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Treacherous in the winner. Ice all over the trail and very difficult to avoid. Spikes on your shoes are a must!
waterfall is beautiful frozen.

So far this is my favorite fire tower hike!

Extremely easy, flat trail. Not very long and all open trail. Perfect with kids and dogs. Beautiful falls at the end.

great winter walk! super slippery rhe closer u get to the falls though!

This was a nice short hike and we only needed microspikes for the hike. There was ice in spots but very doable. From the top you could Bald Mountain Firetower off in the distance.

The hike was nice and easygoing as we just needed microspikes for this hike. There was a little ice in places but very doable. You could see the snowmobilers riding across the lake.

on Ithaca Falls Trail

10 days ago

looking for a curisey trail lmk

Beautiful from start to finish! My favorite quick hike in the area.

14 days ago

Perfect day sunny with 2 inches of snow and ice views were great

15 days ago

Perfect little hike. just what we needed today.

15 days ago

Easy Hike. Did this hike about 13 years ago in the summer time. We were in the area for a blue grass festival. The views were amazing, and the weather was awesome. We even saw a baby cub about 50 yards away on the trail.

On 8/18 We hiked up the North trail which was rather muddy and returned via the East Trail. Lots of cool boulders and rock formations along the way. Little dissapointed in the condition of the cabin and the amount of trash we found right at the tower steps. Minimal views, other than from the tower. Otherwise, nice wide open spaces to rest and eat. The East trail was a quick return to the parking area.

Rated this four stars because the falls are amazing, and the brief hike to reach them is easy. My intention was to hike the loop, but the trail was so poorly marked I couldnt follow. definitely going back after studying more maps. the trailhead and sign in are actually off to the right, immediately before the parking lot. No signs indicated that, so I nearly left before deciding to following the snowmobile trail.

beautiful when there has been a lot of rain

stunning, well maintained hike! micro-spikes and poles are a must in winter

Nice easy to moderately easy hike with a nice tower at the top. We took the south trail up and north trail down and it was icy and snow covered on 12/30. Micro spikes needed for trip down, lots of running water on lower section of north trail as well. We were up and down in less than 2 hours, with a good 20 minutes at the top for photos.

Nice waterfall and easy trail for short winter hike

Definitely further than what is listed, at least according to my gps.
Pretty steep with lots of ice in a few areas but not a huge problem. SO WORTH IT!!! The view is awesome especially in the winter!

23 days ago

Awesome! Pretty steep in the winter, with lots of ice! Well worth the hike tho!

Very pretty hike in the winter! Look for the teeny tiny sign before the bridge that leads you to the cliffs!! That makes the hike! It is a bit intense with ice and snow but well worth it!!!

Easy hike for very nice views. Rain makes it a little more annoying though! Never rush your descent in the rain. Some nice bald face rock towards the top, fun to walk along the ridge. Great for new hikers!

easy trail. pretty scenery

This is a great short hike, with a beautiful waterfall and plenty of places to just sit and enjoy the view. Best done during the summer when you have the option of getting in the water. Very easy to follow, impossible to get lost. There are stairs that lead up to the waterfall and are borderline dangerous because they get wet.

The trail has become busier throughout the years, which is a big con for me. Hard to enjoy the view at times.

Great trail and great views of the waterfalls. In winter, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to climb the stairs as it is completely covered with icy snow.

Hiked this on 12/13, microspikes a complete necessity. Took the advice and did the blue up, yellow down. Much easier on the knees that way, blue was pretty steep and covered in ice/snow.

If you keep on the snow trampled trails you won’t need your snowshoes. However, if you have the option, I would bring them, there is a consistent 3-4 feet of snow.

Beautiful and quiet at the top.

1 month ago

Unable to reach by car after Dec 1. Snowmobile access only.

1 month ago

Such an incredible place to visit! We went during the snow season - incredible views, very icy.
Breathtaking place to see from each viewpoint.

Dont go down the icy steps - unless u have spikes ;)

(also camping was great up near North South Campsite)

Easy trail until you get to the 190 steps down to the bottom of the waterfalls. The view is great! Remember you have to go back up the 190 steps. Well worth it!

Very quick and extremely easy winter hike with two children ! We went off the trail a little bit to make the hike more difficult and found some rocks for scrambling and tree branches to make the climb a little more challenging. Please make sure you are an experienced hike if you don’t choose to follow the trail ! There were many bobcat prints throughout the hike so be prepared to encounter some wild animals, especially in the winter! Also, good, water proof footwear with grips are a must! The trails are quite muddy and flooded in some areas

1 month ago

Spectacular waterfall really tall and some tall gorges surrounding the pool of water below. Love this hike

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