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This trail is all about the destination. Snorkeling here is just fabulous. The hike down is pretty basic but mongoose will take your lunch and water while you snorkel. This makes the hike back brutal in the heat. We hike a great deal in Colorado at very high altitude and figured this would be easy but the heat and lava made this more than we bargained for. Perhaps it was the lack of food and water after the hike down and two hours of snorkeling but in any case we recommend taking the boat tour. Saw many in their twenties saying the hike back was miserable. If you decide to take it on, go early , hogs and goats own the trail and take lots of water that you hide from mongoose.

Short and relatively easy. Beautiful views.

Highly recommend this hike, especially at sunrise. The views are incredible and varied. It was muddy in sections but nothing a good pair of hiking boots can’t handle.

Well after reading some of the reviews I set off on this trusty journey with my 5 gallons of water, a machete and my experience of hiking Everest 5 times without supplemental oxygen and fully nude. My mother was a mountain lion and father was an alpaca so hiking has been in my blood since birth. After 7 days I emerged victorious over the trail though missing my machete because what I can only assume was the king of the wild hogs took it but spared my life.

Nah but for real it was a nice little hike, 40 down, 45 minutes back up. The snorkeling at the bottom was absolutely as good as everyone says.

3 days ago

Great hike with lovely views at the top, sadly we didn’t get to see the views at the top looking over the other side due to being cloudy but still worth it for the views back over. Did this hike 11th December and toke us just over 3 hours in total. It was very muddy and slippy at times but manageable even when we got caught in a rain shower. At the end there is some ropes in places to help you up. There is parking for about 6/7 cars and the lovely security card will give you a card to display on your dashboard. The path was really easy to follow and we only saw 3 others doing this walk.

You will know once you reach the terminus. There will be a sign warning you not to proceed further. There will also be a small bench for one to enjoy the sweeping views, on a clear day. You should be able to see the windward side. Once you reach the FM station, there will be one more hill to climb. If it has been raining, it can get pretty slick and muddy.

At a good pace, it took us 1 hour to get to the Monument. You will be in over grown jungle type trails and many types of lava rock with no shade. We encountered wild goats. The hike back is the hard part. We had a time limit and has to push hard up the trail. 3 bottles of water and soaked in sweat it took us 1.5 hours to get up. We are in fairly good shape aa we walk 3-5 miles 3 times a week. Well worth it but allow more time then we did. Can't wait to return better prepared!

5 days ago

For those who like rock scrambling with some challenge, try starting from Hakimo Rd via the water supply access road. There is also a puka along the ridge. Some parts require some contouring and some parts require cliff face rock scrambling. We did a 3.4 mile loop via the highway since we dont have two cars.

Great, rewarding, steep hike. If you go on a partly cloudy or cloudy day you will only see mist towards the tops of the ridges and not much of a view. When you reach the set of stairs and think you’re done, you’re not. When you next think you’re done, nope, keep going. Ah, finally! You have reached the top. Just kidding another false alarm! I think the last 45 minutes up we kept thinking we MUST have reached the top as there were no other higher peaks around us. The clouds are deceiving. We plan to go back on a sunny day. A few parts with ropes but you don’t really need them to climb. I would recommend this hike

7 days ago

Amazing views, moderate difficulty, overall very doable, but has a few tricky sections (I actually was able to complete while nursing a grade 2 high ankle sprain - not smart on my part but worth it). In all, took 1.5 hours (a lot of it was stopping to admire the island and pics).

12.06.18 Still closed, looking forward to doing this trail in the far off future.

This ridge hike on east Oahu shares many similiar features and views with other hikes nearby like Waahila-Olympus, Ka’au Crater, Mau’umae/Lanipo, Wailupe Ridge, Hawaii Loa Ridge, Kulepeamoa Ridge, Kuliou’ou Ridge ( both east and west), Hahaione ( there are several ways to do hike this), Kamiloiki Ridge, Mariners Ridge ( closed) and Kamehame Ridge ( need permit). You can also start from the Makapuu Lookout and hike along the Koolau Summit via the Makapuu Tom Tom trail which passes the Makapuu Puka. These are just some of the more popular ones on east Oahu.

Give about 3-3.5 hrs to complete this hike.

Beautiful, short, relatively steep trail to the bottom. Slippery at the start, but 1/2 way down there were enough rocks & boulders to assist.

The beach was serene. Not a soul around which made it very peaceful.

This one was a little tough especially since I Uber there and the driver would only take me so far. But it was all worth it for the amazing views that this trail provided. I would do it again!

11 days ago

Spectacular views! We did this in the light rain and it was muddy and slippery. Would not have been worth it in heavier rain, but as it was, we loved it. Some folks we passed found it easier to do with a walking stick. Given the mud, I thought the way down was much harder than the way up.

Beautiful area, a little crowded and parking is limited.

Fantastic and fun Hike. View at the top doesn’t disappoint.

Nice solid hike. Sweeping views in some places

14 days ago

Beautiful! It's a little steep in some places, but other than that, an excellent hike.

Amazing hike this is one of the best hikes I have been on however this hike is a little muddy and don’t bring young children.

on Puu O Hulu

16 days ago

I did this trail at 7:30 am on a clear day. There were a handful of people already on the trail. It takes about 25 minutes to walk up. The trail is steep at first. It leads to a ridge trail at the top where there are 5 or more cement army bunkers structures. They're covered in graffitti. The view from the top is alright.

Warning: I noticed a lot of broken glass on the road-- likely the result of smash and grabs. Please hide your belongings or leave them home.

Easy hike. Can be hot and really windy. You can get a ride from a local on an old rust bucket for $20/person, each way, which is ridiculous for a 20 min ride, but it can be fun. My wife and I hiked in and got a ride back. The view of the green sand beach is amazing and one of a kind! At the end, the short, steep path down the hill to the beach can be a slippery due to the sand and the slope. Beach can be good for swimming depending on surf conditions which can change.

Enjoyed snorkeling in the lagoon, we saw several turtles on the beach resting/sunning, there were many feeding in the water and we even saw a couple of eagle rays here. The walk in along the beach pretty.

As of 11.23.18 this is still closed.

As of 11.23.18, this trail is still closed. We have done this trail in years past and were looking forward to it again. Maybe next time.

22 days ago

Very muddy, slippery and a bit of a scramble near the top but the views were so worth it!! Just be prepared to get dirty.

Great hike !! Did it early on 11/21 and only ran into a little mud. Kinda slippery and some stairs are sketchy but overall pretty easy. 10/10 would do again! Views were breathtaking.

Was very nice to swim once down. Coming back up was hard for me but worth it

25 days ago

Great way to start the day. Great place to just hang out up on the pill boxes.

26 days ago

Steep hill rocky path
Getting to the top was hard
But #insta worthy

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