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Great place to view wildlife... bring your binoculars to view all the different birds

Nice stroll with a couple loops to give options as you go.

We hiked the road up and the trails down. There was a decent view along the way since the leaves are sparse on the trees. Mount Rainier is in the distance. There are benches at the top but not a view because of dense trees. This would be a good jogging trail. It’s steep and rocky towards the top. Really nice, clean and new trailhead with two bathrooms.

This was a nice local hike. Not much in the way of views for water, but nice trees and clean air. This time of year most of the trees are off of the leaves so you can see into the forest. I would suggest taking any of the trails off to the left of the gravel road – they all lead to the same place at the top. We clocked 3.6 miles round trip with 1560 elevation gain.

Wonderful hike easy for the kids!

One of my favorite places to go for great bird watching year-round.

trail running
6 days ago

Falls larger and better than expected

Beautiful hike, wet leaf litter and mud near the falls made it a little slow going, but well worth it.

This is a wonderful hike up around the big trees and river with some waterfalls. We really enjoyed a hike that was a little less vertical and a slower pace to look at cool mushrooms and very green moss and ferns. The loop down by the lake had water over it and we had to wade through it. so I say take the road back to the lodge.

Cal Magnus trail - is a good conditioning hike for other hikes. It is frequently used and everyone is very friendly. However, another hiker told me a while back a cougar was spoted. Some parts of the trail are very narrow. One area is a little tricky and a cable is provided.

I don’t know what on Earth would possess someone to rate this trail at anything less than 5 stars. It was the most wondrous place my wife and I have ever been. I’ve been to Zion, Acadia, Mt. Hood, etc. For my taste, this is the best there is.

Part of the trail was closed. But I will delve going back. My 7 & 6 year old boys loved it. They were amazed by a wood pecker and they didn’t want to leave. Great if you want to look for animals. Bring your binoculars

This is always my go to trail to just get away from people. You'll maybe see 6 or so people the entire trip. Lots of places to camp and plenty is space between camp sites giving you the solitude you want!

1 month ago

A well-maintained trail with a nice view of Lake Quinault.

Beautiful fall hike in the woods..trail is in
amazing shape..be sure friends are not afraid to cross bridges..the first bridge is very slanted but secure..icy in the AM. But so worth it all .Great Hike!

Excellent option when the Hoh was closed down. Still get a good flavor of rainforest on a very easy trek. Dog friendly, on leash of course.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenic walk! This time of year, things are a little damp, but that made for a nice cascading waterfall!! As long as you watch your step on the trails, you'll be A-okay

A nice trail with some good uphill and technical terrain. Combined with Maple Valley Trail and Rhody Shortcut you can create a nice challenging run.

loved it however didn't make it all the way to the falls my son decided he wanted to turn back just short of getting there. yes there are gunshots at the beginning but that's because. there is a range not far away. I like the sound of gunshots so thought it was pretty cool. passed lots of horses other dogs and just people in general. we had a blast our two dogs loved it. lots of fun. as for dogs eating horse poop yea it happens dogs love horse shit, tell them to leave it and move oh. I will be visiting this trail many more times!!!

Trail is closed until October 1st for logging. A huge disappointment

Beautiful trail. Paved road all the way and large parking area. Vine maples are changing color... lots of variety on this hike. A very enjoyable outing!

nice views

came in on the little mashel falls-bud Blancher trail side. beautiful trail but beware of vicious blue heeler living on the ranch the trail goes by on the right side. my dog was bit and had to turn back. need to try again with out the pup!

Loved it. This trail followed the gravel up to the top- Very steep. Great view of the valley at one point. My 4 year old twins loved hiking with me on this one!

It’s beautiful, a short walk really but a lot to admire!

1 month ago

Easy hike. Not spectacular, great for a small day hike. Camping available.

Did this hike today! Pretty decent work out, not packed at all which was nice, but there was no real view so that was a disappointment. We decided to try to find goat hill, got lost found some people who guided us thank god! But over all it was still nature which was great!!!

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