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Loved it!

Breathtaking hike! It is technical enough to keep your focus but not so much that you can’t enjoy yourself. They are working to add more railings and improve safety, which is encouraging to see. I can’t wait to visit again!

Pretty views of the lake, easy trail, well marked, and very clean.

3 days ago

nice trail. can easily become a 3 points of contact scramble if you get off the trail. beautiful waterfall.

4 days ago

A few uphill climbs to challenge the out of shape .
Overall, it is good.
As long or as short as you want it to be.

A very well maintained trail to one of the most photographed spots on the AT. If you know the night is clear & can pull yourself out of bed, wake up early & do this as a sunrise hike. A 270 degree view facing east makes it absolutely stunning. There’s a fire road to make the hike easier if you want which many do when hiking at night for the sunrise.

Great hike with beautiful waterfall, we did the route counterclockwise which we would recommend for trail running as the footing was more stable for the descent. Coming back up Cornelius Creek presented some creek crossing challenges due to the volume of water.

A very cool natural wonder.

From the amazing spillway to the elevation gains this walk is well worth your time. Big Creek (Vickery Creek) boast a number of beautiful wildflowers and wildlife.

We took the AT to the overlook and then the Fire Road back down (as shown on the map.)
My friend was carrying 45-50lbs and I had 30-35lbs. This hike was brutal and we hike almost every weekend.
We finished the hike in less than five hours - but expect to take some breaks and allow plenty of time to enjoy the overlook! Also, everyone seems to congregate at the first part of the overlook. If you keep going, it’s much quieter and the views are spectacular!
We are training so we needed the brutal workout - but otherwise - take the Fire Road. There’s not much you’ll miss on the AT other than stone/wood/rock steps, steep inclines and descents, and sore calves that will stay with you for days. The views on the way are nothing short of amazing and the view from the top definitely makes it worth it!!!

10 days ago

Beautiful Hike with a Waterfall and Mountain View

11 days ago

Hiking for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Once we got around to the smaller bridge we took a paved trail back. Beware this looks easy but has a long steep section that was very tiring. It pops you out on a street in front of a park and neighborhood that is next to the main entrance and you have to walk the street to get back.

on Vickery Creek Trail

12 days ago

Love this trail. will go back again. Good directions along trail and so pretty.

Views completely worth the work! The uphills on the way back were just cruel. Followed it up with a trip to Deschutes.

We took the AT to the knob and the fire road on the way back. We started early, so there was plenty of parking and few people on the trail. By the time we made our way back, it was significantly busier. This is a tough trek and absolutely worth it.

19 days ago

Probably a little too ambitious for our first hike. The way down was tough on my knees. But the views were beautiful!

My first visit but definitely not my last. We took the fire road to McAfee Knob. It was a lot easier I understand. My girlfriend, who has MS, completed this hike. Took us about 6 hours 11 minutes with stops for picture taking. I also took my dogs, a shihpoo & a boxer.

Great hike today with my 12 year old son. He wanted to hike to a waterfall and it didn’t disappoint. Wear boots in spring. Lots of mud. Years ago I used it as an access trail to the AT. It’s a great place to start a section hike.

Awesome trail! It took us about 3 hours to complete with our dog. The views once you get to the top are gorgeous. A little chilly/windy at the top. We wish we would have taken more than just a snack and spent more time at the top enjoying the views.

This is one of the easier trails we have done. The views at the top are absolutely stunning. Lots of people on the trail. There’s a road you can take the majority of the way out for an even easier hike. Anyone can do this trail.

Well maintained trail and challenging hike but not strenuous. I thought it would be crowded based on the reviews. We went on Easter Sunday, and it wasn’t crowded at all!

Nice trail for entire family...

Great views. You can pretty much walk on the ledge for 180 degrees around the top! Can't wait to camp here in Summer.

25 days ago

Great Hike. Definitely better to do the loop counter clockwise. Not much parking.

25 days ago

Another nice hike close to the city. Didn’t see many people when we first set out at 10 but more trafficked as we finished at noon.

View from the top is worth every step. for those who want the views with a bit easier walk, the fire road offers a nice alternative.

Easy and scenic trail in the heart of Roswell. Will make you feel like you left traffic behind.

So far my most favorite hike!! Views are worth it!!

Absolutely beautiful and stunning views. I would rate this hike moderate to difficult for the 40 something unconditioned hiker with bad knees. The trail was covered in snow and at times a sheet of ice and I am grateful I had a walking stick. I made it to the top and back with little issues. Slow and steady!!! The waterfall and the views from the top were completely awe inspiring. I was one of the last cars left in the parking lot. I saw deer and a black bear as I headed out

This was an awesome trail! Upon arrival we found that there is an easy 1 mile trail loop and a 4 mile more difficult loop. We did the more difficult loop with some snow on the ground and it was beautiful! Many places with gorgeous views of the mountains and lots of waterfall “rapid” spots to admire! Absolutely loved this trail, one of the best I’ve been on!

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