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Amazing experience..was very easy and with surprise in the end. Snow in the beginning on November and waterfall!

9 days ago

Great, easy hike that can be leisurely done in about 2 hours.

9 days ago

Honestly, I went late AF! Got there at like 5-5:15
BUTTTTTT, i feel it was even MORE AMAZING!!!
If there’s anything I could suggest is catch yourself here at sunset, that way you can catch the stars and the silhouettes of the mountainsand trees!

Bring a flashlight!!! But yeah it’s super fucking DOOOOPE! DOOOO IT BROSEPHERS!✊

Waterfall in The beginning of November is like a sink dribbling water lol good exercise though.

Good trail

Starts out as a fairly easy trail, but toward the end of the trail there are a lot of off-shoots that can cause minor confusion. Plenty of shade, and lower elevation than other trails in the area.

14 days ago

This was an excellent hike for all levels. It’s starts out with a gradual upgrade as you walk through the forest. Gorgeous views starting out. The trail does a switch back that heads off to the right that quickly became quite a bit steeper. The switchbacks made it doable. Our 10 year old daughter wasn’t thrilled about how long it was taking. She did get tired. We gave the option to turn around. Other hikers let us know we were about 15 minutes from the waterfall and cave. She then got determined to make it to the falls. We finally made it and the views were spectacular. The waterfall is trickling off of the mountain right now. Our daughter was super proud of herself for making it to the top. She climbed up a level and enjoyed sitting under the water. It was a great hike for exercise and ended with really gorgeous views. It’s always nice to be able to hike to water. We would definitely do it again. Without kids, you would get a killer workout in if that’s what you’re going for. Make sure to layer your clothing this time of year. When we left Vegas it was about 10-12 degrees warmer. It was cool up at the waterfall as the wind picked up a bit. The Temperature felt amazing as long as you could add or take off a layer. For those that may not be as stable on their feet, walking sticks would be nice. Not necessary, but helpful.

It was a pretty hike, but very crowded. The switchbacks are in pretty bad shape from erosion from people taking “short cuts”. We witnessed many people trying to be “adventurous” bypassing the switchbacks. Not only was it kicking rocks down on people, but also tearing up the earth. Show some respect. STAY ON THE TRAIL!

Amazingly beautiful hike. two trails to choose from. red for easy, black dash trail for a slightly more technical route. lots of ticks this time of year, so be aware of your surroundings. great for dogs, and kids.

Beautiful, scenic trail. Took me about 2 hours to hike there and back including resting and picture taking.

Great short hike my myself and my 7 year old. It was a terrible idea to bring my 2 year old and no hiking backpack! Some of it is slippery and steep. Had to carry the 2 yr old the whole way up and then she held my hand walking down.

Arrived around 8:45 on Saturday morning and were surprised to see hardly any cars. Took us less than 2 hours and we hiked almost 4 miles at a very slow pace. We ended up not going up the switchbacks on the way up (took a left instead of a right at a fork). The trail is clearly marked at the beginning and then the blazes become non existent. Our “trail” up had a very steep grade with very loose rocks. It got us there quick but we really had to watch our steps. Cool cave to explore to the left of the 3 falls (more like trickles...but there was water!). And then we found the real trail to take back down. We did venture off it to check out a cool view and ended up on a very steep, non switchback trail for a little bit. Extremely dangerous due to the loose rocks. Parking lot was almost full when we completed our hike.

22 days ago

Enjoyed this hike with my fiancé. We had a bit of a time getting up and I slipped and fell. Have proper footwear cuz the rocks are loose and there is no railing. Wouldn’t suggest this for children past halfway point.

25 days ago

Great little training hike with a cool payoff at the end. Mid week is best to avoid crowds. It’s pretty easy hiking, stay on the trail and don’t cut the switch backs, and remember it starts at 7,800’ in elevation so pace yourself until you’re acclimated.

Great hike, don’t forget you are starting at about 7800 feet

26 days ago

No restrooms at trailhead, campground about 100 yards away has restrooms

27 days ago

Short easy trail that is great for a sunrise hike. It can be quite narrow in places, so could be a pain if crowded with people going both directions. Also there are cactus plants with HUGE spines all over the place, so be careful with dogs and young children. Our dog ended up with some spines in her hiking boots when she strayed from the trail going after a mule deer (she was leashed so she didn't get far).
We started hiking about 30 minutes before sunrise and were out of the trees in plenty of time to see the colors creep up. Went on a weekday morning in October and were the only ones the entire time. It was also very frosty, so between the cactus spines and the frosty ground we were glad our dog had her boots.

horseback riding
29 days ago

Too many joggers, bicycles & dog walkers...would be cool if it was really designated for horses, as we have so few here in Vegas. Nicely maintained though & when its fairly empty its a lot of fun to lope around the mountain. Crossing the street is scary because no one slows down so if you can park and go up its much easier on your horse & you!

I actually really like this easy hike because its versatile & you can go lots of different directions & very dog friendly. Some cool views & rock slides at the top.

Great workout & really cool to do via moonlight if you get the opportunity! ✌

One of my favorites on the mountain!

My kids enjoy the walk and then the picnic at the park

on Cathedral Rock Trail

1 month ago

The trail is pretty hard if you don’t have the correct footwear, but overall the view was worth it and so was the absolute silence. Go early in the morning and there’s just no sound. Wildlife is also beautiful, I saw three does on the way up.

Bottom Line: Like walking through Skyrim in real life.

Went with the somewhat-out-of-shape hubby and my 10-year old dog and both were able to handle this trail with ease. There was no water, so we went all the way to the end and I climbed the boulders and kept going until the way was completely blocked without climbing equipment. Very shady, but also extremely crowded on a Saturday, even early in the morning, and hardly anyone kept their dogs on leashes so at one point this giant Great Dane just ran up to my poor dog and there really wasn't much I would have been able to do if the owner hadn't been there to grab it real quick. If you take your dog, keep it on a leash and pick up after it!

1 month ago

Nice hike in Las Vegas. Park at either entrance of Lone Mountain Park (free). Good view of the strip. Great viewing point for fireworks or moon or star gazing. The rest of Lone Mountain Park is great too.

1 month ago

Besides other people on the trail blasting music & the elevation giving me a bit of a headache— this hike was perfect! Easy to follow, family friendly (if you aren’t scared of heights), & a great view at the top.

1 month ago

One of the most amazing views I’ve ever encountered, especially as the fall colors are at their peak. Well worth the effort - not for the faint of heart!

1 month ago

Great beginner’s trail. Lots of switchbacks & is a moderate incline the whole way up, but it’s very easy to go down the way back! Safe for dogs & kids. Can get crowded on weekends, but it’s worth it for the view + mini waterfall(s) at the end. My whole family does this hike every year in the spring when snow melt is high & the waterfall is POURING.

1 month ago

Short hike but the steady incline gets your lungs pumping for sure! Take your time, there’s a lot of benches a long the way if you need to stop.

The hike itself is great but should not be listed as Light, this is definitely a moderate trail although somewhat short in length.

We also did lose the trail as it splits and we took the wrong direction bc it ended. We followed someone else who looked like they knew what they were doing - our mistake.

We didn't end up finding the waterfall, but the drive up there and the views are gorgeous. I think we got close but it was 6pm and we needed to get back before we were stuck in the dark. I'll probably try again.

Definitely loose gravel, 'stairs', steep inclines, and mixed terrain.

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