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Wonderful hike in the winter with frozen falls!

The best hike I’ve ever done!

We are from Minnesota and have never experienced anything like this hike before. The views are gorgeous and the water at the peak from the waterfall was breathtakingly worth it!!!

1 day ago

Loved this trail. We went early on a week day and it wasn’t too busy. Make sure you bring cash or check to pay to get in. Short walk to the first waterfall and we went for another mile or so with our two little ones. There were some beautiful views! We loved it.

Great trail, beautiful Aspen forest, dip in the pool below the upper falls, but not for those who aren’t cardio fit. It’s a stairclimber for the first 3/4 Mile and a good 1.5 hours to the upper falls at moderate pace with a fairly level section around halfway. Lots of scrabble, so wear a good hiker for trek down.

Soooo crowded-went around 10:30 on a Saturday so not surprising. Pretty hike with 2 waterfalls. The one at the top is big and really pretty!

Do it counterclockwise, so you crest the ridge and get hit with the amazing view!!

Mix of sandy, rocky, hilly and flat. Trail is narrow at times with heavy brush surrounding. Made it to 2nd falls. Took just over an hour each way. Some sun and some shade. Bring plenty of water. Can be challenging in places. Worth it to get to overlook.

Spent a weekend out on the trail. Great trail! Well marked and lots of opportunities for water. Really scenic for trails around here.

I’d give it 5 but the first bit is quite busy - we went on a Sunday and everyone plus their mother was there. The second waterfall is glorious, and was much quieter. A quick swim in freezing water is just the tonic, and there are some beautiful views on the way down. Really easy to reach from Steamboat Springs too.

Be prepared for a workout! Hiking uphill almost the entire way to the top. Pretty rocky. The view is worth the hike to the top though! Just watch the trail carefully— it’s so rocky at the top, I took a wrong turn 3 times coming down; the trail is easy to use, especially since people have created a bunch of little cutoff trails to get some good views. The waterfalls are beautiful!

13 days ago

Hiked on August 2. Spectacular scenery at the top. Counterclockwise is the way to do it, getting the hard 6 miles done before a long lunch break at Gilpin Lake. We really enjoyed the diversity of environments encountered on the way up. I used water shoes once on the way up and once just starting the way down. My husband with longer legs jumped rocks across without getting wet. The large log at Mile 2 was slippery and rounded enough that we wiggled across rather than walking. We clocked it at 10.7 miles. We took 7 1/2 hours and lots of photo stops. Great hike.

13 days ago

Very overgrown with lots of trees across the trail. Only 1 tick despite the underbrush. Some truly beautiful areas. Came across only one other family.

We loved this hike, which we did on July 31. The flowers, especially up near the pass, we’re gorgeous. We did it counterclockwise, based on previous reviews. Unlike others, we did not have to use water shoes to cross any streams. The one crossing some people may be referring to is very easily crossed on logs if you go up stream a few feet. The other stream crossing on the single log will get your heart beating, though. Although we had a map on our phone, we never needed it. It seemed to us that the trail was well-marked and easy to follow. We are so glad we did this hike. Highly recommended!

One of my girlfriend and I's favorite place to go :) Lots of views and you can see alot of deer on the lower levels. highly recommend for anyone, friendly for all ages

Amazing! Not an avid hiker and was able to navigate well. Bring water!!! Hiked to the second falls after turning back half way earlier in the week...so glad we went back! The views and scenery are so worth it! Will head for the lake next time!

Absolutely amazing, like always. Fished at Gilpan lake and saw a whole bunch of brookies rising. Do it counter clockwise for the best views of both Gilpan and Gold Creek Lakes.

my first hike it was amazing but snow kept us from finding the lake at the top

First hike, great experience! Panoramic views. We started at the east and ascended via the stairs. They are well maintained and really get the blood pumping. A few more inclines made for a great hike. Cooled down with the Meramec river trail.

First 1/4 to 1/2 mile a little tough but rest of trail easy enjoyable

Absolutely stunning views! Best views in the Steamboat area. This hike was worth the 6 hours it took us to complete. We only stopped for about 10 minutes at the lake. Make sure you have enough water and pack a lunch. We did the loop counterclockwise and the first half of the trail was a very steep incline. We saw one small water snake by Gold Creek Lake. Like the app says, this is a hard trail but so incredibly worth it! Download the map. You will need it. We got off the trail a few times and had to look at the map

On a cold December weekend a couple of friends and I took a "dads getaway" overnight hike. We linked the Hawn trail system together to make a large loop. It was about 17 degrees overnight. It was wonderful. Few other people on the trail. This terrain has a few rugged sections to get you breathing, and lots of gentle variable terrain, and very pleasant walking. In the winter it was beautiful.

We have done this trail a couple times and find it to be a good hike. When the trail is less crowded (April instead of July), you might come across some deer that will trail along parallel to you for a bit. You also might see a snake or two near the trail.

Quintessential Colorado hike! Has everything you need to impress out of town guests; absolutely great! Went counter clockwise (to gold creek lake first) which makes for some dramatic jaw dropping views that you likely wouldn’t get if you went the other way. Would definitely do this hike again as a backpacking trip so I could stay awhile!

Amazing views all around this trail! As a big dude the end is tough but extremely rewarding!

I agree with everything Melissa Hartwig posted. I live in Steamboat Springs and this is one of the best and most beautiful day hikes in our area.
The TH is approximately 60 minutes from town, so plan accordingly, and arrive early to avoid afternoon thunderstorms. The hike may take up to 7 hours with breaks, etc.!

We hiked only to the second falls, so total it was about 6 miles round trip. Entirely up hill for the three miles in. This was definitely a good work out, and the reward is so worth it. After you pass the bridge, make sure to turn around a couple times, the view is amazing. Once we got to the falls, there were pools to swim in, and we even went under the water fall. The water sure does take your breathe away, it is very, very cold!

Great trail for kids! The beginning of the trail is a little exhausting if you aren’t used to elevation, but the rest is easy breezy! Beautiful views and photo opps. Lots of puppers on the trail so be on alert if your dog isn’t used to making friends.

Absolutely beautiful trial from the beginning. The sound of the creek throughout is nice. Felt like we were on Tom Sawyer's Island in Disneyland because it was so clean and perfect. Nice footbridges crossing the water when needed. A butterfly landed on my shoulder and took a ride for about 15 minutes. The waterfall was very nice as well. Plenty of room to splash around and cool off. Had a picnic on the rocks at the bottom of the falls before heading back. Easy hike all the way. Didn't see any bears but we did spot a squirrel!

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