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if you hustle it can be done in 4.5 hours, about 9 miles round trip, the view at the end of the trail is worth it!! a lot of mountain lion warnings

24 days ago

Really cool trail to hike. It was so amazing to see the Cinder Cone. It’s steep, but short. There were kids doing it, so definitely family friendly. It a pain to get to, there not a lot to see around Butte Lake, so unless you camp at Butte Lake (which I did) you would have to drive an extra 40+ minutes to the trailhead from the main part of the park (Manzanita area).

24 days ago

I loved this trail. Very well maintained and there were informational signs (Ecology, geology facts) at most of the switchbacks. There was snow at the end of the trail; you had to cross it to get to the peak, but it was easy. Would definitely do this again. I was there in August 2018 and it was smoky, you could just barely see the top of Mount Shasta peaking out from a layer of smoke.

Easy trail even a non hiker can handle this one, it’s on a paved fire road almost the entire way

This is a good trail to build up your stamina, it’s not super long but definitely a workout, in my opinion the most difficult way up Mt Hood

Probably the most unique hike I’ve done! I’d call it a moderate hike, first part is easy it’s like walking on sand (annoying but easy) then hiking up the cone is the killer part. It’s only a half mile up, but your legs are going to burn. The painted dunes are what I was looking forward to the most, and they exceeded my expectation. Very unique and beautiful! Also I’d recommend hiking down in the the back trail of the cone, you get great views of MT Lassen, Brokeoff, and you get to walk in the lava flow and dunes a bit.

27 days ago

Very nice hike! Not to hard and a beautiful view of the park and the lakes at the top!

Loved it. Lots of gnats. Extra protein or breathe out of your nose!

We hiked in during an ice storm. It was still amazing.

Such a beautiful hike. We used the steeper, shorter trail in the way out and were surprised to see there were more falls on the way up!

Nice little hike to do in the afternoon when the heat of the day starts fading (we visited mid-June). There isn't much to the first 2/3 of the hike, the Balconies Caves and Balconies themselves are fun though. Nevertheless, if you only can do one hike in Pinnacles, do one in the High Peaks/Condor Gulch instead.

1 month ago

Intense, good workout. Fitbit tracked 6.18 miles.

1 month ago


Amazing walk among all the beauties of fall colors and amazing reflections

1 month ago

Nice, easy hike with pretty meadow and woodsy views. Quiet and lovely in the late afternoon.

1 month ago

Definitely MUCH FURTHER than 4.4 miles - Fitbit tracked at 7.5 miles round trip. Still a great hike, and we got to do the moonlight experience tonight, which was spectacular! definitely tough, with loads of switchbacks buy big rewards the higher you climb!

Didn't make it all the way to Mount Hood, but the hike was great.

Limited parking at the trailhead. $8 fee to enter.

Starts in a low creek area with Redwoods around. Then goes up no-shade switchbacks for almost a mile. Then goes down to a semi-sketchy creek crossing. There is a downed tree that serves as a bridge, with a rope that helps you steady yourself. Then continue up for a while. We turned around as the trail entered Mount Hood Regional Park.

There was a small/full parking area at the trailhead, but we didn't see that many people on the trail.

Beautiful hike with kids. Blackberries everywhere!

Gorgeous views especially in fall with all the colors.
Great easy hike for dogs

So the reviews made here were very useful in completing my hike yesterday. It was a little hot, but also you need to drink a lot on the way back to stay hydrated, the creeks are dry do no real water source. Insects were not a problem like they can be. This is a flat trail through woods, watch for wildlife. Saw one falcon. This is a truly awesome not to be missed hike, should have led with this. Go for the views especially rock formations around the caves mountain backdrop. Crowds were not a problem on a Wednesday.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.


Taylor Mountain is practically my gym. I use this trail as a fantastic cardio workout after work, as it really only takes about an hour as a moderate pace (trail running, not just hiking) and the vertical gain is quite intense for what is offered around. Once you hit the right spot, its about a thousand feet climbing steep grade with not much break at all. The views at the top are quite nice, as you get a view of both the Santa Rosa area as well as the Kenwood areas around back. Be ready to run into people, as this trail is generally fairly populated, and bring lots of water as there is none on the trail and shade is quite minimal. Overall a fantastic quick hike to add to every wish list!

Nice walk, but bring bug spray.

Third time I’ve climbed this. This time Thursday oct 11. Nice and chilly morning. Parking lot mostly empty. Saw three people on summit. Stayed up there for a half hour. Views were very good. The trail is vastly improved from my last trip up here which was 11 years ago. At 67 years old I expected a tough climb. The last half mile I had to stop about seven times. As I was starting my descent I walked past about thirty kids and a few adults climbing up. My whole trip up and down was about three and a half hours. Looking forward to climbing brokeoff mountain this coming Thursday. This good weather won’t last much longer

Beautiful beautiful beach and great hiking trails!!

1 month ago

Pretty unique!

Cool lake.

1 month ago

Awesome mud pots

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