautifully frames Longs Peak. Beware that there is little shade on the road portion of the trail in the afternoon.

Great trails! Just not much to see .

Very nice! Get there early to avoid people! When you get to the reservoir go up hummingbird switchbacks

This was a fantastic hike! You start out walking through cacti, crest into a gorgeous golden meadow dotted with wild flowers, continue on to the next peak where you can see for miles, then finish by the perfectly quiet reservior. and, during the week, I didn't see a single other person on the trail. such a hidden gem ❤️

Great hike with beautiful views at the summit! It's tough! Make sure your pup is ready for rough terrain and lots of leaps. Our 50 lb. Bassett-Pointer was a trooper but she'll sleep away the next two days in recovery...

Beautiful hike that took just a couple of hours, our dog also loved it.

The trail was really crowded and noisy. We hiked from Stout Trail over. I will probably not do this hike again do to the heavy traffic. I anticipated it being crowded but not people yelling and hollering and climbing by the falls without gear. I definitely recommend Stout Trail from Spring trail. Stout has a big ascent but after that it flattens out and gives way to some meadows with wild flowers and humming birds. You get a nice view of Dixon Cove near the summit. Either way, you’re outside enjoying nature so there isn’t really ever a bad hike.

Nice little jaunt! Very enjoyable.

We arrived at the trailhead just before sunrise around 5am. There was only one car in the lot other than ours. I would recommend getting there early, because as we were leaving around 7:45am it was already packed. We went up the side with the steps and came down in the valley. Coming down in the valley was a little bit harder, because there was some difficulty in finding your footing. We both complained the trail was a bit too rocky for our tastes. However, the view coming down in the valley was SO worth it. Rated 4 stars, because it mostly looked over Boulder & surrounding areas at the top, and it was a bit rocky throughout. Great hike for the morning though!

good trail surprising views

16 days ago

I love this trail

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