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Wow this hike was more than expected. Beauty everywhere. Loved every single point of it. A cute little reservoir, overlook of sandy and the waterfall at the end. The last leg of the hike is strenuous but keep it going totally worth it. Carry loads of water. Bottom line don’t back out. Go do it.

Beautiful hike. Fairly easy till the last 3/4 of a mile. Lots of rocks and steep climb.

Great hike! Still snowy I recommend wearing water proof, great traction shoes. still super fun in the snow.

This is a moderately difficult hike with great pay off at the end.

1 day ago

It was good hike I recommend you go with someone you can get lost if it is first time ther get some good hiking shoes I slide down mountain make sure you stay on main trail other than that was good hike and pretty view

1 day ago

The trail was completely covered with hard pack snow all the way to lower Red Pine. It got a little soft up to the upper lakes but manageable with cleats. The accent all the way to the saddle was steep and sketchy as there were only a few tracks to help stabilize your feet. Still an absolutely beautiful day to be on the trail. All lakes are still frozen over of course but the Ridgelines look amazing under snow. Keep trekking

Wonderful hike! Beautiful views! Great workout getting up to the waterfall. Can’t wait to do this again when the waterfall is frozen!

Best view and love the squirrels there!

1 day ago

We visited Donut Falls yesterday. Beautiful hike. Beautiful day! We are from California so I never anticipated snow on the trail considering the beautiful weather. It was compact & easy to navigate mostly, in tennis shoes. As the day wore on the snow became slushy. Few icy spots & a few muddy areas. Very well traveled in & out. We made it to the waterfall & my husband to the donut hole. The mountain was covered in snow & quite step so we stayed at the bottom and enjoy the view of the waterfall & the stream. Would definitely visit again.

We hiked this today (4-22-2018). I’m not sure where they get that this hike is 2.6 miles but it’s 2 miles round trip. The map is wrong. We hiked to Flag Rock which well past Patsy’s Mine. It is a good hike but the app needs to be fixed to show the actual distances.

Worth the climb. Nice view of the water fall.

trail running
2 days ago

Started trail this morning around 6:30. Trail is very fun right now with the right equipment. Muddy/water flow on trail, 1.5 or so, ice and snow. Not pot holing early morning until you get to lake. With sun up at top of trail minor pot holing. Equipment suggestions: microspikes (its very icy right at least half way up), trekking poles and gloves. I ran in baseball cap, tank top and tights. Hands even with wool gloves got very cold (started to hurt), until getting to top. Super fun and technical at present.

Hiked last Saturday. Really nice at top. Can have a picnic if you don't mind the dirt. This is the 2nd time I have done this hike.

Used Adam's Canyon Trail to get to Adam's Cabin Trail. Very difficult to get to Cabin Trail from Waterfall (Canyon) Trail. We enjoyed the challenge of it as we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. Near the cabin the trail is covered by snow but we were able to use a previous hiker's footprints. Definitely will do it again but will use Adam's Cabin Trail. Missed the waterfall due to high water.

2 days ago

One of my favorite hikes of all time. Always such a good time. Have gone multiple times and always look forward to going again!

Beautiful hike! Some bouldering at the end. Mostly dry.

Not well marked. Kept getting lost/confused. My advice: follow the stream the entire way. You’ll be on the left for most of it then there’ll be a bridge taking you to the right side somewhere along the way. AllTrails thinks this trail is longer than it actually is. If you keep looking for a trail by the big waterfall, you’re probably not going to find it xD

love this hike! it's never too crowded but expect a few people around between 10-2. it's a nice work out all the way through.

This hike was amazing! I did it this past weekend and didn’t need spikes or snow shoes (the snow was packed down enough). Got super sunburnt on my face so wear sunscreen!

Scenic hike. Our trip was cut short by a moose in the middle of the path. There are still some patches of snow that you’ll have to go over, but nothing deep.

7 days ago

This is a double win! there is a mine right before you get to the flag that is well worth checking out. Its called Patsi's mine and is only a minute off trail.

7 days ago

The mine is cool and worth the hike. I wouldn't take my children past the mine to the flag. I recommend going up farmington canyon to get to the dirt road then hike from there.

A bit rough and very steep in some spots. This is more a difficult than moderate trail if you're not a hiker. Plenty spots to stop and take a breather if needed. Lots of dogs on the trail and owners don't pick up after them, that was disappointing the smell and the mess. Overall an okay hike.

Great trail!

Great short run — steep, rolling hills and really steep — everything you need.

8 days ago

Beautiful views, the waterfall was awesome! Highly recommend this hike.

Great hike. The views are amazing.

We went up today and it was beautiful. Be prepared for lots of snow on the upper trail! I had my yak tracks but others on the trail did not and had to turn around before the falls. The last .5 is steep! My legs and lungs were burning but it’s so worth it to see the falls in snow and with less people than summer.

9 days ago

My 5 yr old twins and I hiked this trail today and was not disappointed.
They handled the trail great and the waterfall at the end was a great reward.
Beautiful hike and will be returning.

11 days ago

Mid April, 3ft snow, but trail is fairly packed. I recommend micro spikes to help with the slick inclines near the start. Also, wear boots. If you don't have snowshoes, you'll do a few snow lunges, particularly near the lake. Snowshoes will get in the way at the start, but would help the lake area be more enjoyable.

The last mile or so of the trail still has packed snow, making the hike down a little slippery. I didn't have spikes and managed fine with good hiking shoes and a wooden stick I found near the trail =). The first and last parts of the trail will get your legs burning, but the view at the end is totally worth it. There's plenty of beautiful spots along the trail to stop and rest and enjoy the beauty.

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