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A fairly easy hike but worth doing! The path is a bit more crowded than other area hikes so have patience and just go with the flow. Beautiful views from the top!

Easy hike. Would advise going early for sunrise. There are a lot of hikers on this trail. Plus the pineapple smoothies you can purchase at the end of the hike are pretty good too!

Really enjoyed this hike with the family. Kids loved it! Did this hike about 1.5 months ago.

Was a nice walk not to busy until you got to the top, awesome experience would recommend for 1 dollar

Easy hike cool views

Great view but I agree with the others here; it was quite busy that it’s hard to enjoy the view at the top with the amount of people squeezing in that lookout. I would recommend doing a sunrise hike on Saturday then heading down across the street for the Farmers Market for some great food. I think the market is also open on Fridays but you would have to check on this

Not a bad hike! Can be crowded at times bur worth the views

Scenery was spectacular. Lot of foot traffic

Not bad at all. Great moderate trail. Make sure you finish it. It’s a great area to capture amazing optics.

easy hike, a TON of tourists on this one, decent views, but if you're local you know better than to come here.

Nice easy hike but very touristy so make sure to go early!!! Some parts of the trail are narrow and can get a little crowded. There are many stops you can make before getting to the top for nice Instagram pics!!! Don’t forget to stop at the pineapple stands after your hike and get a pineapple smoothie. Super refreshing :)

9 days ago

Nice easy hike for all ages and abilities. Alltrails has a shelter listed just past the summit on the right. I never saw that one. Walked about 30 minutes past the summit to a sign on the left for a shelter. While on the app, I read a review to look for two large oak trees; you can't miss them. Walk another 5-7 minutes past the oak tress and you will see a sign for the shelter about 1/4 off the trail. There is a nice spring just a few yards from the shelter. You can drop your pack at the shelter and walk back to the spring for water, which was the only source of water we saw.

Beautiful trail with great views. Go all the to the end to see the huge rock and views.

9 days ago

Beautiful morning with fog in the gorge and nice fall colors. I’m not normally a fan of trails that parallel a road just a short distance away but the great scenery makes this one tolerable.

10 days ago

The downsides are that some sections of the trail are basically a fire road. The top is so amazing though; it’s really worth the so-so scenery beforehand. Camping at the top just before the rock is great fun too. The you can get a view of the sunset when the crowds have died down.

Very busy but great view.

Awesome views, first hike on my first visit to Hawaii! Definitely did not disappoint :) would highly recommend! Lots of traffic and population even super early

Pretty easy hike, but very touristy. Great views!

10 days ago

Great hike with an amazing view!! Tough start, but totally worth it. So much fun climbing the rock to get to the end!

The most touristy trail I’ve ever done but it’s very unique and worth it.

Beautiful for visitors to Honolulu. Watch out if it’s a rainy day, and try to go earlier to avoid a crowd.

13 days ago

Does anyone know if the Fish Hatchery Route is open or if you can hike up the private road?

a easier hike but tons of fun

Would describe this as more of a nature walk, very touristy, but still a must do while you’re on the island—it’s iconic with the standard Waikiki views. Definitely recommend the pineapple and coconut drinks at the end. Parking is $5

So many beautiful waterfalls and rock formations! One of the most unique places.


Very nice/easy flat hike. Beautiful waterfall. Very tall. One of the prettiest.

Loved. We went in the afternoon and it was quite busy. Lots of stairs. Beautiful at the top!

Easy with a super nice view. Lot's of people hiking. May need to wait for parking spots.

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