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One of the most beautiful places in Kentucky.

Great hike. Beautiful rock formations and an awesome waterfall at the end!! We were able to walk down to the falls and actually walk behind the waterfall. A pretty cool perspective! Will definitely come back to this trail.

Loveee this trail! We rated this in our 3 favorite places we've hiked in Kentucky. The drive back to the trail was a little "are we ever gonna make it there?" But once we got there it was no issue! We took off at the bridge trail (shorter than the other trail head) very awesome hike. The river/ creek is beside you on the right the whole way through which was phenomenal. Once you get closer to the falls you may want to keep pets and children away from the ledge. I took my dog and she enjoyed this hike as much as we did. Once you're at the falls there is so much to see! Make sure you look around every where near the actual falls! the view is amazing all around there. Would recommend this hike 10/10. The hike back is a little more strenuous but still not bad at all! Will be going back again!! Enjoy!! And once you're finished with this hike head down to the falls resort and enjoy the views there as well!

10 days ago

Very short trail, the views may not be as good as Chimney Top but the trails offers more to do which makes it slightly more enjoyable than Chimney Top.

10 days ago

Not really a trail, but the views are awesome and there are a few lookouts on the side of the trail.

Beautiful area and a great hike if you don’t mind getting wet because you have to cross the creek to hike the entire trail.

Hiked from the first trail head and it was rough. Looks like this part of the trail has not had maintenance in a while. Lots of blow downs and over growth. If you hike this section be prepared to get your feet wet. Starts off nice, but just gets rough. The second part of the trail from the bridge was great! LOVED the waterfall, made it worth it. Decided to hike back to the second trail head and then walked the road to the first trail head where our car was to avoid the mess we had to hike through.

Love Ravens Run it is a moderate hard trails flowers are beautiful and I’ve saw deer.

24 days ago

The path was overflown when we went so it could not be crossed. A lot of the trail is overgrown and the waterfall is on private property. It is a very muddy trail and I would rank it okay at best. May have been better if the river wasn't overflown.

Awesome hike! Beautiful scenery!!!!!

Beautiful out and back hike. Total of 2.2 miles from second trailhead. Cross bridge over creek then follow trail to the right. Several small up and down paths on trail. Wonderful view of the falls at end of trail.
Can continue trail to tha Cumberland river and then on to the Sheltowee trace trail.

This is a beautiful trail and a great waterfall. Super easy and great for kids. Watch the edges along the trail. If your careful, you can walk behind this waterfall.

1 month ago

A great hike today with Adam and pebbles,beautiful waterfalls!!

1 month ago

Could hike this trail many times,the falls was beautiful!!!

Gorgeous waterfall but the hike was very short...This would be great for someone who can’t hike far. To get to the lower part of the Falls you follow the path straight back and it will take you down to the water where you walk through the water back up to the lower part of the falls. We hung out for quite awhile. Very beautiful place with a peaceful ambiance to it. Definitely recommend it.

Perfect hike all year round!

2 months ago

Very scenic. Lots to see if you really look. The low grounds in the summer are nice. The views from the cliffs are beautiful. Not too difficult at all. Trail not marked too well for the walk back from Courthouse Rock.

Another awesome waterfall the Daniel Boone has to offer. Just a small hike off of the Sheltowee or park at the trail head. Awesome trail. A couple of very dangerous drops if you have kids. A lot of water holes along the trail to play in.

It is beautiful right now because its almost totally frozen.

2 months ago

Loved it. Sunset is amazing!

trail running
3 months ago

Good place close to Lexington. Good technical places, good hill work outs. Can run for hours just take multiple trails, best time is weekday mornings at 9am. Any other time watch for a lot of hikers and walkers.

Great trail for a mama packing an 8 month old in a backpack. Nice Nature Center with organized monthly activities for children. Pretty views along each trail. Good day trip in any weather.

Really nice variation of trails and interesting sites/lookouts. No pets allowed unfortunately

Loved the waterfall, fall colors. 10 Nov 17

this trail has spectacular views if you hike in using the main trail and just retrace your steps back out. if you hike the loops, the rest of the loop is kind of anticlimactic, pretty strenuous and in some places not well marked.

3 months ago

It’s a beautiful hike. It took a little longer than we planned but it was really nice.

This is a nice, moderate hike with a stunning waterfall to reward your 1.1 mile trek out. I went for the first time in mid-November of this year on a cool, crisp morning. The trail is well-traversed and, for the most part, easy to hike. There are a few short stretches with steep and rocky terrain but is otherwise totally doable and easy. Before getting off the highway make sure you tap the location button and open it in your mobile maps app. It will take you to the exact location (the trailhead is tucked away a bit in the woods!)

Hiked this trail with my dog. i chose the second trail head because of time. Entrance is about 2.7 miles on forest road #195, off of hwy 90. The road is gravel and you won’t need a 4 wheel drive. I actually passed up the entrance to the trail, and had to back track and look closely. There is an entrance that is about 0.7 mile off of hwy 90, but this is a longer trail. Today the leaves are covering the trail but it is still fairly easily visualized. Be careful because they are also slick. The trail follows alongside the creek most of the trail. Right before reaching the falls, the trail forked and I followed the right which leads to a dead end but it is very dangerous because it is the top of the cliff that is parallel to the falls. This really needs a caution sign because you could easily slip and fall over this cliff if you aren’t paying close attention!The falls are gorgeous and there are plenty of rocks to climb on and the falls is easy to access and I look forward to hiking this trail again!

4 months ago

Amazing views!! Clean trail and well marked. Will definitely be back!

Loved this hike.

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