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Hard hike up but well worth it when you round the corner and spot the lake. The lake itself was gorgeous. Crystal clear water, lots of wild life, not crowded.

2 hours ago

Nice place to get a spectacular view of the gorge. I would rate it as moderate to hard due to the steep climb. Good hiking shoes is recommended as there are loose rocks in some stretches. Definitely going back in the Fall when it's cooler.

2 hours ago

hard 1.4 miles one way but so worth it. Views are priceless.

Awesome well worth it

A favourite of mine since childhood. Lots of cool lookout points and moments that can get your inner adrenaline junkie excited.

The hike offers some breathtaking views. Sundial peak which towers above the lake is a great scene. In the second lake there was a moose resting in the water by a waterfall. It was incredible!

A more beautiful hike than White Pine, but the lake itself, while still gorgeous, isn't as beautiful or blue as White Pine in my opinion. Great hike that can be done in a reasonable amount of time.

A good trail. Towards the end you find yourself in a large rocky plain which is different and unique. White Pine Lake is more blue and surreal than Red Pine Lake in my opinion.

Easy going trail that weaves between bush and rocks at the start and gradually gets very steep towards the end- though it's in the trees and away from direct sun. Beautiful falls at the end.

Beautiful hike. If you are going for the first time, go in the morning so it won’t be as trafficked when there isn’t enough space for two direction traveling. It isn’t as beautiful in the morning as it is latter in the day, but is more busy.

Absolutely incredible hike! The views at the top are some of the best I have ever seen and, while the sight of the last part of the hike from Scout’s point almost made me turn back, the hike itself didn’t feel nearly as nerve wracking as I expected. 100% worth the effort and looking forward to doing it again when the trail reopens.

This hike was a little difficult, but so worth it. We just took breaks going up the steep part and and eventually made it to the falls. We watched the sunset and the view of the valley is gorgeous. Then we hiked back in the dark which was a lot of fun!

This trail was amazing. It was truly a spectacle to behold. Though it was hot out, it wasn’t hot at all in the canyon. The water felt cool but wasn’t freezing. The views were incredible and I would certainly hike it again.

22 hours ago

This trail is gorgeous. Lots of variety. It is long and steep, but it seemed to have a little more mercy than the Red Pine Trail did. Lots of rocks, but the trail has some nice clear flat stretches too. The lake was beautiful. I left at 12:30 and it wasn’t too hot. There are some significant stretches with no shade, but most of it has enough shade to keep you cool. I never felt over heated. Very pretty!

rockclimbing might be the main reason to use this trail. shaded in the middle, at the start and overlook isn't very shaded. there are too many cut offs it's hard to follow the actual trail.

Did this hike this evening with our 13 month old in a back pack. It was absolutely amazing! Not for the weak minded!

1 day ago

Awesome hike! Amazing views at Lake Blanche!

Had to park on the road, typical for a Saturday. What I love about this trail is there’s no lead up or long approach to the steep trail. You start climbing right after the parking lot. Definitely a hard trail but can be done by most in average health, with frequent stops (like me). You can climb 2 peaks on this route. Lots of rocks and boulders to cross. Great hike to wear your approach shoes on!
I came back via Blood lake, didn’t want to try and navigate the steep slopes down on the out/back route.

Great hike with a mostly shaded trail. Tons of switch backs with gradual elevation gain. My Strava shows this as 4.8 miles RT. Pretty views along the way and a great view of the valley at the top.

Great recon hike for Pfeifferhorn in a few weeks.

Loved it. Very easy hike even for a beginner like me. Parts of it are steep but I went up and down in like half an hour. Good for a nice workout.

Though we've walked this trail many times, this is the first time we stayed past dark. It's amazing to watch the city light up after dark. It may be a good place for stargazing too. Keep in mind in the summer, since it gets dark later to park in the right spot so you don't get ticket. After 10pm they issue parking tickets of $30. (Which rise all the way to $150 if not paid within a particular time period.)

Spoke to a Zion ranger on July 20th, 2018 that informed me that this trail will be closed indefinitely. When asked about her opinion on when it could reopen, she said “a year”. Just wanted to pass the info along.

This hike was a fun one. We encountered all manner of hikers out here. There were the just out for a stroll variety and then the hard core this is my work out variety. For the easy stroll just walk up to the resevoir. For the more serious ones go on up to the waterfall. Note: there were plenty of signs warning about the dangers associated with the waterfall; also a law enforcement officer we chatted with on our way up said they usually "lose about one a year". Having said that, the waterfall fell into the category "probably safe if you don't do stupid things". Good hike and viewing the map it looks like there's another lake a little further up from the water fall. Will probably do that one next.

Great little hike! We were lucky to hit it on a drizzly day, crowds were leaving, didn't have to wait on ladders going down, only on first ladder coming up - waited 10+minutes for group with small children who were crying and paralyzed with fear trying to descend first ladder. Beautiful slot canyon, would have continued further if thunder and rain hadn't threatened us.

Good trail with lots of scenery, beautiful views at the top, but it is a hard climb if you're not used to the altitude. Don't stop at the first lake. Check out the other two as well. We saw a moose at the second lake. He stayed on his side and we kept to our side and all were happy.

Hiked July 9th. Yep, the sand was a butt-kicker, and the 102F heat didn't help matters with very little shade on the trail. That said, highly recommended trail. It turned out to be 6 miles round trip. Payoff at the end is so worth it. Plenty of space at the falls to lay on a towel. The pool at the falls started to shade around 1pm, and by 2:30 was fully shaded.

Hiked on July 7th. We started in the heat of the day, which is not recommended for obvious reasons. Took 3 liters of water each, and two of us ran out about 1/2 way down. The trek to the very top can be a butt-kicker of a hike if you're not at least in decent shape. My 19 y.o., who hasn't done any such activities in quite a while, gave everything he had to make it to the top. Do NOT do this! If it takes everything you have to get to the top, then the way down will be very painful, scary, and slow. As for the crowds... we knew to expect it from previous reviews, and I actually enjoyed the camaraderie of the fellow hikers as we figured out how/where to let one another pass. If you're in Zion, I think this is a must. Just start early, and hydrate as much as you can prior to (there is a toilet about 2/3 the way up, so you'll be okay to flood yourself prior).

So gorgeous! So many beautiful medicinal herbs to nibble on the way up. Amazing views!

2 days ago

Hard and isn’t pretty.

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